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  1. houlotte

    My second rifle choice

    The best choice depend on where you live or hunt. In Europe the choice would be 9,3x62 then 338W and 300W. 375HH too much expensive in Europe. 9,3 can do everything till 200m, cheap, large choice of bullets, available everywhere.
  2. houlotte

    Free 2x1 Hunt for Two Hunters from Liam Urry Safaris for 2017/18

    Bravo Hervé, tu prends là une option. Tu nous l'avais cachée celle-là.
  3. houlotte

    Lion, Lioness, Buffalo, Sable & Cull Hunt Specials

    Do you have cull hunt available between mid of August till mid of September? Probably 2 or 3 hunters and may be 7 or 8 days on site with one day break at the middle. Is it possible to shot trophy warthogs? How much it cost? Thanks, Denis
  4. houlotte

    HELP NEEDED To Find Scott van Zyl Gone Missing In Zimbabwe

    Done. Hope our help will give him back alive to his family.
  5. houlotte

    What are your thoughts on culling?

    I went first to Namibia for a trophy hunt. Then to SA for a cull hunt. I have mixed fillings about the first and very good memories for the second. The quality of a hunt is not only the length of the horns. When there are too much animals it necessary to kill a part of them. If there is...
  6. houlotte

    Best Country in Europe for Hunting

    Hummmmmmmm! Nyati, for the best wine it's better to go a little bit more to the North.:) I will compare again in October as I will go to Seville for a monteria.
  7. houlotte

    SOUTH AFRICA: Karoo Wild Safaris Mid Season Report & Pictures

    Happy to see that the season has been successful. I hope it will continue at least during this month.:) See you soon Victor.
  8. houlotte

    A question for the Professional Hunters, European hunters and African hunters...

    As European hunter, a moose and then an elk.
  9. houlotte Under Attack

    Many thanks! It's working again.
  10. houlotte Under Attack

    I would like to know if I'm victim of an attack against tour site. I can't access with my computer but I can do it with my mobile. Am I banned by your admin by mistake or is there something done to cut the way to your site? Thé reply is web site inaccessible since several days.
  11. houlotte

    Packing ammunition for flight?

    Thanks a lot Brickburn. Very clear. This is what I did in the past and I still have the special ammo box.
  12. houlotte

    Packing ammunition for flight?

    Sorry Nyati I will be at variance with what you said. Yes it's always forbidden to put ammo in the luggage. 5 Kg ammo + case is correct as well. But from 2 years Air France accept ammo inside the riffle case. They shall be in a rigid box and each cartridge shall be separate from the others. I...
  13. houlotte

    POLAND: Buck Roe Deer Hunt From Trzebiatów Poland

    Hunting in Poland in May is very nice. I remember the mosaic of small fields cover of white flowers and a nice weather. I saw a lot of great roe deers but it was long time ago. The time when pheasans and partridges were countless. Friends told me that many things have been changed during the...
  14. houlotte

    Mannlicher Full Length Stock. Any Real Purpose?

    In Europe people say that full length stock are designed for mountain hunters but many of them won't see any rock as the people buy them for the look. Yes the wood protect the barrel but shall never touch the barrel. The hunter can put the riffle on his bag or on a rock and the barrel remain...
  15. houlotte

    Emirates airlines opinion?

    I travelled about 25 times with them, often in business but never with arms. Emirates is one of the best company in the world and Dubai airport is an easy stop.
  16. houlotte

    A new one from France

    I hope that the next adventure will be in South Africa. It is possible as the contact with my last PH is now established. Or may be in Namibia...I received an interresting offer for culling in the south west of the country. I would prefer South Africa because of the direct flight from Paris and...
  17. houlotte

    SENEGAL Warthog hunting destination

    As requested by several among you after my presentation I give you some informations about Senegal. I go at least once a year to this country for several years. This is a first step in Africa for many people. For the Europeans it is only 5 or 6 hours by plane. The cost is cheap. For the...
  18. houlotte

    WANTED: Look to setup a safari for 3-4 guys

    Welcome surfcowboy. I confirm what you said about arms, that is right for Dubai at least.
  19. houlotte

    A new one from France

    Thanks a lot for your welcome messages. Yes, Ingwe is the site in relation with Lieb Du Raan. Many thanks. I found pictures with me. One with a wharthog and one with 2 common sprinkbucks. I have good memories because he ask me the first day how I would like hunting. We hunted without vehicle...
  20. houlotte

    A new one from France

    Hi everybody. French hunter. Sorry nobody's English too. Hunter from my birth and in love with Africa for 50 years when an old neighbour told me his life in West Africa just after the first world war. I had changed the direction of my professional career in order to live in Africa...