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  1. thi9elsp

    Rifle case for Africa

    @Fixfire I put my soft cases and my aluminum ammo case into a medium duffle along with clothes that is my checked bag and carry on a C-ruck and small duffle for meds, pc, etc.
  2. thi9elsp

    Fishing Australia Gold Coast

    Nice catches. Is your Spanish mackerel the same as a Wahoo here? My wife caught her first keeper cobia last year in the Gulf of Mexico off of the Florida coast north of Tampa. Our minimum length is 35" to the fork. Do you have size restrictions in your area?
  3. thi9elsp

    Tropical Cyclone hits Mozambique March 2023

    It's made a second landfall in Mozambique after going across Madagascar. Fortunately, the winds were lower at landfall vs. when Freddy was east of Madagascar. Looks like damn at Cahora Bassa is holding back water to help reduce downstream flooding. 8" plus rain predicted for Sofala and Niassa...
  4. thi9elsp

    Greetings from Florida

    Welcome! I used to live in Windermere / Winter Garden area. I now live in Hernando Beach - Highway 50 west until you hit water - just past the mermaids. Do you have some photos to share of your rabbit hole purchases?!
  5. thi9elsp

    FEMALE Specific hunting clothes and other gear

    My wife was able to buy She Safari when it was around. Not sure if She Outdoor Apparel is an offshoot or not. She purchase Tag Safari clothes. She was happy with both but felt the She Safari was better quality. There might be lightly used on POSHMARK or eBay.
  6. thi9elsp

    Hot weather day pack & socks?- Real world advice

    I used Thorlo's lightweight hikers and Merrill mid-hikers for both of my safaris. September in Zimbabwe and late October / early November in Mozambique. As, well, I use the same for just staying in shape here in Florida all year round. I've had a Red Oxx C-ruck I use as well for simple day...
  7. thi9elsp

    Dealing with wounded Cape buffalo

    As a hunter, not PH, I have hunted buffalo twice using a 375 H&H. My agreement with both PHs was if after my shot they had any concerns they could use their judgement in doing a quick follow up. In both cases, neither PH had to do that. In Zimbabwe the PH had a 458 Lott bolt action. I shot...
  8. thi9elsp

    Chess piece sable mount

    Here's a link to the thread when the taxidermist completed the mount. He no longer is doing any work.
  9. thi9elsp

    Chess piece sable mount

    I felt the same way and combined a zebra chess piece mount with the sable. I wouldn't change anything.
  10. thi9elsp

    Leopard Hunt In The Coastal Forests Of Mozambique With PANTHER TRACKERS

    I clicked the link for your website which lists all in price of $23,900 with similar terms as detailed in your post. Why the difference? Do you have another website, Facebook page, etc. with more information on your operations, etc.? Thanks, John
  11. thi9elsp

    Hunting Outfitter in WYOMING

    Boy, you are making an old guy try to remember 10 years ago? I just looked at google maps and tried to find the camp to no avail. I saw Mink Creek you reference. We left camp and the corrals and headed back the incoming trail then turned left and worked small meadows on our way uphill. My...
  12. thi9elsp

    'Add to Cart', best invention ever!

    2016 DSC Auction, I low balled a Mozambique Safari online and hit enter bid figuring the bidding would go substantially higher. Less than 5 seconds later. "You've Won!" WTF???!!! Did I just do. It was an amazing hunt with a great PH. Oh, I didn't wake Ann up to tell her. I waited until the...
  13. thi9elsp

    Hunting Outfitter in WYOMING

    Here's a couple photos to wet your appetite. I suspect that @CM McKenzie and @TERMINATOR have similar photos from hunting the Thoroughfare. I shot my elk a 1 1/2 hour ride up and over steep ridges from camp. It took Harold Turner 2 1/2 hours to get to us with the pack mules. And it took us 3...
  14. thi9elsp

    Hunting Outfitter in WYOMING

    I hunted with Triangle X out of Teton Valley. They have been hunting since purchasing their ranch in the 1920's. It's a bit of a ride to get into camp near Two Oceans Pass and the Pacific Creek but well worth it. I hunted 1 on 1. The other one my brother, he was the...
  15. thi9elsp

