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  1. greyfox

    New guy from Florida

    Welcome, Originally from JAX but now in Savannah
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    So, I Was In The Loading Room Today...

    I've found, after 40+ years, it's best to wait until she is far away (out of hearing distance) before I make such demands!!
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    Good 350 legend options

    I have a Mossberg Partiot (about $400) leupold 350 legend scope (because well, just because..) Shot a management buck at about 60 yds. No complaints, I have no idea why the Mossberg is overlooked, but I think it's about the lowest priced rifle in 350 L? Mine's just over 1 inch at 100 with...
  4. greyfox

    New here from Ga

    I'm in Savannah, If I can be of assistance...
  5. greyfox

    7mm/.284" Projectiles

    Where are you located and prices? Interested in the 150 Noslers and Sierras.
  6. greyfox

    Can Someone Recommend A Taxidermist in The Southeast USA?

    Big tracks taxidermy in Greenboro GA : click on the African Animals, those are mine.
  7. greyfox

    Alaska hunt...

    My experience was opposite, I was stationed in Fairbanks many years ago, People came up and bought 300 win mags, saw how expensive hunting is, even for a resident, and sold those rifles CHEAP. One of my friend made a bunch of money buying and selling rifles. I used a 7mm, and I bought a...
  8. greyfox

    Moving to Florida- which rifle(s) and caliber(s)?

    I grew up in NE FL, now live in Coastal GA, For years I used my 7mmRM. Most shots were under 60 yds, you don't need a magnum for that. I got a 243 and absolutely love it! If I'm hunting power lines or large fields I use a 300 win mag because that's the rifle I feel the most comfortable...
  9. greyfox

    Delta just cancelled June 1 ATL to JNB flight

    Last summer, my daughter moved from California to Minnesota; I helped them and drove a car for them. Stopped along the way; Yellowstone, Mount Rushmore, Deadwood, But CUSTER BATTLE FIELD was closed!!! A field inthe middle of a prairie CLOSED. Also, I hear parts of the Appalaichian...
  10. greyfox

    Thoughts On Sako Fiberclass 375 H&H

    I own several SAKOs (older models) NEVER had any issues with triggers or ejection. For the right price, I'd jump on it. Not sure what the process is to get a rifle from NZ to RSA?
  11. greyfox

    Hello from Georgia

    Im on the other side of the State from you, welcome. PM inbound
  12. greyfox

    Hello from Georgia

    I'm in Savannah..
  13. greyfox

    Hunting In Texas

    Beautiful animal
  14. greyfox

    Is civil war possible in America

    I read an interesting piece on this: When the protesters go after Arlington, that's the spark. Then it's all "Americans" versus the anti-Americans.
  15. greyfox

    Building a .375 for extended use

    For a Garand, 06 to 35 whelen is just one step, 35 whelen to 375 is one step, shouldn't be an issue at all.....
  16. greyfox

    Rechambering of Rifle Actions?

    So, what did you end up doing??
  17. greyfox

    Lots Of RCBS Reloading Dies For Sale

    That photo make my shoulder ache.....
  18. greyfox

    Father/Daughter Safari v2.0

    Prices will go down. They're already dropping domestically, Internationally once this crises is over (By Thanksgiving I;m betting)
  19. greyfox

    Building a .375 for extended use

    I'm pretty sure that's why the 375 Steyr was designed and produced, 375 out of a standard action, lower recoil. Or go with a 375 Ruger, should run fine in a semi-auto. Feeding will require a little tweeking.
  20. greyfox

    What cartridge have you thought about the most, but never owned a rifle in it?

    17 Remington - this is not varmint country absolutely no "need for one here" 220 swift - same as above 250 Savage - I have a 243 that's a deer killing machine, just always wanted a 250 Savage or 257 Roberts 416 Taylor - Just because,,,
  21. greyfox

    Hello From Land of the Free Georgia, USA

    THere are a few of us n Georgia that are on this site, Where in GA are you? I'm near Savannah.
  22. greyfox

    Which .375 Rifle?

    SInce you already own a 550 I'd stick with that in a larger caliber - makes the transition easier and familiar. Think of it this way: If you've ever shot birds with a winchester, remington, mossberg, beretta and tried to switch guns: The controls are different and, when you're hunting...
  23. greyfox

    What are the best countries for hunting in Europe?

    My son was stationed in Germany, I went over one summer and we hunted Roe Deer in Poland. I fell in love with the country.
  24. greyfox

    New Zealand Hunt Firearm Import - safe storage requirement

    I'm sure (as a previous owner) that when you are offered a "free" service, making a purchase is much appreciated. We used to do free transfers for police/military; too many times the people would use our "free" service and leave, never to be seen again. The guys that bought a box of ammo...
  25. greyfox

    Best beginner brand/reloading kit for big rifle cartridges?

