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    Wanted Stock For CZ-550 Magnum Action

    My buddy just got one from them for $270 and in great condition.
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    323 Accubond Bullets

    Krish, are these still for sale ?
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    325 WSM

    Ya i guess. Don't really notice it in the field tho. ;)
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    325 WSM

    I have a CZ 550 FS in 9.3x64 that looks just like that.
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    Browning 358 Winchester Light Weight NIB

    Glad i got you two together ! :)
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    Yes i did. Thank You so much Don !!! That was very nice of you !!

    Yes i did. Thank You so much Don !!! That was very nice of you !!
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    Your 3 favorite hunting cartridges of all time

    25/06 350RM 450/400
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    For Sale 350 Griffin & Howe Brass

    I received my brass from Don yesterday. He's a great guy to deal with. :)
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    For Sale 350 Griffin & Howe Brass

    If this brass is still for sale i'll take it.
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    .338 Imperial Magnum History /RE-loading /dimensions

    I had a .338 Imperial at one time. Wish i would have kept it. :( But i do have a .360 Imperial built on a M70 action with a 26" Kreiger barrel. That one i'll never part with !
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    Short action magnums

    I have both the 350RM and a 325WSM. The 350RM is a Ruger MKll with a 20" barrel. The 325 is a Kimber Montana. Some mornings its hard to decide which one to grab for the days elk hunt ;) Either way you'll be covered. They are Fantastic elk cartridges !
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    Any body own a 350 Remington Magnum?

    I have a Ruger MKll that has put a Ton of meat in my freezers. I shoot a Barnes 225 TSX over Ramshot Tac @ 2850fps. Shoots 1/2" when i do my part. Compact and shoots great. Kills like a bolt of lightening.
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    SOUTH AFRICA: Back From SA Hunt With Kubusi Safaris

    What an amazing hunt we had. My son got his Kudu, Blesbok, Impala, Springbok, Warthog and added a Golden Wildebeest. I got my Cape Buffalo, Kudu, Blesbok, Impala, Springbok and Warthog. I will be doing a full hunt report soon.
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    flying with rifles??

    I would definatly go with the Pelican 1750 for that fine double. It's very easy to cut the center piece of foam to fit. And after seeing all the battle scares on mine after our recent trip you want a TUFF case !!
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    flying with rifles??

    Pelican 1750 +1
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    Layover in Atlanta question

    My son and I just did it on Monday with a two hour layover and made in time. Close but we made it.
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    Our bags are packed

    Its a 450/400 built on a CZ bobwhite 20G shotgun.
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    Our bags are packed

    Yes for the plains game. Not for my Buffalo. My stock broke on my double this last saturday at the range practicing :(
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    Our bags are packed

    This next Tuesday my son and I fly out at 6am for SA. We will be hunting with Kubusi Safaris. My list is Cape Buffalo, Kudu, Blessbuck, Springbuck, Impala and Warthog. His is Sable, Kudu, Blessbuck, Springbuck, Impala and a Warthog. All paperwork is done and we are ready to GO :) I'm taking a...
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    SOUTH AFRICA: 10 Day Buffalo/Plains Game Safari With KMG Hunting Safaris July 15

    Congratulations on an Awesome Bull ! My son and I fly out Sept.13th for SA for my Buffalo hunt.
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    August 2022 Limpopo Buffalo

    Congratulations !!
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    Reloading For Buffalo

    I'm loading my 450/400 with 400gr Swift A-Frames and Hornady solids for my Buffalo hunt in September. I'm useing IMR4831. 83 grains @ 2150fps. The Swifts touch at 50 yrds and the solids are an inch apart. I'm ready to go :)
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    The double has arrived

    Congrats and enjoy it !!!!
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    Does anyone here like quarter-bores?

    I Do ! I have an Ol Ruger Tanger in a Bell & Carlson stock with a Timney trigger. Has a Bushnell Elite 4x16 on top. Love it :)
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    Montana BP Hunter

    Welcome :)
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    Preferred powder for 25-'06?

    Thanks Bob :)
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    Preferred powder for 25-'06?

    Bob have you used Superformance with 117STT's ? If so what were the results.
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    325 WSM

    I have a 325WSM in a Kimber Montana with a 3x9 Kahles on it. Very light and handy and kills Elk like a hammer. Just like my 350RM, 9.3x62 or my 9.3x64. There all Great. EnjoyEm :)
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    How many double rifles do you own?

    Just one. A custom 450/400NE built on a CZ Bobwhite 20g. It has 24" Lothar Walther barrels.
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    First glance at my new 404J

    Beautiful rifle you have there.
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    Reloading theory question: .458 Lott

    Well i got to the range Sunday with my 450 G&A. Tests were done at 50yrds. 74gr of Tac under a 500 A-Frame was one hole @2050fps. 75gr they were touching and 2125fps. I also tried some RL15. 83gr under a 500 TSX got 2130fps and they were touching as well. Same load of RL15 under a 500 A-Frame...
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    New member from western Montana

    Welcome fellow Montanan !
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    New member from Montana

    Ed at EAI said that we would be useing your service. We're looking forward to it !
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    Reloading theory question: .458 Lott

    I'm going to try some Tac in my 450 G&A Short under a 500 TSX and a 500 A-Frame this weekend. I'll let ya know how it shoots.
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    New member from Montana

    We are looking into getting some brass from Quality Cartridge.
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    New member from Montana

    Thank You Rick ! :)
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    Yes it would and the longer barrel will get you more velocity than the short barrel FS. But, i wouldn't trade mine for anything ! :)
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    I have CZ550FS that was a 9.3x62. I had it rechambered to a 9.3x64. It's a Hammer on the Elk !
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    New member from Montana

    Hey TheSayHeyKid, Born and raised in Helena. :)
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    New member from Montana

    Thank You !! My son has other options for plains game and I have a 450/400 for Buffalo so we are covered. We just really wanted to use those rifles. It's going to be the hunt of a lifetime !!! I've been dreaming about Africa forever and my Son and his Wife are taking me on my dream hunt.
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    New member from Montana

    Kudu, Blesbuck, Springbuck, Impala and Warthog.
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    New member from Montana

    Have not got that information from Ed yet. I do know that we will be hunting in the Port Elizabeth area.
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    New member from Montana

    Thank You
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    New member from Montana

    Jerome maybe you can answer a question for us please. Is it true that the headstamp on a cartridge case has to match the stamping on the rifle ? My son has a 35 Griffin & Howe Imp. that he wants to use for plains game and i use 340 Weatherby brass to make his cases. I have a 450 G&A that i want...
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    New member from Montana

    Hello from Montana. I've been reading and getting information here for some time. And I can't say Thank You enough! You gents have given us a ton of help. My son and I are going to SA in September for plains game each plus a Buffalo for myself. We went to the SCI convention in Vegas and that...