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  1. Jettech

    European mount taxidermy questions

    Make sure you specify and have them write it down you want the lower Jaw. I'm going thru a issue at the moment they did not include the lower Jaw of my Giraffe like I asked for.
  2. Jettech

    Giraffe skull jaw bone

    they did document everything and had skull listed and they said jaw on giraffe was part of skull for euro purpuse to sit on table or shelf. I guess I messed up by not having them list the jaw seperate on that form. The guide never did transfer the jaw to dip and pack when they picked it up...
  3. Jettech

    Giraffe skull jaw bone

    Wanted to get y’all’s opinion. My last hunt I took a giraffe and when skimming it I asked to make sure lower jaw stayed with it as I wanted it also. They said no problem. I also emailed folks and dip and pack place and they said yes it will be with it as it’s part of skull. Fast forward to now...
  4. Jettech

    African Trophy Export real time follow along

    Got email today mine are at SCS in JNB but my export paperwork expired so they need to submit for revalidation.
  5. Jettech

    African Trophy Export real time follow along

    I hope mine go Delta and clear that fast in ATL. I plan on grabbing them from cargo area as I work across the street from them.
  6. Jettech

    Hello from Knoxville, TN

  7. Jettech

    Another new member from Alabama

    welcome to AH
  8. Jettech

    Rocky Mountain Oysters versus "African Game Oysters"??

    Bruces in Severance is my favorite placed to get them! I prefer beef over the buffallo ones.
  9. Jettech

    USA: North Carolina Waterfowl

    Dang that looks like a good time love me some waterfowl hunting.
  10. Jettech

    How to flatten giraffe rug

    just out of curiosity I had my giraffe back hide and a few others tanned over in SA do they come Soft (broken) or do they need softened when I get them?
  11. Jettech

    CRIES of the Savanna - Available On Amazon, Free On Kindle Unlimited & Signed Copies Available On My Website

    Just ordered your book off Amazon looking forward to reading it.
  12. Jettech

    Zambia hunting adventure with Limcroma Safaris

    cool video. walking on top of the swamp grass looked really cool.
  13. Jettech

    Getting Our Children Involved In Africa

    took my 14 year old son this past year and he is hooked. He definitely wants to go back. He also learned alot about the stuff they say and try and tell you in the states about hunting African game and such is far from the truth he says it was an eye opener and now tells people all the time dont...
  14. Jettech

    Empty single piece of brass in backpack South Africa

    Earlier this year my 14 year old son had a spent case he wanted to keep from his first SA animal and they found it. Pulled us aside in line and retrived it from his bag then took my info down and said if it happens again it will be a problem and then released us. Im glad I did not go thru what...
  15. Jettech

    Hello from north carolina

    Welcome this place has great info before your first trip.
  16. Jettech


    Looks like yall had a heck of a trip. Congrats on all the trophies!
  17. Jettech

    Trophy shipping costs

    well did you get it to clear quickly?
  18. Jettech

    New here from Ga

    welcome from another from Georgia.
  19. Jettech

    An update from TROPHY SHIPPERS

    good luck with new adventure. I would imagine all current stuff in work will be passed along to new people.
  20. Jettech

    Restaurants in Joberg Airport?

    I found out the hard way that there is not much selection once you get thru security. There is places to eat on baggage side but never really looked since i thought I could eat after security.
  21. Jettech

    Hello from Georgia

    Welcome to AH from another fellow Georgian
  22. Jettech

    SOUTH AFRICA: Canadians Hunting With Adansonia Safaris

    Congrats on the trip! Your son and family will remember this forever!
  23. Jettech

    Can Someone Recommend A Taxidermist in The Southeast USA?

    Might not be to far from you but check out wilson wildlife artistry out of crossville TN
  24. Jettech

    Can Someone Recommend A Taxidermist in The Southeast USA?

    what part of the southeast are you in?
  25. Jettech

    South Africans your thoughts please

    Dream retirement for sure and to be able to hunt there year round even better. Political part and Farm attacks would be my biggest concern! I learned alot about them while there and am in the middle of reading a book about them.
  26. Jettech

    In Africa they use every part of the animal...

