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    Pat Hemingway-- what became of him?

    I've written two articles for FE Journal print magazine as well. Haven't met Pat though. Seems like a cool guy. Good writer for sure.
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    Argentina Cancellation Hunt 6 Species

    I hunted with this outfit a couple years ago. The story made it in Sporting Classics Magazine. They are a solid outfit. They treated me well and were more than fair with me. The highlights were a couple of boars with hounds, as well as a capybara, among other animals. I also met Danny Trejo on...
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    Would you give up a 100 pounder if asked to?

    I don't travel to Africa to hunt elephant, or any species for that matter, for the purpose of appeasing someone else.... especially an absolutely unappeasable crowd. There isn't a single anti-hunter who would be ok with you shooting an 80 pound elephant because you turned down a 100 pounder.
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    East Cape Hunting Package

    I am happy to report that I booked this hunt with @ljsafaris ... It is an interesting package with an opportunity to hunt behind hounds, which I love, and everyone I contacted had great things to say about Juan and Lauren and their outfit. Also, I've been trying to get my best friend to Africa...
  5. Hyena Shoulder Mount Taxidermy

    Hyena Shoulder Mount Taxidermy

  6. Hyena Shoulder Mount Taxidermy

    Hyena Shoulder Mount Taxidermy

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    Hyena taxidermy ideas

    From my Zimbabwe trip in 2015 with @MARTIN PIETERS SAFARIS and @Dalton Tink . Done by Randy Gilmore in St. Louis, Missouri. I told him what I wanted, specifically with ears like that and the mouth at that angle.
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    Hello from Bwana Moja. Africa is NOT "The Dark Continent"

    Commoners! Hear ye! Hear ye! Pease join my new forum to continue this discussion. It is dedicated to all of us mere peasants who aren't intelligent enough to know what the latest woke thing is. We are so sorry Mr. Bwana. I thought because I just had my 13th COVID booster and still...
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    Draw results 2022

    Thanks. ID a good place for a NR moose tag....they just make it pricey to apply.
  10. Elk Hunting Idaho

    Elk Hunting Idaho

  11. Moose Hunting Nevada

    Moose Hunting Nevada

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    Draw results 2022

    Thank you. I'm excited for those. I hunted same NV unit last year and same ID moose unit in 2012 and had good hunts. Hoping to lend a hand. Here we're my results.
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    Draw results 2022

    Good luck. I lived in Nashville while my wife was in school there. I have fond memories of the hunting in TN.
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    Draw results 2022

    Once the dust settled, I drew a few tags for 2022. WY buck antelope, MT doe antelope with daughter and buddy, UT doe antelope, HW axis/sheep. I'll hunt deer and elk in ID on OTC and OTC capped, as well as lions with my hounds. I may hunt 3rd rifle OTC elk on CO with family, but depends. Hoping...
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    Hello from Bwana Moja. Africa is NOT "The Dark Continent"

    Some people will search far and wide to find something to be offended by. This is the culture we live in, and quite frankly, we don't need this $hit in the hunting community. I really couldn't care less what you think of me or anyone else using the term "dark continent." It isn't about race. No...
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    Trophy room progress

    Looking good
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    H&H .577/500 For Sale

    Neat rifle
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    North American big 5

    Cool thread. Hard to compare with African game. It's like the difference in fishing for bass in a lake or fishing the ocean with bait as big as the bass. NA Big Five (danger to hunter because of all involved in hunt) 1. Mountain goat (especially late season, probably most dangerous hunt due to...
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    Baikal double

    Cool gun. I'd leave it as is
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    Debating whether I should step up to 375 H&H?

    I think for that particular bag your best bet is the 30-06...but you should definitely buy the .375 barrel because it is an awesome caliber.
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    Specialty Night Critter Hunt With LIMPOPO BIG GAME SAFARIS

    Bossie knows his stuff. Cool opportunity.
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    What really is "Big Game"?

    Great question. I bet everyone is different. I consider all ungulates big game, including dik-diks and tiny forest duikers. I also consider wild turkeys big game because of how they are hunted even though they technically fall under upland game.
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    Buffalo or elephant?

    Have done one of each on the same hunt (bull buff, tuskless cow). Both were amazing hunts, but elephant wins in my book by far. Nothing like it.
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    What age should you start them hunting?