    Americans Not Taking Paid Vacations

    I started taking my Africa, Europe, New Zealand vacations and telling my bosses I wouldn't have cell phone reception. That was in 2011 and our trip to Zimbabwe. Surprisingly, everything that needed to get done while I was gone got done, and when I got back, I addressed whatever was urgent...
  16. thi9elsp

    Granite Mountain Arms .404 Jeffery - Range Report

    Great looking rifle and shoots great. What else could anyone ask for? Congratulations. Now, for first blood! ;-)
  17. thi9elsp


    That is a beautiful shield and display.
  18. thi9elsp

    The big, bad 375... isn't?

    I am like others in my experience. My Browning X-bolt 30-06 seems to kick as hard as my CZ500 in 375 H&H. I am in the camp that the weight is the factor. A few years after buying my 375 H&H, I bought a CZ550 in 404J. And, yes the kick is demonstrably stronger. I believe others have...
  19. thi9elsp

    River Monsters Of The Kunene River In Namibia

    Enjoyed the photographs. Thanks for sharing. Does one drive from Windhoek to the area? Seems like Etosha could be along the way for a visit there too.
  20. thi9elsp

    How much cash do you bring?

    2011 Zimbabwe, about $3,500 split between my wife's and my money belts. With some in front pocket. That was for emergency and tips for PH and Staff. 2016 Mozambique, about $2,000 again split between money belts. But, in this instance, the outfitter was also the PH as it was a single...
  21. thi9elsp

    Aggressive tourism a problem for wildlife

    I can't imagine how as a tourist someone would actually enjoy that experience. Isn't there a problem with invasive plant species due to the tour companies planting non-native plants that 'look pretty' around their lodges? I can't imagine ever going to visit those parks in that atmosphere.
  22. thi9elsp

    Cape buffalo with a Spear anyone?

    Didn't, Don't the Maasai hunt lions with spears? So, why would it be wrong for this guy to hunt with a spear? If one doesn't want to watch the video, don't. But, I don't get bashing the guy for doing it.
  23. thi9elsp

    Cape Buffalo Hunt with Marromeu Safaris in Mozambique's Coutada 10

    It was fun to ride along. Great job hunting and videoing. Thank you for sharing.
  24. thi9elsp

    How do you determine what to have mounted and what type of mount?

    If there was something extra special about the hunt, the animal, etc. I did mounts. Elk (scored >340), Cinnamon black bear (Alaska coastal, squared 7'4"), Himalayan Tahr (stuck 2 1/2 days on mountainside in gale force winds). Kudu, long tracking job. Zebra and Sable - I wanted a combination...
  25. thi9elsp

    Buffalo or hippo on land

    I can't provide any input on hippo. However, after two buffalo hunts which both included days and days of tracking, stalking through grasses above your head, circling around dense bamboo, finding where they bedded, busted by wind, listening to them bang their horns against trees as they depart...
  26. thi9elsp

    Well boys, what's your temperature like now?

    From niece in Powell, WY this morning. While I sit here in Florida chilling as we wait for our low 30's and low 20's wind chills this weekend. '-)
  27. thi9elsp

    Zambia hunting adventure with Limcroma Safaris

    Very well done video. Thank you for sharing.
  28. thi9elsp

    Argentina Football World Champion Qatar 2022.....!!!!

    Great Match and congratulations to Argentina!
  29. thi9elsp

    WANTED: Husband Hunt Non Hunting Wife Enjoyment

    @Tanks You reminded me on the first safari to Zimbabwe. Ann was fine with the first two - buffalo and bushbuck. However, my 3rd animal - Impala was different. The PH, trackers and I are High-fiving standing by the impala. Ann walks up, camera in hand, and in her most serious and sad voice...
  30. thi9elsp

    WANTED: Husband Hunt Non Hunting Wife Enjoyment

    Ann went with me to both Zimbabwe and Mozambique and when we went to New Zealand she was along on the hunting portion there too. Zimbabwe - We did 10 days hunting followed by 2 days fishing on the Zambezi (she's a fishing nut). We bought a really good DSLR Camera and she took 3200 photos over...
  31. thi9elsp

    Headed to Scotland Fall 2023

    I'll be interested in the responses as my wife and I have talked about at similar trip in a few years.
  32. thi9elsp

    What we have done lately for wildlife

    Amazing how quickly the animals show. Thanks for sharing.
  33. thi9elsp

    A funny on FB, about this site, kinda sorta...

