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  1. Jay T

    404 Jeffery/98 Mauser Magnum Single Square bridge

    Beautiful there will be a happy buyer in the future. Wonderful gun in a exceptional caliber. Thanks for allowing us to enjoy a fine weapon.
  2. Jay T

    For the Chapstick guru's

    My journal shows it as a Lang.
  3. Jay T

    For the Chapstick guru's

    Thanks. We first ran into each other in Rhodesia. Last time was in Atlanta August 14th 1987. A fine evening of story swapping was had. I'm sure him and Gordon Cundill are together looking down and laughing at all of us. I'll probably be there before all of us are ready!!!!
  4. Jay T

    For the Chapstick guru's

    I new Capstick for several years. We never hunted together but did swap some stories and quite a bit of whiskey. I know his wife donated his beloved 375 and one lucky bastard now sets awake at night stroking it lovingly. My question is what happened to his venerable Lange .470 N.E. double...
  5. Jay T

    Comment by 'Jay T' in media 'My current project'

    How is the restore coming. Like to see a update on the progress. I missed out on the 71 looking forward for the chance to pick up the 69!!!!
  6. Jay T

    on a lighter note...

    Some of us mash it up with mayo
  7. Jay T

    What is the BEST piece of hunting advice you've been given?

    They went to recenter their lives I went to find mine.
  8. Jay T

    The wait is nearly over

    Enjoy and we look forward to your report.
  9. Jay T

    What is the BEST piece of hunting advice you've been given?

    Its not the gun you carry. Its the man who operates it that makes the hunt. My grand father went to Africa for a year afyer WW 1. My father went for 15 months after WW2. I went for 3 years after graduation. I have enough memories for a lifetime.
  10. Jay T

    Bullet weight for 9.3x62

    I thought you sold your wifes rifle ???
  11. Jay T

    2023 SCI Convention in Nashville

    Yeswe will be there 2 1/2 hours drive makes sense to us!!!