    I bought a RCBS kit years ago, used, for a great price. I suggest you look at Craigslist or whatever you have for local listings and try to get a kit. After a few batches, you'll know if there are any changes you wish to make.... Or find a local person who reloads and get their...
  26. greyfox

    Almost New Courteney Selous Boots For Sale

    My feet are funny too, then I reckon. Depending on the shoe/boot, I can go from 9.5 to 10.5. High arch and wide foot I reckon. I'd love to try a pair before I buy, just ot make sure I get it right the first time.
  27. greyfox

    Almost New Courteney Selous Boots For Sale

    Dang, I saw this too late, I'd bought them. did you sell them out right or return them?
  28. greyfox

    Hello From Georgia

    Where in Georgia are you? I'm in Savannah
  29. greyfox

    Free Range Barbary Sheep Backpack Hunt South Africa

    Sent an e-mail. Any other species? Mountain Reedbuck and or fallow deer available in the area?
  30. greyfox

    Travel Warning

    Just a way to get free stuff and to not be held accountable for your actions. Protest, burn then loot the walmart for shoes and CD's/games, go back to your parent's basement and enjoy your fantasy life.
  31. greyfox

    Cape Buffalo & Kudu Shoulder Mount For Sale

    Donate to local cabelas/bass Pro/gun shop. etc. May be a tax write off?
  32. greyfox

    375 zero distance

    100 yds dead on and a leupold 2.5X8, I can shoot 200-250 with no problem, beyond that, let's get closer and HUNT!! I had a 1.5X5 but as I got older, I feel like more power is helpful, Plus it helps to discern of I really have a clear shot or if something is between me and the vitals.
  33. greyfox

    Why a .375 in North America?

    Because this is AMERICA!! That's why!
  34. greyfox

    .270 vs .280

    Marketing, Plain and Simple - sell guns. a 308 will bounce off an animal but a '06 will drop them dead and a 300 mag will drop them and their brother even deader. No animal is going to take a shot from a 6mm/6.5/7mm/277/308 from a well constructed bullet, hitting in the vitals, traveling...
  35. greyfox


    Smart man RayB, If say 3/4 of the world's (that's right WORLD'S) population is dead, then those left alive need to ban together and build on their strengths. Rebuild, not continue to kill because someone wants what you have and vise versa. Food, shelter, medicine, PURIFIED water...
  36. greyfox


    PM me your address, I'll loan you my copies of the sequels.
  37. greyfox

    Barnes Original 375 H&H 350 gr

    Weight does nat cause "delayed kills" poor shot placement and or a poorly performing bullet does. If your rifle likes 350 gr Barnes, let her eat!!! Shoot them!! Enjoy!! Don't overthink it.
  38. greyfox

    300 Win Mag options?

    You don't NEED a 300 Win Mag; you NEED to talk to your PH and see what he recommends and thinks. Sad truth is in most of the Plains Game hunting , your standard "deer rifle" will be darn near perfect - despite what marketing and advertisers (and anonymous internet uses) tell us: 30 caliber...
  39. greyfox


    Bullthrower, I'm near Savannah, GA, Yeah prep for a hurricane and in case of Katrina - the civil unrest that follows, I can't imagine how bad it would be here, given the demographics,,, Houston did it right, good job... I used ot gunsmith and watched the shows thinking "What idiots" but...
  40. greyfox

    Nosler partition 160gr in the 7mm mag

    Take them, shoot them, enjoy YOUR safari and report back on your great adventure.
  41. greyfox


    Yeah, booze, DRUGS , caffeine and nicotine. Read One Second After - about an EMP strike. Great read. As far as guns and ammo, how many guns can you carry and how much ammo? Also, what about resupply. BAck when 22LR was so hard to get, people were convinced ammo would be currency.
  42. greyfox

    Which animal makes the most impressive taxidermy mount?

    Most impressive mount? Your wife/mother/girlfriend, etc. LOL Each is unique, what I like is looking at a mount and remembering the hunt, the shot, the work....
  43. greyfox


    Not a prepper, but would like to know where they are. I assume they will be the first to fall and leave behind a bunch of stuff I could use....... I am a fan of Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead - purely for entertainment.
  44. greyfox

    Greetings from Finland

    Finland: The Land of SAKO!!! Lucky you!
  45. greyfox

    Have to Cancel Our Africa Hunt-Vacation

    I'm (JOKINGLY) taking the opposite approach, I'll take your wife to Africa on your dime. That way, only one of you is disappointed!! Seriously, speedy recovery,,,,, Give you motivation !!!!
  46. greyfox

    What First Spurred Your Interest in Africa?

    When a young man who was dating my daughter came into the shop and said "You know we can hunt Africa for 3 grand?" of course, he backed out, I hunted and it was more than $3K.
  47. greyfox

    Sako/Colt pawn shop find

    Where are you located? I ran across a SAKO AII 243 last week at an auction - got it for a good price - not a great price. Anyways, I have a Boyd's laminate, glassed that the action should fit no problems - if you're interested? PM me.
  48. greyfox

    Recommendations On Rifle For My Wife

    Off subject, but where was she stationed and what was her MOS? I'm retired Army, yeah we shot a lot of weapons and calibers however there is a HUGE difference between military and sporting. Just think of the WWII Mausers and then what people did with them after the war. Some really nice...
  49. greyfox

    Recommendations On Rifle For My Wife

    Fastrig - I used to be in the business. Depending on your wife's size, look at the Mossberg Youth Models. MOST of the ladies I helped purchase a rifle and some I taught to shoot, all seemed to prefer a youth model over a "ladies" model. It just fit them better. The Mossberg is a lot of rifle...
  50. greyfox

    For Sale Custom 416 Taylor On Remington 700 - Houston

    Toby, Are you native Georgia or Southern? You've just admitted to breaking the Redneck Rule: When you acquire a new (to you) firearm, you MUST fire it before taking into your primary domicile or placing it in sotage (cabinet, safe, locker, etc...). That's the law; it's also why so many...