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  1. Waldo2382

    Kamchatka Moose Hunt - 2022

    I got a hold of the agent i was using for the Russia hunt and fortunately, they are very willing to work with me on other locations there are bird hunts, either Azerbaijan or Latvia. Anyway, it’s nice to know i have options. I was looking at the Azerbaijan for a duck hunt, but i guess it’s been...
  2. Waldo2382

    Politics interesting link for those that are trying to keep count of losses of equipment. There is a disclaimer that it is hard to tell everything that is lost, captured. Just stuff that is verified so far.
  3. Waldo2382

    Kamchatka Moose Hunt - 2022

    I have/had a trip planned to hunt capercaillie, black grouse and ducks next spring north of St. Petersburg. Hopefully things settle down. I sent my deposit a while ago. I haven’t reached out to their USA booking agent yet.
  4. Waldo2382

    on a lighter note...

    today i found out
  5. Waldo2382

    Otto Kilcher, Alaska The Last Frontier - Rant warning

    I live in Homer and see them regularly in the restaurants and bars. Totally scripted. They were in the boat harbor doing multiple takes. They definitely aren’t “substance” if they have to charter boats for fishing and fly to kodiak or Adak or montague island. as for the bison, i don’t know of...
  6. Waldo2382

    Politics Just so people can follow the increase in Alaska crude prices. One benefit, the state of Alaska’s budget is based on $80 a barrel crude. It’s a fine balance with oil dependent business.
  7. Waldo2382

    Emirates and alcohol

    The quarantine was probably because of a hiccup in the chem-trail machinery :D
  8. Waldo2382

    WIN a FREE Hunt, Taxidermy & Sightseeing Week in Romania with a Guest for 2019

    A hunter is lost in the woods and finally sees another hunter. “Thank god, I’ve been lost for hours!” The other hunter says, “that’s nothing, I’ve been lost here for weeks!”
  9. Waldo2382

    Trump slams elephant hunting..(!)

    Just use the ferry. Cheaper than a plane. Same ship goes to Ketchikan, Whittier, Bellingham.
  10. Waldo2382

    Duck Hunt In Argentina - Buenos Aires - MG Hunting

    If you can point me in the direction of how much the fee is and where to find it, would be greatly appreciated, because all the outfitters I’ve looked at say that birds cannot be exported out of Argentina. That’s why I haven’t hunted there. I know bird collectors that would be happy to hear this...
  11. Waldo2382

    WANTED: Looking For Africa Birds

    I would like. Been looking at websites all day and will support someone here. Too many great sounding choices
  12. Waldo2382

    WANTED: Looking For Africa Birds

    Thank you! Your outfit definitely at the top of the list from my internet scouting and am no stranger to your website and reviews and think highly of Pawprint. I’m sure our paths with eventually cross.
  13. Waldo2382

    WANTED: Looking For Africa Birds

    Hello all, I’m currently in the mindset and planning to go to Africa for birds, ducks and geese mostly with an emphasis on variety in 2020. Melting barrels with huge volumes of birds is not important as long as there is a good chance of getting spurwing and Egyptian geese, (Pygmy geese open...
  14. Waldo2382

    Duck Hunt In Argentina - Buenos Aires - MG Hunting

    What species are available for export?
  15. Waldo2382

    Pet peeves?

    I've hunted birds in other countries ans the other hunters that I get mixed in with, don't do any homework on what they are hunting or other game available. An example is my oscillated turkey hunt. Of a group of 6, 4 didn't know what one sounded like or even looked like, let alone what other...
  16. Waldo2382

    New guy here from Alaska

    May I ask what the copper duck is? Could I get a picture or the proper name is? Looking at booking a hunt and tours with you for 2020 at the latest. Thank you for the info!
  17. Waldo2382

    New guy here from Alaska

    It is a unique way to see Alaska. If you have any questions on logistics or fishing, Feel free to ask. There are some real underrated spots away from the crowds out there. Cold Bay for example, if you have the time, has epic duck hunting and silver salmon fishing or for a quicker trip, Cordova...
  18. Waldo2382

    New guy here from Alaska

    I work on the Alaska Marine Highway, as a navigation officer along the inside passage from Bellingham, Washington to Haines/Skagway with everything in between or west to Dutch Harbor with plenty of stops along the way.
  19. Waldo2382

    New guy here from Alaska

    Excellent site. Very informative! So far I have a bird hunt planned in 2020 in South Africa and need to find out more about available ducks, besides the whitefaced, yellow bill, and red billed along with the 2 goose species (all that seems to be legal in RSA.) Keep up the good work. Eagerly...
  20. Waldo2382

    New guy here from Alaska

    Hello all, Another Alaskan signing in here. I've lived in Homer (south central, 230 miles south of anchorage) for 11 years. Moving here from Long Beach, California for a place more fitting for me and work. I do mostly duck hunting and fishing but do some big game for moose, caribou, and black...