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  1. Leopard Full Mount Taxidermy

    Leopard Full Mount Taxidermy

  2. Uintaelkhunter

    End Of Season Hunt Specials In Namibia Caprivi

    Having hunted Elephant with Karl you can’t go wrong on this hunt. He is a great outfitter that takes care of everything. My my bank accounts sake please someone take this hunt. Afraid I may want to jump on another hunt with him.
  3. Uintaelkhunter

    Big Bore Case Trimmer Help Please

    Forster classic case trimmer it has collets and the length required for the nitro calibers. Here is one from midway if you can find the kit it has collets and pilots if not you will need to order for your specific calibers.
  4. Uintaelkhunter

    KMG Hunting Safaris AH Members Group Hunt With Cameron Mitchell In 2023

    That does not sound like the Marius I know. Going soft in your old age I see. Next thing you’ll be owning a French bulldog and sitting in your recliner dreaming of your youth.
  5. Uintaelkhunter

    AH Loaded Ammo Special

    Thanks Mark for the heads up on 450-400 ammo and the five boxes. Always great doing business with you.
  6. Uintaelkhunter

    KMG Hunting Safaris AH Members Group Hunt With Cameron Mitchell In 2023

    Are you going to find me one of those ghosts of a 58 inch eastern cape kudu if I take that spot.
  7. Uintaelkhunter

    Heym 89B

    Left to right jumbo frame, Grossbox, African or Large frame, then the medium frame. Picture is missing the last two smaller frames I got it from there German YouTube video. It would be nice to see some finished receivers/frames in all size with weights for each to give a idea. from what info I...
  8. Uintaelkhunter

    KMG Hunting Safaris - 2022 Season Photos

    I still need a good bushpig Marius.
  9. Uintaelkhunter

    Heym 89B

    From talking with Chris there are now 5 frame size in the 88/89b with a greener action style cross bolt then there is the jumbo action which is different
  10. Uintaelkhunter

    Heym 89B

    I believe there is a difference from the grossbox frame and the jumbo frame. The Grossbox is the larger of the standard box lock frames. It the 470 and the African frame it puts the rifle at 10-10.5 lbs in the grossbox it adds about a Lb to that to put the rifle in the 11lb range. It also adds...
  11. Uintaelkhunter

    Cancellation Hunts Available For The 2022 Season - KMG Hunting Safaris

    Great offers! Marius I may just have to take you up on a late season deal.
  12. Uintaelkhunter

    Greetings from Utah

    Welcome to the forum. There are several of us from Utah on here. Some of us even get together and do a big bore shoot once a year. Normally at the Price range. Good luck on your hunt I’m sure you’ll have a good time. Cant wait to read the report
  13. Uintaelkhunter

    Wanted 450/400 NE Double Rifle

    Chapuis is a great gun. I have one in 470 and it has been on a few trips and never a problem. In the process on having a Heym 89b made in 450/400 now and still can bring myself to sell the Chapuis.
  14. Uintaelkhunter

    Wanted 450/400 NE Double Rifle

    Looks like graf and sons is out of stock now but I just checked and powder valley has hornady solids in stock.
  15. Uintaelkhunter

    Wanted 450/400 NE Double Rifle

    Bullets are in stock at grafs and sons or where a week ago. I have been bidding for ammo and brass on GB but they seem to go for extreme prices the last hour of bidding every time. Word from some reputable sources say hornady is due to run a lot of ammo mid 2022
  16. Uintaelkhunter

    Anyone going to the Western Hunting Expo in SLC?

    Nice to put some faces with the names. Good to meet you flatwater. Also good to talk with the team from Tsala.
  17. Uintaelkhunter

    Zimbabwe Early Elephant Hunt Special 2022

    Great price and if your able to add a buffalo if lucky for a trophy fee as well. It’s a incredible deal. May have to email you after the shows myself Wayne
  18. Uintaelkhunter

    Anyone plan on attending the SCI 2022 next week in Vegas?

    I will be there atleast for the show Saturday. Probably show up in Vegas Friday sometime and stay thru Sunday. Will have my wife and kid along as well.
  19. Uintaelkhunter

    Hornady DGS BONDED

    It seems hornady is about the only manufacture with some ammo available lately. I don’t think you will have a problem with the new bonded DGX. May pick a few boxes up and try them and hold a box or two for your hunt. Then if some of the others come available before your hunt atleast you have...
  20. Uintaelkhunter

    KMG Hunting Safaris Dallas Safari Club Attendance

    Nice to see you finally are able to get a booth.
  21. Uintaelkhunter

    Would you hunt in Africa, in case the trophies could not be imported to your country?

    I think the better question would be. Are you willing to pay the same prices for a non exportable hunt as a exportable one? Just as in the case of CBL lion hunts in South Africa costing one tenth the price or less of a wild hunt in Zambia or Tanzania. If they can not keep those areas going by...
  22. Uintaelkhunter

    CITES Leopard Permit!