    My tracker/skinner took from all my animals every stomach and liver to eat that evening.
  27. Jettech

    Hello from South Carolina

    Welcome to AH
  28. Jettech

    First time bringing my kids, any input is welcomed

    I just went with my 14 year old. I had brought a birth certificate and a affidavit being he was traveling with just me. I was never asked for any of that but was better safe to have it. We hunted safari still the whole time and he had a blast. Took 4 animals and all one shot with less than 5...
  29. Jettech

    Triple pedastal

    would love to see the kudu/sable when finished
  30. Jettech


    sounds like a great trip. Congrats on everything and thanks for sharing.
  31. Jettech

    SOUTH AFRICA: Hunt With Africa Hunt lodge

    no he ran out of time before he had to get back home. He said that gives him an excuse to start planning another trip. He did check a bunch off his list though.
  32. Jettech

    SOUTH AFRICA: Hunt With Africa Hunt lodge

    Definitely is true what everyone says must be something in the water and definitely looking forward to plan another trip!!
  33. Giraffe Hunting South Africa

    Giraffe Hunting South Africa

  34. Giraffe Hunting South Africa

    Giraffe Hunting South Africa

  35. Porcupine Hunting South Africa

    Porcupine Hunting South Africa

  36. Impala Hunting South Africa

    Impala Hunting South Africa

  37. Sable Hunting South Africa

    Sable Hunting South Africa

  38. Gemsbok Hunting South Africa

    Gemsbok Hunting South Africa

  39. Blue Wildebeest Hunting South Africa

    Blue Wildebeest Hunting South Africa

  40. Kudu Hunting South Africa

    Kudu Hunting South Africa

  41. Zebra Hunting South Africa

    Zebra Hunting South Africa

  42. Nyala Hunting South Africa

    Nyala Hunting South Africa

  43. Jettech

    SOUTH AFRICA: Hunt With Africa Hunt lodge

    well sunday my final full day. All we came for has been filled and then some. So we decided to tag along with my cousin some more on his hunts. Morning started out hunting a porcupine. I never new they rattled there quils and sounded like a rattle snake in away. Then we went off to hunt bush...
  44. Jettech

    SOUTH AFRICA: Hunt With Africa Hunt lodge

    Friday another day to sleep in till 730 and off to the range to make sure the 375 HH is on. 2 shots and stacked them on each other so we are good to go for tomorrow. Son and I took a trip to the National park and predator park not to far down the road to do a day of sight seeing. then back to...
  45. Jettech

    SOUTH AFRICA: Hunt With Africa Hunt lodge

    Thursday slept in till 7 then breakfast and off with my cousin and his PH to try and get a cape buffalo. after 1 1/2 hr drive down the worst potholed paved road i ever been on we made it to the property he would be hunting on. We spent the day driving and glassing but never saw but one quick...
  46. Jettech

    SOUTH AFRICA: Hunt With Africa Hunt lodge

    Wed back up at 6 for breakfast and back out to same property to try and find a Zebra and a older Nyala for my son they have seen lately causing issues with some younger ones. Spent first part of morning finding zebra and stocking them and then losing them and starting over. Finally we saw a good...
  47. Jettech

    SOUTH AFRICA: Hunt With Africa Hunt lodge

    Tuesday up at 6 again for breakfast (omelets with sausage and toast. Today we are headed off to another property that is about 45 min from camp. This new property looks awsome. Today we are lookng for Zebra, Kudu, BLue wildabeest and Gemsbok. Shortly in we came across a good size group of...
  48. Jettech

    SOUTH AFRICA: Hunt With Africa Hunt lodge

    Monday morning up at 6am and down for breakfast (wildabeest Sausage, Eggs and toast). Decided to change up ammo due to previous day on sable. Quick trip to range for slight adjustments and off to a new property to look for Kudu, Zebra, Blue Wildabeest. Spent the morning driving the area and...
  49. Jettech

    SOUTH AFRICA: Hunt With Africa Hunt lodge

    Well I'm going to try my best to tell about my trip. It may not be the best writing just to warn you. Well the day finally came for my son and I for our first Safari. We departed Atlanta on Friday May 7th a little late due to cleaning and catering running behind. Once in the air for the 14 1/2...
  50. Jettech

    Digital Record of COVID-19 Vaccination

    no but if you dont you need a PCR test to enter