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  1. Mike B

    BOTSWANA: BOWHUNT: Has Anybody Bowhunted With NKWE SAFARIS?

    Didn’t bow hunt, but hunted with them a couple years ago. My Dad and 13 year old went, it was a great time. I wrote a report I’m sure you can dig up.
  2. Mike B

    Looking for a spot on a Texas lease for son

    I graduated from Mines as well (mechanical engineering) and now run an IT company in Lubbock. Always amazed at how small the world can be. I’m no real help for a lease, but if I hear of anyone leasing land, I’ll shoot you a message.
  3. Mike B

    WIN a FREE Hunt from NKWE SAFARIS in Botswana Valued at US$5,500 for 1 Hunter/1 Observer for 2022/2023 in a Random Drawing Giveaway

    In Honor of Cal Pappas - NKWE Safari Just to add, my Dad, Son and myself went hunting just over a year ago with NKWE and had a great time!
  4. Mike B

    Botswana Hunting Packages

    I hunted with Jaco in June of 2021 with my dad and 13 year old. It was a great hunt, had an amazing time! Great area, great camp,great animals. They worked really hard to make sure my Dad and Son got on stuff, even though we lost a day to Covid tests in JoBerg (I hate CVS). Add in a couple days...
  5. Blue Wildebeest Hunt Botswana

    Blue Wildebeest Hunt Botswana

  6. Kudu Hunt Botswana

    Kudu Hunt Botswana

  7. Impala Hunt Botswana

    Impala Hunt Botswana

  8. Warthog Hunting Botswana

    Warthog Hunting Botswana

  9. Eland Hunting Botswana

    Eland Hunting Botswana

  10. Eland Hunting Botswana

    Eland Hunting Botswana

  11. Mike B

    BOTSWANA: 3 Generation Hunt In Botswana With NKWE SAFARIS

    Day 3 - Eland! We awoke to another glorious morning, tea in the room to get us going and then a great breakfast. I love getting up, heading over and sitting next to the fire while they finished breakfast prep. It was just a wonderful way to start each day - and Noah (13 year old) has brought...
  12. Getting The Aim Right

    Getting The Aim Right

    Shooting Stick
  13. Impala Hunt Botswana

    Impala Hunt Botswana

  14. Hunting Warthog Botswana

    Hunting Warthog Botswana

  15. Mike B

    BOTSWANA: 3 Generation Hunt In Botswana With NKWE SAFARIS

    Back at it! So our trip started on the 10th of June (we drove to DFW on the 10th, flew out on the 11th), but we didn't get to Botswana until the 15th with the delay. By the time we got to camp is was getting dark, so we settled in, had some food and some drinks and went off to bed early. Up...
  16. Kudu Hunt South Africa

    Kudu Hunt South Africa

  17. Mike B

    WIN a FREE Trophy Customs Clearance from TROPHY SHIPPERS for 2021 in a Random Drawing Giveaway

    Hunt Date: June 2021 Country: Botswana Species: Kudu, Eland, Warthog, Wildebeest, Gemsbok, Impala, Zebra
  18. Mike B

    BOTSWANA: 3 Generation Hunt In Botswana With NKWE SAFARIS

    I got back a few days ago from 6 days of hunting and a couple days of fishing in Botswana with @NKWE SAFARIS. It. Was. Great! Quick back story on the trip. We told our kids when they turned 13, they could take a trip with one parent. The problem was we didn't really limit the 'where', so...
  19. Mike B

    Delta just cancelled June 1 ATL to JNB flight

    I have a Virgin Atlantic flight JFK>LHR>JNB and back on June 11th. I called Virgin to see status they only have a flight schedule through May 15th right now (this was as of Friday). May 17th the UK is supposed to open international travel again, so they are slow to update flights past then...
  20. Mike B

    Travel with minor and 1 parent Question

    It looks like I have to get a court order or travel with my 13 year old? Has anyone traveled to SA with their minor children and not the other parent? Seems crazy to have to get a court order?! The rest is no problem, but I’m not sure where to start for a...
  21. Mike B

