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    My wife is wanting to attend some Christmas markets in Europe in December. Where can I hunt in December?

    In the UK you could hunt Roe does but not bucks in December. If that sounds ok you could find deer stalking easily within reach of London or Edinburgh or pretty much anywhere in between.
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    458 Flat Nosed Solids For Elephant

    Really helpful , thanks so much !
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    458 Flat Nosed Solids For Elephant

    @michael458 Many thanks for so much information in this thread. Can I ask if the 450 grain 458 solid is suitable for loading to a longer COAL than usual for the .458 Win Mag to try to get closer to .458 Lott ballistics? I believe I have heard this referred to as the .458 +P
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    Best Big Bore Gong?

    If you Google the Steel target company UK they have some great ideas for hanging gongs. They use AR500 stakes that suspend the gong on the hook via a slot in the gong. These don’t bend or break unlike chains which are a PITA! I have also tried thick webbing off haulage truck straps (grays...
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    SOUTH AFRICA: Buffalo, Sable & More With Chris Troskie Safaris

    An excellent hunt report, thanks for writing it so well. We also visited Sabrisa with my family this last summer and hunted buffalo cow, kudu cow, mountain reedbuck and some warthogs. I heartily agree that Chris is one of the truly good guys, straightforward, honest and great fun to be around...
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    7MM Rem Mag

    I would agree with the 140gr TSX
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    Not looking good for uk gun owners....

    Our legislation is already quite restrictive but does desperately need administrative reform. In England all guns that develop a muzzle energy of greater than 12ftlbs are restricted according to category. Section 1 firearms include sporting/target rifles, long barreled revolvers or semi...
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    Let’s have some .375 fun

    Warthog was the smallest. One shot and done
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    Red dot sight question

    Yes , well almost…..we have used an aimpoint H30L on a BRNO 602 in 458 win Mag. I think it’s the same sight with a smaller 30mm tube. Works really well, mounts with 30mm rings and holds zero. It has an incredible battery life reported but I can’t confirm if the claim is true.
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    .375 H&H for Elephant???

    Can I ask if the CEB solid shot to the same POI as the 300g TSX? Also what velocity were they doing. Reason for asking is with my 375 the 270g solids shot 4 inches away from the 300g TSX so I’m looking to find a solid that matches POI better
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    Fluting existing barrel

    Fluting carrys the same risk of dimensional alteration to the bore as reprofiling. If it works that’s great but if it causes problems it’s new barrel time. As others have said it won’t save much weight.
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    Hornady 375cal. 390gr A-Tip Match bullets in 375 H&H - have you ever seen this bullet used?

    I meant stubby in comparison with a high BC bullet
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    Hornady 375cal. 390gr A-Tip Match bullets in 375 H&H - have you ever seen this bullet used?

    But I bet they are stubby ( and therefore short) little things that stabilise more easily.
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    Hornady 375cal. 390gr A-Tip Match bullets in 375 H&H - have you ever seen this bullet used?

    Reports of how the A-tip behave on game are not encouraging!!
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    Options for red stag

    Stalking red deer in Scotland is a fantastic and unique experience. This film gives you an idea of how it is generally done. There are many other videos around that document stalking in Scotland.
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    Help me identify this snake

    I’ve found it. Terribly sad
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    Help me identify this snake

    I haven’t come across that story, can you let us know what happened or post a link to the story please ?
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    .458 Barnes TSX 350, 450 or 500 gr

    I couldn’t get 2400fps from a 450g TSX out of my BRNO 602. I got to 2215fps where I called it enough as the primers were starting to flatten. This is with the bullets seated out to make use of the freebore. The Barnes load data goes up to about 2250fps with the 450 grain bullets. A 458 Lott may...
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    Desirable Powders For 300 Grain Swift A-frames, For .375 H&H Magnum?

    I have good results with Reload Swiss RS60 which is also sold as Reloader 17. 2550fps with a 300g TSX
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    120gr TTSX in 7x57

    I shoot the 120g TTSX from my 7 Rem Mag all the time at a modest 3250fps. I have taken well over a hundred red and roe deer out to 300 plus metres (350yards) and never lost a deer or recovered a bullet. Penetration is definitely not a problem.
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    .375 H&H for Elephant???

    Interesting thread… I bought 100 Norma factory cartridges in 375 H&H loaded with the 350 grain Woodleigh solid from an auction house at a good price. Am I right in thinking these are predominantly going to be designed for Elephant and Hippo rather than buff? I’m thinking of the risk of a shoot...
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    Historic Handguns on Safari / Shikar

    I used to use that exact model for humane destruction of farm animals. It was slightly modified as this picture shows
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    3 position safety on Remington 700

    Recknagel do a 3 position safety for a Rem 700
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    3 position safety on Remington 700

    My understanding is that the 2 position safeties only block the trigger from actuating so the sear is still engaged and is the only thing holding the firing pin from firing. A 3 position safety on the shroud takes up the spring tension and mechanically blocks the passage of the firing pin. It...
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    Nosler Ballistic Tip 140gr

    I used them years ago and found them a bit unpredictable. Some would explode and be very messy and others would pencil through and do little damage. Velocity and striking bone may have a lot to do with it. Can you not get hold of Peregrine and Rhino bullets - aren’t they made in RSA?
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    250gr TTSx and RL-17