    My oldest started turkey at nine and big game at ten.
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    When does your kid start skinning?

    I don't think there is a correct answer. I will let my 11-year-old start when she wants and when her fine motor skills seem sufficient to not hurt herself. She has gotten some small game, turkeys, a cougar and a moose, but hasn't done anything with a knife quite yet. I want to edge the line...
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    Lion Hunt In Central African Republic C.A.R.

    That's a neat lion
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    Alec Baldwin Movie Set Accident

    I do agree with insane as it seems to responsible gun owners and hunters, Baldwin will walk free other than probably a confidential settlement with the girl's family to avoid civil court that we won't hear about.
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    Alec Baldwin Movie Set Accident

    Definitely crazy. The situation is so sad and serious, but it is ironic that this guy paints gun owners as idiots when the concept of firearm safety is simple and second nature to most gun owners, and especially hunters. Maybe a rule change can happen for the better. If I were king, I'd make...
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    Alec Baldwin Movie Set Accident

    But yes...I do agree that what the court says about criminality and liability will not jive with the basic rules of gun safety...and that is what some are discussing here
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    Alec Baldwin Movie Set Accident

    I see what you are saying, but the problem is right in your answer. As soon as someone else is responsible for another person shooting and killing someone, everyone starts pointing fingers and nothing is learned. Baldwin is 100% responsible for anything that comes out of the end of a gun while...
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    Alec Baldwin Movie Set Accident

    I just have to comment....maybe something is wrong with me, but when I hear people talking about the armorer, and the "Hollywood gun safety rules," whose fingerprints are on the gun or bullets, etc, it kind of sits wrong with me. While I think those are valid questions, the person holding the...
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    Nice animals and report. Bossie is a hard worker and great guy to hunt with.
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    6.5 Creedmoor

    I do, however, agree with those who think there are more appropriate calibers for larger African plains game...despite it's potential lethality on elk-sized game. It just doesn't pack much of a punch.
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    6.5 Creedmoor

    Haha true. Thanks. It is a Bergara HMR and has some plates that can be taken out to shorten the stock. I had a suppressor on it too which helps with recoil for her. Problem is that it is too heavy for her to carry and I had to pack around a tripod for her. It all worked in the end. Her and her...
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    6.5 Creedmoor

    My 10-year-old daughter got a bull shiras moose with my 6.5cm this past weekend at 270 yards. Normally I wouldn't have used that for moose, but she is a small-framed kid and it worked. 143gr Hornady eld-x. Not ideal, but the gun fits her and doesn't punish her with recoil. The 6.5 caliber is a...
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    Hi Bossie! Great trophies. You have been kicking ass this year!
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    Tuskless Elephants should be the target?

    Yes. Mankind has helped perpetuate the gene through poaching, so mankind should keep it in check through hunting. Also, tusks serve multiple purposes. It is a shitty gene to have in the gene pool. And they are fun to hunt.
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    Elephant Bull Hunt Zimbabwe

    Jeez nice offer
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    Wedding etiquette?

    That's a tough one. None of my friends would think of planning a wedding for early October and expect me to show up, best man or not. Hunting season
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    COVID vaccination required by Safari Company or not, your suggestion

    I know you are asking a question in a general manner, but treating people who are flying 10,000 miles to spend thousands of dollars with you like they are nothing more than disease spreading hosts is not a good business practice. The irony of a business where people are offering hunts for...
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    Qatar Air carryon

    I flew them in March and they did not measure or weigh. You should be good. They all have limits on paper but don't check but technically they could. 49 countries visited I have never had a carry on weighed (granted many of those were overland travel.) Also never had one weighed domestically in...
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    TANZANIA: Northern Masailand Hunt With Kilombero North Safaris

    Great report and animals. I enjoyed reading. Nice work!
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    Texas Upland Hunts At The Rockin G Ranch

    Cool offer
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    375 solid preference? Elephant considered

    I used a 300gr Norma solid and it worked fine. I have only killed one though so I am no expert. It was in perfect condition just below the skin on off-side shoulder.
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    Travel problems going thru Doha and Dallas

    I did not not take guns with Qatar for this exact issue in March 2021 because they will not tell you if they will for sure take your rifle until you depart to Doha....meaning if you have a connection in the US they make you recheck it (as you detailed) and THEN say "yes" or "no" to your rifle...