    Mine took 6-7 months back in 2019. I would guess they are still averaging longer that expected. If it was me I would contact some of the import brokers and ask how long they are running on permits lately. That should at least give you a idea.
  23. Uintaelkhunter

    Flights, tests etc. and what the current situation regarding hunting in South Africa is

    I sure hope there is no fence sitting going on here. That hurts to much just jump it or drive through it for god sakes. Really with as fluid as things are it’s hard to predict so make plans book your trip and worst case may have to change some dates.
  24. Uintaelkhunter

    WANTED: 70 lb Elephant

    Karl of Ndumo safaris and his Bwabwata area has in the past produced some 70lbs plus bulls and is a honest guy. I hunted elephant with him in one of his other areas but got the chance to go see Bwabwata for a day and was lucky enough it was just after they had shot a 70lbs plus bull I believe as...
  25. Uintaelkhunter

    What traits have you picked up from your Professional Hunter?

    Thanks, it is always interesting to see how slang words are used from there original meaning. Think I have heard it used just about every way you describe.
  26. Uintaelkhunter

    What traits have you picked up from your Professional Hunter? Any Afrikaans like to confirm some of the meanings
  27. Uintaelkhunter

    What traits have you picked up from your Professional Hunter?

    Bliksem, never really understood the word but when hunting with two PHs and one has a mullet rest assured you will hear the other ph say it a lot. Especially when there are trophy bushbuck involved. Would like to know the definition
  28. Uintaelkhunter

    25 Years Protocol Sign With The Government Of C.A.R.

    Welcome and glad to have some more outfitters from some of the more obscure or unique countries to hunt on the forum. Do you have a web page or info on your areas. If not you can DM me your info.
  29. White Rhino Hunt South Africa

    White Rhino Hunt South Africa

  30. Spotted Hyena Hunt South Africa

    Spotted Hyena Hunt South Africa

  31. Uintaelkhunter

    AH Members 2021 Dangerous Game Successes

    August 2021 hunt with Marius and KMG Safaris rifles were Blaser R93 in 375 H&H and a Heym 88B in 500 nitro
  32. Sable Hunt South Africa

    Sable Hunt South Africa

  33. Uintaelkhunter

    SOUTH AFRICA: August 2021 With KMG Hunting Safaris

    Finally getting around to finishing the last few days. The last main animal I was after was a sable. We had seen one bull with a group of cows and some smaller bulls. We decide to pass him but kept him on our watch as he seemed to stay pretty close to the same area as we searched out some other...
  34. Uintaelkhunter

    WANTED: Needing Final 3 Tiny Ten - Suni, Red Duiker, Sharpes Grysbok

    Mutemba safaris could be a option. I shot both Suni and sharps grysbuck with them. You can also opt to drive in from South Africa which can save on charter flights or extra layovers. As they are in the Gaza province and a lot closer to SA
  35. Uintaelkhunter

    NAMIBIA: Heading To Namibia 6 Aug 2021 With Ekuja Hunting Safaris

    Congrats on a very nice leopard. It looks like both of you had a great trip.
  36. Roan Hunt South Africa

    Roan Hunt South Africa

  37. Uintaelkhunter

    SOUTH AFRICA: August 2021 With KMG Hunting Safaris

    With the rhino complete it was time to concentrate on plains game the remainder of the trip mainly Roan and Sable but I also would not pass up the opportunity if we bumped into an exceptional buffalo. We started to cover a lot of ground and take advantage of any hills we could to glass but the...
  38. Uintaelkhunter

    SOUTH AFRICA: August 2021 With KMG Hunting Safaris

    Day 6 - The PH's perspective Late yesterday, we picked up some Rhino tracks on a sandy road. This gave us a great launch pad for an area to start early this morning. We headed to the same general area, cutting tracks. Roughly 1 hour into the morning, we found some tracks on top of our tracks...
  39. Rhino Hunt South Africa

    Rhino Hunt South Africa

  40. Rhino Hunt South Africa

    Rhino Hunt South Africa

  41. Uintaelkhunter

    SOUTH AFRICA: August 2021 With KMG Hunting Safaris

    A great honer to be able to hunt such a animal.
  42. Uintaelkhunter

    SOUTH AFRICA: August 2021 With KMG Hunting Safaris

    With the first shot right on the money and the second a well place low shoulder shot we could here the bull crashing thru the trees. We gave him 10-15 minutes before following. Then we cautiously started the follow up. You could see from the blood trail he was hit hard. It didn’t take long to...
  43. Uintaelkhunter

    SOUTH AFRICA: August 2021 With KMG Hunting Safaris

    Travel day went well. We arrived at the new property in the afternoon. Se we were able to put our things away and do some scouting. We have moved from night critters to the bigger stuff. rhino, Sable and Roan are on the list. The wind was blowing a bit and the forecast was for a storm to move...
  44. Bushbuck Hunt South Africa

    Bushbuck Hunt South Africa

  45. Uintaelkhunter

    SOUTH AFRICA: August 2021 With KMG Hunting Safaris

    Got lucky and was able to shoot a bushbuck on one of the farms that was giving the farmer problems.
  46. Bushpig Hunt Eastern Cape South Africa

    Bushpig Hunt Eastern Cape South Africa

  47. Uintaelkhunter

    SOUTH AFRICA: August 2021 With KMG Hunting Safaris

    Day 5 last night of night hunting then we have a early start to day 6 by traveling a few hours drive and switching to days. Where we will stop going after predators and night animals and start for plains game and pre historic beasts. Day5 the last night was a bit warmer and the cold wind had...