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  1. Don458

    Reloader 15

    I have been waiting and watching for reloader 17 forever
  2. Don458

    Greetings from Florida

    I had a house in Davenport, now I’m in North port
  3. Don458

    Recommendations Deer hunt in Georgia

    I mea I meant no fence or hunting preserve, someone’s own property that they manage for deer Ty
  4. Don458

    Anybody have any paranormal or supernatural experiences to share??? Firsthand or second?

    Yes. I had an outer body experience with an entity that kept on repeating that all Democrats are cheaters and thieves. But no one believes me .
  5. Don458

    Recommendations Deer hunt in Georgia

    Any recommendations for a good Deer hunt on a plantation in Georgia? mid to lower part of state. Looking for a real honest old style rifle hunt. This yr. Ty Don
  6. Don458

    Remington Ammo Plant in Arkansas

    The reason they were so determined to disarm everyone
  7. Don458

    Remington Ammo Plant in Arkansas

    The reason they were so determined to disarm everyone
  8. Don458

    Do you or have you participated in Competitive Shooting?

    I first started competing in a German shutzenverein , Anshultz 22 @ 25yds. I started shooting uspsa comp about 6 yrs ago in the limited division and love it . Also do 2gun and 3 gun matches. All fast moving and Running/shooting . I wish I started at a younger age but what you going to do?
  9. Don458

    Well boys, what's your temperature like now?

    84 down in Florida
  10. Don458

    Rimmed (only) Cartridges

    405 Win
  11. Don458

    Tribute to a called home friend

    Thank you for this
  12. Don458

    Illinois passes assault weapon ban

    Yes Just like in NY with the recent Supreme Court decision , it was decided by the SC that NY ban on CCW was unconstitutional. And what did the communist Governor do ? She just didn’t ignore it , she actually passed in 2 days more restrictive gun laws. Making it More harder and almost impossible...
  13. Don458

    Americans Not Taking Paid Vacations

    So explain please what you are advocating? If 2 party system is holding you back which party do you want in power??? This is something I find shocking that an American would say , Not sure if you are living in USA.
  14. Don458

    Illinois passes assault weapon ban

    What is the recourse for those that have them? Do they want you to register them or hand them over ? I had the same thing happen in NY, in 2014. And again this year more gun laws, So I finally relized that i had to move out of NY. Deep in Free America now
  15. Don458

    2023, my wishes for all of you

    Happy New Year
  16. Don458

    257 Weatherby Vanguard For Sale

    I have a 240 WM Accumark that is extremely accurate out to 388 yds so far. But I did the barrel break in that they recommend including the copper removal.Also My Vanguard 30/06 is also an extremely accurate rifle that I would highly recommend to anyone looking for the best affordable rifle out...
  17. Don458

    Empty single piece of brass in backpack South Africa

    I guess we all have a limit of what is acceptable, god bless and good luck.
  18. Don458

    Empty single piece of brass in backpack South Africa

    The possibility of being brought into a room and threatened or told to pay a fine (Bribe) and not having any recourse or having something made up to get money from you? It just seems not worth the risk. I know it doesn’t happen allot But it happens way too often than it should.
  19. Don458

    Empty single piece of brass in backpack South Africa

    ITs this type of situation which keeps me from going there. And this Administration wouldn’t trade any criminals for me .
  20. Don458

    Browning BAR 458 Win Mag

    Basically the .338 WM version rebarreled to 458 .Jack Lott I believe was the first one to try this and got it to function correctly. Big Bore Rifles by Jack lott
  21. Don458

    What Is Your Personal Limit?

    For me it is only what I practice. I practice at 400 yds and closer . It really is practicing that counts. I have occasionally shoot at longer distances but at Targets not Animals, and not enough to be consistant. I can confidently hit at 400 yds and closer . I took Elk on Wyoming at 325 yds...
  22. Don458

    USA: Whitetail Buck

    Great Deer Congratulations
  23. Don458

    Show your Enfields

    No 4 mk 2 1950 Fazakerley. When I bought this it was wrapped up like a mummy . Could not open wrap had to buy as is. $199.00
  24. Don458

    In memoriam - "Deadeye" has fired his last shot

    Sorry for your loss
  25. Don458

    Boycott Dick’s!

    I actually called them and said do not send me anything and take my name off your mailing lost
  26. Don458

    Double rifle abuse… here we go again!

    I had to stop watching it when he purposely dropped it
  27. Don458

    Whisky appreciation

    Love Elijah Craig . Small batch
  28. Don458

    Best bullets for plains game

    Ford pre 1990
  29. Don458

    What is your 'I wish I was xx' age?

    I think that I would go back 3days ago and instead of ordering the meatloaf at cracker barrel I would have went with the chicken. Yes. If only I could
  30. Don458

    What Is Your Dream Rifle?

    FG 42
  31. Don458

    Rifle rich and pistol poor...

    H K The only way to go.
  32. Don458

    270 WSM or 7 Remington Magnum

    Braless is always a good option
  33. Don458

    Any Other Interests???

    Does the 69 have the original DZ engine?
  34. Don458

    Loads for .458 Winchester Magnum

    H335 has had excellent consistency for me
  35. Don458

    Alliant powders

    I have been looking for reloader 17 for a while for my .240 WM. If you see it anywhere please send me a PM with store name and I will reach out to them
  36. Don458

    Boycott Dick’s!

    I have used Orvis for a long time, I will no longer be using their products. There are way better Fly Fishing products available anyway. I emailed them and requested that they remove me from all forms of communication.
  37. Don458

    Hello from the Last Frontier

  38. Don458

    I’m having my bachelor party tonight

    There is still time to leave , Run
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  40. Don458

    The History Of Humans...

  41. Don458

    Who is your favorite artist?

    Albrecht Durer
  42. Don458

    9.3x64 reloading data

    I have been trying to get Rel 17 for a long time
  43. Don458

    PayPal limited/banned

    PayPal is very anti gun I don’t use it for this reason. Don’t contribute to businesses that go against your way of life.
  44. Don458

    Question re recently purchased Hodgdon powders

    Looking for Reloader 17. Unable to find anywhere.
  45. Don458

    Hello from the Peoples Communist Republic Of Illinois

    Hello,comrade i am in Newyorkistan and Remember FJB
  46. Don458

    Mid-range rifle scope suggestions

    Steiner Predator 4. 30 mm tube
  47. Don458

    240 Weatherby

    Yes. Looking at Mark V accumark. The Barnes TSX. Seems to be the ticket.
  48. Don458

    240 Weatherby

    Yes that is the thing, using the right bullet. Excellent results on a larger Whitetail this year with 243 85gr tsx
  49. Don458

    240 Weatherby

    What are peoples thoughts on this round, pretty impressive 85 gr Barnes tsx ballistics. Deer/speed goats .