    Kudu Hunt Botswana Free Range

    I’ll put my order in for 1 Bull #7 or 8 please!
  22. Mike B

    First Hunt 2021

    Save some for us! [emoji38]. Looking forward to June!
  23. Mike B

    Obscure hunts

    Can you get a walrus for the stock tank? [emoji38]
  24. Mike B

    Look what arrived in the mail

    I’m about 10 min from the TTU campus. Let me know if he ever needs anything!
  25. Mike B

    Costa Rica fishing

    Thanks! Yeah, I’ve found a couple places that will sell qualified insurance. I can wrap it into trip insurance for pretty cheap.
  26. Mike B

    Costa Rica fishing

    I’m headed down to Costa Rica with my family the end of Feb. was looking to get in a day of fishing, any charters you guys would recommend? We will be in the Jaco / Quepos /Uvita area
  27. Mike B

    Best gear you’ve found

    So many people don’t put enough thought into socks! Smart wool socks are my goto for hiking and hunting! I like Osprey backpacks, but they aren’t really quiet for hunting (I have a badlands pack for hunting). I love them for travel or keeping at the blind or in the truck. Wear them hiking a...
  28. Mike B

    Once Bitten ... Never Again

    This is sad, because I agree. It’s not the same as it used to be.
  29. Mike B

    New requirements for RSA Entry after Travel Ban

    Exactly, turn off your phone or just go into the app settings and you can restrict permissions on it so that it can’t use your location, cellular data, etc.
  30. Mike B

    Hello, From Texas

    Welcome! I’m up in the Pan Handle!
  31. Mike B

    Argentina Early Bird Hunt Booking

    Sounds fun! I did Argentina a couple years ago and it was tons of fun. Great people, great food, and red stag are a blast to hunt!
  32. Mike B

    Anybody with bad knees?

    So my wife and I had knuckle pain, and my Dad joint pain. Osteo Bi-Flex really helped. My joints feel fine now and I haven’t taken it in several month. My mom had knee pain, used Voltaren creme from Mexico (just buy it in the pharmacy there, but it’s prescription in the US). She swears it...
  33. Mike B

    AH Get Together In Dallas During Dallas Safari Club (DSC) Convention 2021

    I drive over every year with my kids. We usually get a hotel about 5-10 min away and then Uber over each day. Cheaper hotel, no parking to mess with, makes it easy. Just buy tickets at the door, although I would say to keep watching the website this year in case they have to enforce 50 or 75%...
  34. Mike B


    TX is staying red, we need AZ to get their poop in a group! [emoji38]
  35. Mike B

    How many zebras?

    5, you have to count the assholes! [emoji38]
  36. Mike B

    Namibia bound!!!!

    Sounds like fun!
  37. Mike B


    Just tell them you have a 1920s model T. They hang up on you. Saying you have a Lamborghini works too!
  38. Mike B

    Can you guess how many Kudu are in the photo?

    9 and a spot or two I would use binos to check more closely
  39. Mike B

    Botswana opening

    Good to hear it’s moving towards open! I have a trip for June 2021 in Botswana. Plenty of time for Armageddon or return to “normal”
  40. Mike B

    List of Countries Red Listed for travel to South Africa

    I’ll offer a new service. Anyone that wants can be a 1099 contractor for my IT company to do WiFi inspections and testing at any hunting campsite. Since the list doesn’t apply to those traveling for business, it should work, right? [emoji38]
  41. Mike B

    COVID-19 "Free To Fly" procedures and tests for Americans That link shows most of the places you can get a Covid test. Then just call and see if it’s rapid or not. This site will tell you if you need doctor approval (or symptoms) or not to get the test.
  42. Mike B

    COVID-19 "Free To Fly" procedures and tests for Americans

    Just a quick note, I needed a PCR test to get into Alaska a few weeks ago for a fishing trip. I was able to call a local clinic that was doing the 15 min Abbot Labs test. Drove up, they took sample, did test and gave me results in 30-45 min. About $200. The Nurse was even kind enough to to write...
  43. Mike B

    Botswana Trophy Hunting Package

    I’m booked for June, so I hope it’s open by then!!