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  1. zephyr

    Body Shots On Elephant (Does Caliber Really Matter?)

    One of the many tests Michael458 did while testing CEB bullets was pressure testing barrels as various bullets were fired using a 470NE. At that time OSR (outside rifling) was all the talk and conventional wisdom was blaming it on Mono-metal bullets. His findings were what led me to use CEB's...
  2. zephyr

    Tony Sanchez Arino's "Great African Calibers"

    If I remember correctly he and Wolfgang Romney wildcatted his 500J from a rebated case rim to a rimless case
  3. zephyr

    Body Shots On Elephant (Does Caliber Really Matter?)

    Toby 458 CEB's have been my first choice of bullet the last three trips. 400H&H 400gr Solid and 370gr Raptor 2400fps.. Buff and Eland 450NE 480gr Solid and 450 Raptor 250fps ..Buff, Ele and Wildebeeste (Frontal Brain) 505 Gibbs 525gr Solid 485gr Raptor 2300fps.. Buff, Ele (Side Brian) and Bush Pig
  4. zephyr

    .416 Rem bullet for Cape Buffalo

    If in todays market you are having diffulculties finding your bullet of choice ... Do not over look CEB's. Have shot all of my African Buffalo with CEB Raptor's 400H&H, 450NE, 458 Lott and 505 Gibbs Would I hunt this bullet if I was in Mozambique probably not as every bullet was a pass...
  5. zephyr

    My new sniper rifle

    Very cool that you now have that memory of your father's 22 in your hand Well Done
  6. zephyr

    Rifle case for Africa

    TuffPak .... Has carried my Rifles and Shotguns all over the World
  7. zephyr

    Hornady DGS for Elephant

    Do you reload ??
  8. zephyr

    Who Buys Their Own Blanks

    Buy my own, last a stick of bastogne from Cecil Fredi in Las Vegas
  9. zephyr

    M70 safari express rechamber to 416 Rigby 416 Rigbys found on Guns International
  10. zephyr

    Zimbabwe Recommendations

    Roger Whittall have hunted with them 3x
  11. zephyr

    Breaking in a tight new double rifle

    I would really hate to see you take any metal off any part of your gun whether polishing or using a rouge.. What Kevin Said .......Or.... Try this; When opening the gun, if right handed grasp the grip with your right hand and push the side lever open with your right thumb put your left hand on...
  12. zephyr

    .470NE 500gr Solids On Sale

    Modern Bullets and old Barrels ... Pressure testing by Michael McCorry found that Bore Riding bullets like CEB Solids and Raptors show the least amount of pressure when running down a barrel... Bullets with relieve grooves next most pressure see Northfork and Barnes. Highest pressures, solid...
  13. zephyr

    Plastic boxes for 450#2??

    Works for my 450NE and 505 Gibbs
  14. zephyr

    Ruger safari magnum. Good, Bad and Ugly?

    Is the Ruger RSM different from the Rifles described in this report... "Then we come to one that surprises me. Ruger. The early Ruger M77's with the non rotating claw...
  15. zephyr

    Custom stock dimensions?

    How tall are you how much do you weigh will you be hunting in warm or cold weather with this rifle
  16. zephyr

    470 or 450/500 ammo?

    have you looked at a 450NE, ammo to be found and using a 458 dia bullet lots of choices in bullets little or no difference in ballistics and if properly built a handier rifle to carry and shoot
  17. zephyr

    Why lighter in a larger bore

    If you're choosing to use your .40 in North America and want to use it for Moose Elk Bear or ground hog Can't see any reason why working up a 300gr load and sighting the gun in would a problem. When the .40 is Africa bound and a 400gr Bullet is desired just a few minutes on the range is needed...
  18. zephyr

    Why lighter in a larger bore

    I been following this post trying to come up with a suitable response for Pheroze's query and the best I can do is "Why Not".
  19. zephyr

    Red Dot & RMR Sights For Dangerous Game Rifles

    At 65 I am still able to see and use Iron Sights.. I realize that Red dots can/may be faster and more accurate but, as a traditionalist I struggle with the need. ...IF... down the road my eyes start to fail me I think this product by Docter/Noblex optics sits extremely low and would have the...
  20. zephyr

    The Ultimate Dry Fire Exercise?

    gotta a burn pile with about 2 feet of snow in it if you would like to provide an accelerant
  21. zephyr

    Comment by 'zephyr' in media 'Jim Bensinger Ruination Bowie Knife'

    I think you are referring to the reflecting of a poor and hastily taken photo
  22. Jim Bensinger Ruination Bowie Knife

    Jim Bensinger Ruination Bowie Knife

  23. zephyr

    Gorgeous Custom Bowie

    Not to hijack your thread here is a Jim Bensinger Ruination Bowie that found it's way to my gun room
  24. 1903 Gibbs 450 NE Double Rifle

