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    What to carry

    A small LED flashlight. Single AA size with clip works for me and goes in a cargo pocket. Same as EDC at home.
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    250 Partition 35 Whelen Bob Nelson 35 Whelen

    FWIW, Quickload shows a projected pressure increase of 3,150 psi for a 1.0 grain increase of CFE223, near the top of the projected pressure/velocity chart for the 35 Whelen.
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    250 Partition 35 Whelen Bob Nelson 35 Whelen

    I eagerly await Professor Bob 35Whelen's response. :)
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    Penetration 270 vs 30/06

    I think they are related. SD increases as weight increases - in the same caliber, which is not the case here. But it's two completely different calculations. Dr Kevin Robertson discusses both in The Perfect Shot II" and indicates both are important to penetration. He is discussing much fatter...
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    250 Partition 35 Whelen Bob Nelson 35 Whelen

    Is the case head is starting to show some pressure signs? Hard to tell from a pic, but possibly a little bit of firing pin cratering on the primer and a visible ejector mark. Whether that's "near max" or something more, it's worth looking at (IMO).
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    Penetration 270 vs 30/06

    Momentum, (bullet wt in pounds x velocity), goes to the 150 by about 8.5%. Assumes 2,900 Vs 3,050 fps.
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    US Customs just released a 4457 without an expiration date on it
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    US Customs just released a 4457 without an expiration date on it

    I guess everyone is using the new 4457 download with no expiration date, (top right corner)? Are there any issues anticipated (or already seen) with RSA because of this? I need to get mine done for 2023 in the next week or so.
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    Work-up to May 2023, SA plains game

    For a newbie, the one thing that will help more than anything else is dry-fire practice. Both at the range and at home. On gaining the ability to be reasonably confident at 325 yards (standing with tri-pod sticks) - it took me two years and 2,000 rounds. Not counting 22 rimfire.
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    Best airline? Dallas to RSA

    Qatar business class service was great, but no way would I ride cattle car class for 31+ hours. (ABQ-DFW-Doha-JNB in my case). I'm going to try Delta this year.
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    Work-up to May 2023, SA plains game

    Fun thread. Lots of good advice and evey shooter/situation is different. And it's a wet, windy day here. :) Below table has same inputs as the ballistics table above, but adjusted to 200 yard zero. Note your 300 WM (assuming 2,900 fps MV with the 180 TTSX) only needs ~1.5" high at 100 to be on...
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    Work-up to May 2023, SA plains game

    Nothing is wrong with a 100 yd ZERO if that's what you are used to for practice. But be sure you realize that for every distance except ~75 to 125 yards, your POI will be below your POA. Still, with a 300 WM you should be only 3" low at 200 yards ( assuming a 100 Yd zero). Where and how...
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    After his comments about Ukraine not being a US priority, I switched from DeSantis - Haley to Haley - DeSantis. Maybe he needs more seasoning. And a sense of humor.
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    Cross wildebeest off the list?

    Practice from the sticks until you have the ability and Especially the confidence to keep all shots within a 4" radius of POA. You will find your max distance. Include lots of low recoil practice (I have a 22 and 308 that go to the range every trip). My BWB was a frontal chest shot, somewhat...
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    Accuflite Arms of PA?

    I've bought bullets from them twice (6.5mm 155gr Lapua Megas). They called me both times to verify the order. Paid a bunch, but they had stock. Received in a timely manner. Packaging was poor both times resulting in some damage to plastic bullet boxes. Just an interesting tid-bit: A Postal...
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    .308 Winchester hand load data and Ruger American Rifle

    My practice load for 308/7.62x51 is 40.8 grains of Benchmark with a Hornady 150 gr FMJBT. Just a good overall load that has worked well in both bolt action and gas guns. The powder and bullet combination was suggested by a professional reloader I used to shoot 3-Gun with.
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    Travel with prescriptions, hearing aids and what would minimum rifle bbl length be for Namibia or South Africa?

    Hearing aids away in your ears. Rx might depend on what it us. Always good to have in original pharma containers, though.
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    +1. Available on Amazon/Kindle. I really enjoyed it.
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    IMO Dr Kevin Robertson is the preeminent source on the 9.3x62 relative to dangerous game loads. This is especially important for those like me that are not so fond of recoil. His thoughts lean toward a premium 300 grain controlled expansion bullet and are explained in his excellent The Perfect...
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    In honor of March 8th (3-08), let's see those 308's

    Did someone say FAL? One or two of my favs from a few years back:
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    Namibia Import of Guns

    @TRAVEL EXPRESS told me in 2021 it was the weight of the ammo only and requested the weight of the ammo(only) ahead of time. My ammo (80 rounds of 30-06), ammo box, plus locks and spare locks was under 11 pounds anyway. I flew Qatar and they did weight the ammo box, btw. BTW, It's most...
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    Shot distance

    With a muzzle brake your PH (and tracker, too) will have his fingers in his ears, and possibly his eyes squinted, instead of watching more closely or through binoculars. This from the two shots I observed from a guy in our group with a braked 300 WM.
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    Happy bicentennial to the Texas Rangers!
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    If Trump wins the GOP nomination, I hope Joe Manchin is the Dem candidate. I voted twice for Trump. Won't vote for him a third time.
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    Favorite movie lines

    Marko Ramius (Sean Connery) - Hunt For Red October: "One ping only..."
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    Alec Baldwin Movie Set Accident

    Not even close to reality. Movie "props" that are also real guns are not somehow turned into fairy dust. The armourer was not on duty nor was there budget for one - she had already maxed out her allowed time for the entire movie. Ignoring Industry safety protocols, resulting in death = gross...
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    Alec Baldwin Movie Set Accident

    On the armourer, my son dug into the online court records and reports there is an email showing she was contracted for only eight man-days of armourer work. (Other hours with lower pay and different job title.) Those were used up prior to the shooting. She requested more time for safety work and...
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    Best Big Bore Gong?

