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  1. Aardwolf

    Help needed to contact the Calgary SCI chapter

    Good evening Brickburn, @AB2506 has responded to my message and I am in now good hands. Thank you for helping me out!
  2. Aardwolf

    Help needed to contact the Calgary SCI chapter

    I need help to contact the SCI Calgary chapter. I paid for a membership on their website on February 1st but I didn't receive any confirmation back. However the monetary amount has been charged on my credit card. I have tried twice in the last two weeks to contact them using the email address...
  3. Aardwolf

    Well boys, what's your temperature like now?

    This is our coldest morning this winter so far. It was -34 Celsius on the thermometer just before sunrise on a bright clear morning. The temperature is supposed to go up to +3 C tomorrow.
  4. Aardwolf

    Wanted Swift .375 300gr A frames

    Hi Steve. They are available for sale on Swift Bullet’s website. The price is $96.00 per box of 50 bullets. I hope this helps.
  5. Aardwolf

    AH Get Together Dinner In Dallas During Dallas Safari Club (DSC) Convention 2023

    It was great to meet the members who attended the dinner at Gilley's. There is nothing like putting a face on a familiar username. Encore merci Jérôme d'avoir organisé la soirée. Cheers!
  6. Aardwolf

    Looking for .375 for Dangerous Game... Do They Exist?

    Here is a link to Leica's curent Magnus i 1-6x24 line of scopes: I am also in the process of shopping for a new scope for my bolt action 375 H&H rifle. The Leica Magnus i 1-6x24 is definately interesting. It comes in 3 different reticle...
  7. Aardwolf

    Bullet pullers help please

    Hi Rare Breed, First you will need a RCBS Standard Bullet Puller (RCBS part # 9440). Then you need to use the properly sized bullet puller collet. The caliber (bullet diameter) of your 450/400 should be 0.405" and am not sure which collet to recommend. You will either need the .40 caliber...
  8. Aardwolf

    Leopard Follow Up and Charge

    My thoughts as well. Rifle is chambered in 375 H&H. Leopards are solidly built but I would not refer to them as stout. A 375 slug should have gone through. I would really like to see that bullet.
  9. Aardwolf

    Cape Buffalo: Ideal range for a 375 rifle? (H&H or Ruger)

    Sincere thanks to all who provided guidance and opinions. I will certainly validate with my PH once plans are firmed up. In the meantime I will put your sound advice to good use. Cheers! Aardwolf
  10. Aardwolf

    Cape Buffalo: Ideal range for a 375 rifle? (H&H or Ruger)

    How far from the animal is the first shot usually taken when hunting Cape Buffalo with a medium bore rifle such as a 375 H&H or 375 Ruger (loaded with proper ammunition, i.e. Swift A-Frame or Barnes TSX)? What is a typical average distance while on Safari? What is the maximum range to be...
  11. Aardwolf

    New member from Ontario, Canada

    Hello all, Here are the species I have hunted over the years, ranked in overall hunting effort and success rate: Whitetail Deer (in the Canadian provinces of Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec & Saskatchewan and in New York State, USA), Canada Moose (in the provinces of Newfoundland and Quebec), Black...
  12. Aardwolf

    New member from Ontario, Canada

    Neither...Go Habs Go!
  13. Aardwolf

    New member from Ontario, Canada

    Hello from Eastern Ontario, Canada I found this forum while researching dangerous game rifles. I really liked the contents, so I decided to join. I have a lot of experience hunting North American big game species. I have been to South Africa twice. I hope to go back to southern Africa...