    1903 Gibbs 450 NE Double Rifle

    28 Inch Barrels
  25. zephyr

    Double addicted

    1903 Gibbs 450 NE 28" Barrels
  26. zephyr

    Would you hunt with it?

    sorry no pics attached ... What is a Fed 216 primer
  27. zephyr

    Double addicted

    Open sights 100m Fortunate to be able to still shoot open sights at 65
  28. zephyr

    Double addicted

    A cool hunt with my Double
  29. zephyr

    Double addicted

    Kevin help me out "FOB"?
  30. zephyr

    Double addicted

    1903 Gibbs 450NE 28" Barrels Same Rifle little less wear and tear
  31. zephyr

    Cast Bullet and Trail Boss loads in my .458 Win Mag

    Terry Wieland in his book "Dangerous Game Rifles" is a big fan of 5744 for reduced loads. You find the load the same way as with TrailBoss except with 5744 the multiplier is .40
  32. zephyr

    Cast Bullet and Trail Boss loads in my .458 Win Mag

    Graeme Wright found out the compressing Trail Boss was not to be done
  33. zephyr

    Loading/Range Report W.J. Jeffery 475 No 2 Jeffery

    Have you checked with Hawk Bullets to see if they have any 483 in stock
  34. zephyr

    Loading/Range Report W.J. Jeffery 475 No 2 Jeffery

    This last August I hunted with Peter Wood and Roger Whittall Safari on the Save Conservancy Peter carries a lovely Watson 475#2
  35. zephyr

    Loading/Range Report W.J. Jeffery 475 No 2 Jeffery

    The Kynoch bullets shown have Heel cannelures which were used for the typical Kynoch Stab Crimp.. In Graeme Wright's book "Shooting ther British Double Rifle" He has 480grn loads for the 475#2 .. RL 15 105grs foam filler 2180fps IMR 4831 115grs foam filler 2200fps
  36. zephyr

    Cast Bullet and Trail Boss loads in my .458 Win Mag

    here is the recommended method for determining your reduced load using Trail Boss
  37. zephyr

    What are the toughest plains game animals??

    what have we found out ...IF.... in a alternate world you are able to shoot the same animal 10 different times in the same spot with the same rifle and load you would get 10 different responses.
  38. zephyr

    Ive gone and done it again. Bought another rifle

    I have an extra set of 25-20 dies if your interested
  39. zephyr

    Westley Richards in 476 WR

    Was that rifle at DSC? A friend that went was talking about it.... Is it a Drop Lock??
  40. zephyr

    Heym Express Rifle Which Calibre?

    will this Rifle be Scoped or Iron sights
  41. zephyr

    Candace Owens hunts in Africa

    is there a link to her blog ?
  42. zephyr

    Going Back To Zimbabwe In 2023!

    Very excited for you, a Buffalo, Tuskless is a great hunt did the very same on the Save this past August with Roger Whittall Safaris. CEB Solids for the Tuskless and Raptors for the Buff, both animals were one and done. This is my third trip to Africa with CEB Bullets and their performance...
  43. zephyr

    Sensory Overload

    The other thing you get in a good English Box Lock are intercepting Sears
  44. zephyr

    Sensory Overload

    There are many used English Double Rifles on the market that should be considered in your quest for a Double
  45. zephyr

    Why all the 6.5 Creedmoor Hate?

    Why the 6.5 Creedmore hate? ?? Don't look good in a Man Bun
  46. zephyr

    Rifles over .50 caliber

    Aug took my 505 Gibbs to Zim
  47. zephyr

    505 gibbs load suggestion

    Why Foam Fillers One of my main concerns when stepping up to the 505 from my 450NE and 458 Lott was managing the Rifle's recoil and more importantly managing the Time in recoil. For managing the recoil I was happy with the Rifles weigh and Fit the Powder charge was next.... I used the Woodleigh...
  48. zephyr

    Black Bear Hunt Recommendations

    Hunted with Darren DeLuca this past spring very enjoyable hunt
  49. zephyr

    505 gibbs load suggestion

    This August past shot a Buff with the 485 Raptor and a Cow Ele with a 525 Solid each was one an done ... Have shot numerous DG with CEB bullets out of my 400H&H, 450NE and 458 Lott now my 505 Gibbs very happy with their results. Very happy with the RL15 next powder choice would have been H4350...
  50. zephyr

    505 gibbs load suggestion

    Here is a recoil calculator to help you along you will see that powder choice can make a big difference in felt recoil When loading for my 505 Gibbs (11 lbs empty) shooting 525gr CEB Solids and 485gr Raptors at 2300fps I chose RL15 to keep...