    I'm on FB but as others only to stay connected with family and friends. As to negative thoughts on AH and / or negative reports. I traveled for 25 years and had the attitude with airlines, hotels, rental cars and restaurants: "I expected a problem might arise. I also expected the vendor to...
  34. thi9elsp

    Prayers for Mark

    Praying for your recovery and comfort.
  35. thi9elsp

    ZAMBIA: Kantanta Safaris - 10 Days In The Luangwa Valley

    @Graham Hunter Even more proof I need my sign! Thanks for correcting. ;-0
  36. thi9elsp

    ZAMBIA: Kantanta Safaris - 10 Days In The Luangwa Valley

    You've reminded me of my trip to Zimbabwe in 2011. The last two days were at Tafika Fishing Camp. Camp manager told us that hyenas and a lion pride come through at night. So, stay in your hut. The second night we have an elephant feeding on the tree next to our patio so I take pictures from...
  37. thi9elsp

    ZAMBIA: Kantanta Safaris - 10 Days In The Luangwa Valley

    What a great hunt and result. Up and down the hills. I too am amazed how the trackers follow in rocky terrain. Congratulations.
  38. thi9elsp

    Which CZ550?

    Buy the 375 and 458 and sell your Ruger.
  39. thi9elsp

    ZAMBIA: Kantanta Safaris - 10 Days In The Luangwa Valley

    I've missed my share too when in Mozambique. It makes the successful ones even sweeter.
  40. thi9elsp

    AH Members Willing To Bare It All?

    My first whitetail buck on my own. Shot, missed. Fortunately, it only ran ten yards and stopped. Dropped him with the second. Impala broadside at 150 yards - saw the dirt kick up by its feet in Zimbabwe. Waterbuck, sable and warthog in Mozambique. Warthog was the most frustrating. Its...
  41. thi9elsp

    Euro shield

    Looks great. That is taking "enjoy the planning" to a whole new level!
  42. thi9elsp

    ZAMBIA: Kantanta Safaris - 10 Days In The Luangwa Valley

    A continued grand adventure. I made the mistake of reading the latest Tuesday morning US time. So, I try to limit my toasts until 5 pm. I will send one your way later today!
  43. thi9elsp

    Calibers that make your Professional Hunter shudder

    I don't know what a PH would or would not like. I suspect as others have said, a rifle the hunter is proficient with and make clean kills. As an aside, my PH in Mozambique used a Weatherby 460 as back up to me for buffalo. He was very proficient.
  44. thi9elsp

    Overserved, but happy as hell to escape tyranny

    Congratulations. It's a perfect way to thumb your nose at the naysayers so long ago. I used similar location criteria in 2008 but wanted saltwater access. One hour to Tampa airport, two hours to Orlando airport and the price on a canal with direct access is 1/3 vs. Clearwater and other Tampa...
  45. thi9elsp

    ZIMBABWE: Mixed Bag In Matetsi With The Kids - A Short Trip Report

    Fun trip and exposing the kids to another country and hunting. It doesn't get any better than that.
  46. thi9elsp

    Drinks that remind you of Africa

    Anything with alcohol in it?! Daily I can't get Africa off my mind. ;-)
  47. thi9elsp

    ZAMBIA: Kantanta Safaris - 10 Days In The Luangwa Valley

    Congratulations. Looking forward to traveling along!
  48. thi9elsp

    What do you want Santa to bring?

    Continued good health, resolution of elder parent issues, and a stock market rebound of 10%. Oh, most importantly, ammunition supplies to catch up to demand.
  49. thi9elsp

    Survey do you tip the owner if he is your Professional Hunter?

    My PH in Mozambique was also the owner of the lease. In my mind, it would have been improper not to tip him for his effort performing as the PH. All of his 'owner' work was done at night after dinner and we were off to bed.