    Conveyor belt will last a long time and is what my club uses for smaller steel. Pictured is a 10" plate on our 219 yd (200M) berm. Flat bar steel with hooks weilded to top and lower end bolted onto the bigger steel. Some of our steel is 1/2" armor plate up to 24x24" and really heavy (and...
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    A way of measuring my 12ga Bore and Chokes ?

    You could also spend some time on the pattern board shooting patterns into a 30" circle at various distances (20, 30 & 40 yards). Preferably with quality skeet/trap or sporting clays loads (using same load and shot size). That should give a good real world indication.
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    April 2022 Hunt with Limcroma Safaris

    Great pics. Thanks for sharing.
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    243 Win Brass

    260 Remington could be formed from 243 Win. Not 6.5 CM.
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    Bullet Choice for Niederwild and Hochwild on the same hunt...

    Are Brenneke bullets, in general, something you are already familiar (and happy) with as far as reloading goes? If so, the 165 gr bonded TOG seems to be a no brainer. Apparently designed to be a tough bullet, but it's still only a 165 grain. Meaning velocity should be high enough to make a...
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    Hunting SA or "Wild" Africa - Which is Better

    @Duke1966 Working up a spreadsheet is a huge help. Add things as you think of them. At a minimum you need: Daily fees Trophy fees +add several animals not in your original budget (amhik) PH tip at ~10% (10% of what, you say - see related thread for 0.1% clarity) Additional tips for...
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    African Trophy Export real time follow along

    Sorry to see all the issues taking place. How it should have worked (based on my sample of one). However I followed someone else that has used the same outfits several times. We used an Import Agent (Hunter International) recommended by our African Taxi outfit, @LIFE-FORM TAXIDERMY. Everyone...
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    Which ammo would you recommend

    The 200 gr A-Frames all the way in the 300 WM, IMO. The 180 gr Partitions one of our hunters used in a 300 WM did not hold together very well - based on one bullet recovered - plus more follow up shots than one would expect. Seems I've read that ABs are supposed to perform similar to NPts. I...
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    280 AI and IMR 4831

    The light turned on when I noticed Nosler has different H2O volumes for every change in bullet weights.
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    280 AI and IMR 4831

    I think Nosler measures the remaining H2O volume with the bullet seated. I had the same confusion with their 9.3x62 measurement.
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    Do you or have you participated in Competitive Shooting?

    Skeet IHMSA Bullseye USPSA/IPSC Texas Tactical (duty gear or actual concealed carry, only) 3-Gun (SOF rules were my preferred) Sporting Clays Professional Plinker Jack of many, master of none. The Professional Plinker title (shooting steel and paper from the sticks), along with 3-Gun...
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    Best Shooting Rest

    The Sinclair looks like a quality adjustable rest. My setup is not adjustable, but works well for me. I like the rifle up higher than most and actually use it turned sideways with a thick squeeze bag under the buttstock.
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    AR15 for multi gun competition?

    Lots of different versions of 3-Gun. From USPSA Open to more limited gear requirements. The Trijicon 1-6 Mil Dot I have on my 9.3x62 would work nicely for 3-G in most cases.
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    Cleaning hunting rifles

    I'm way too superstitious to hunt with a freshly cleaned barrel. :oops:
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    AR15 for multi gun competition?

    Pretty sure you will find the DD's (also Noveske) only come chambered in 5.56 Nato. Ask my nephew about blown primers shooting Izzy 5.56 M193 in a Wyde. (Had to bite my tounge on that one.) Edit to add: The Mk 262 (77 grain) or clones will be hotter still. We did the 3-G rifle events out to...
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    Wanted Up To 40 Once Fired PPU 9.3x62 Cases

    In case you don't find once fired, Grafs has factory new PPU brass.
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    AR15 for multi gun competition?

    But my favorite was and still is a slightly modified Noveske 16" upper.
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    AR15 for multi gun competition?

    Take it with a grain of salt since I've been away from 3 Gun for a number of years, but look at Daniel Defense. Known good quality (or was when I used their parts and/or uppers). You may or may not want to change the trigger and muzzle device to the latest Thang however. Check with the top end...
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    on a lighter note...

    Brings back memories of duck hunting in SE Texas in the 70s-80s. My old CB radio handle was "Stuck in the Mud", btw.
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    Dealing with wounded Cape buffalo

    I for one enjoy hearing stories from gruff old farts with lots of wisdom. Not to name anyone :) , but please do post your field experiences, IvW. Especially what worked (or not) for the clients. This thread has been very informative to this soon-to-be first-time cape buffalo hunter. Thanks for...