    I just ran an incremental charge test with my 375 H&H using the 250g TTSX and Reloader 17 sold to me as its identical twin Reload Swiss RS60. I got velocities up to 2889fps when the primer flattened and I called it quits. I will check the charge weights in the morning
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    .416 Rem Mag Issue

    Rosin inside the rings?
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    What months of the year are too cold for snakes in RSA?
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    Barnes bullets in.30-06

    Interesting, we have limited our bullet weights to 150g in the 300WSM. How is your 308 with the 130g GS customs on impala etc
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    Barnes bullets in.30-06

    Interesting comments, my experience from talking to lots of people in the Uk as well as having shot a few hundred deer with the TSX and TTSX (my son and friends have each done something similar) is that they need a decent terminal velocity to work well. Using a 180g TSX in a small cased 308 is...
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    Barnes bullets in.30-06

    At home we shoot fairly large numbers of roe and red deer with the Barnes TTSX bullets and have done for over a decade. Most are shot with the 130g TTSX at 3050fps in the 308 and a fewer number with the 150g TTSX at 3250fps in a 300WSM. Very few deer make it more than a few metres and we would...
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    Barnes bullets in.30-06

    Just a question…Do you have access to a reliable chronograph? If you do that would provide really useful information. If you don’t have a chronograph I would suggest looking up the Optimum charge weight (OCW) load development method and follow that. Unfortunately the Quickload simulations can be...
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    Light Weight 458 Lott Bullets

    That’s a good idea, I’ll try them. Thanks for the help
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    Light Weight 458 Lott Bullets

    Hi Michael Thanks for the advice. I’m located in the UK. After Brexit the ability to ship from the US to UK seemed to stop as the normal courier services refuse to take anything firearms related so we currently struggle for things that are not frequently sold. For some reason I can get .375 and...
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    Light Weight 458 Lott Bullets

    Hi Michael Thanks for the advice. I’m located in the UK. After Brexit the ability to ship from the US to UK seemed to stop as the normal courier services refuse to take anything firearms related so we currently struggle for things that are not frequently sold. For some reason I can get .375 and...
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    Light Weight 458 Lott Bullets

    This is a reassuring thread as later this year I’m doing my first DG hunt with my son (Cape Buff cow). Bullet supply is truly dismal over here, but I got hold of 2 boxes of 450g TSX that are now doing 2214fps. I’m hoping that is good to go. I haven’t been able to get any solids other than some...
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    SOUTH AFRICA: CT Safaris - Amazing Experience

    This is perfectly timed for me as my family and I are due to visit Chris and Sabina later in the year. Thanks for the recommendation and congratulations on the successful safari!
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    Which BRNO ZKK-602?

    I have a 602 in 458 Win Mag and I like it very much but I would go with the 416 Rigby if I had to choose one or preferably both!!
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    Salient Knives from the UK ??

    Despite being from the UK and being aware of a lot of UK knife makers I have never come across Salient. Others that are worth looking up are Emberleaf, Guy Stainthorpe, Stuart Mitchell, Alan Wood and Peter Eaton. If I think of others I will add them later.
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    375 H&H for everything

    This has been a reassuring post as my first safari for a buff cow and PG is getting close. I have loaded my 300gTSX to 2550fps and have a 1.5-6 Zeiss Diavari on top and a 1.25-4 scope in separate rings as a spare. From everyone else’s comments this should work providing I do my bit I’m still...
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    Sidearm when rifle hunting?

    A question for rifle hunters worldwide. How common is it to carry a sidearm (pistol or revolver) as well as a rifle when you are hunting? I have recently seen a few hunting videos where the PH had a handgun of some sort on their belt as well as a rifle in their hands and it has raised the...
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    Now I got my new 500

    Truly stunning !!
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    Brno zkk 602 UK

    Same as the 3 position safety, American Hunting Rifles sell the single stage trigger and the 3 position safety for the ZKK602. The 3 position safety takes quite a lot of fitting to get proper function and is not a drop in part
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    Will a BRNO 602 action fit in a CZ 550 magnum stock?

    That looks fantastic, I would be very happy with the outcome if that were mine!
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    Pistol Reccomendation?

    Hi Alastair. My experiences with pistols date back a long time when the UK government confiscated our pistols back in 1997. I owned and shot the Glock 17 a lot and liked it. I always found that when I brought the pistol up from a low ready that the front sight was always way higher than I wanted...
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    Shortage of premium bullets

    In the UK there have been two new bullet makers set up recently that produce monometal bullets suitable for UK deer stalking. Whitetail would not be significantly different. They are called Virtus Precision and Yew Tree bullets. Both have websites. They may be able to post some component bullets...
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    Will a BRNO 602 action fit in a CZ 550 magnum stock?

    That is incredibly helpful thankyou very much, as was the reply by Shootist 43. I will get a B&C imported and go from there
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    Will a BRNO 602 action fit in a CZ 550 magnum stock?

    Hopefully a very simple question... Has anyone tried fitting an older BRNO ZKK 602 magnum action (458 Win Mag but that shouldn't make a difference) into a stock from a CZ550 Magnum? I am considering buying a Bell and Carlson American Safari stock but would like to know if it is feasible before...
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    Scope for a dangerous game rifle

    What do you guys think of the aimpoint scopes for a large rifle?
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    Did a little handgun shooting...

    I hope you passed