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  1. stug

    Start to my 09 argentine mauser 9.3x62 build

    Looks like a good project. My 9.3x62 Mauser is a lovely handling rifle. I shoot the 286gr prvi projectile at 2250fps. It has more than enough power for and deer sized creature.
  2. .303 Jungle Carbin Rifle

    .303 Jungle Carbin Rifle

    Deer Hunt
  3. stug

    Memories of the .303 Lee Enfield

    I was in to photography back then. Using blacks and white meant I could develop my own pictures.
  4. stug

    Memories of the .303 Lee Enfield

    Shot my first deer with a .303 Jungle Carbine back in 1987.
  5. stug

    New to me ZG47 9.3×62

    Classic model and calibre, well done.
  6. stug

    Who uses a 303?

    I shot my first deer with a Jungle Carbine .303 back in 1987.
  7. stug

    Grumpy knifemaker

    Once again the Government is doing their utmost to put small business out of business with ridiculous compliance costs.
  8. stug

    The wanderings of an elephant hunter ,free book archive,org

    They also have most of Jim Corbett’s books
  9. stug

    Blaser K95 Stutzen question

    The schnabel on the end of the fore-end is designed so that the rifle does not slip off a bag or such when resting the rifle over it. I personally would not rest straight on a hard surface.
  10. stug

    New Zealand Prime Minister Says Borders Closed 2021

    Unfortunately our government doesn’t seem to have a plan in relation to COVID apart from keep the borders closed. They have not announced any strategies of when and how the borders will be opened. Makes it hard to plan.
  11. stug

    Tahr Eradication Plan - New Zealand

    Tahr culling is still taking place, as expected but the emphasis is not eradication. There is better consultation with hunters etc. Inside the relevant national parks all tahr are targeted. Outside of national parks nannies are targeted and bulls are left alone. Doc are posting maps of where...
  12. K95 in 7x65R Rifle

    K95 in 7x65R Rifle

  13. stug

    Show us your Blaser

    Here is mine, K95 in 7x65R.
  14. stug

    Krieghoff Hubertus .30 R Blaser

    I have a Blaser K95 in 7x65R, it is awesome. Great ballistics and a nice sized cartridge for medium game. I’ve got a 160gr going 2750fps. Shot red deer out to 390yds with it. It is very accurate, 3.5” group at 500yds. Personally I wouldn’t do a 30R in a light rifle. The 7x65R is getting up there...
  15. stug

    Going Back To Open Sights

    Unfortunately no, a young family and having 8 horses have sucked up all the spare cash. I will just have to keep dreaming.
  16. stug

    Reloading for a 9.3x62?

    I have a 1925 Mauser Onerndorf in 9.3x62. I’m using the 286 prvi bullet. 56gr ADI 2208 (same powder as Varget) gives about 2200 FPS and shoots ok with my sights. I have the sliding style rear sights rather than the folding leafs. On the lowest setting it is dead on for 100yds. One notch/click up...
  17. stug

    New Zealand members?

    I’m from just out of Christchurch.
  18. stug

    Tahr Eradication Plan - New Zealand

    @K-man there are no limits on tahr shooting, apart from what your guide put on you. In NZ there are no licences or tags needed to shoot any tahr, deer, chamois or pigs. If you wanted you could legally shoot 100 tahr of any sex anytime you wanted. There are no seasons for game animals in NZ...
  19. stug

    Tahr Eradication Plan - New Zealand

    If you are an experienced mountain hunter you could hunt tahr and chamois by yourself without a guide. You could probably do 2 or 3 trips for the cost of one guided hunt.
  20. stug

    Tahr Eradication Plan - New Zealand

    Hunters in NZ agree that the tahr need to be culled to keep numbers compatible with the environment. The problem is no one has done a proper survey to see how many are actually there. The last estimate by the Department of Conservation was 17-50,000 so they settled on 35,000. 15,000 were...
  21. stug

    Gun control in Kiwiland

    Down here in NZ the popular criminal firearms were sawn off double barrel shotguns and .22lr rifles. The odd crime had an old revolver. in the last few years Australia has been deporting NZ born crimes back to NZ. They have brought with them a much greater incidence of using firearms. The...
  22. stug

    404 Jeffery dies

    I’m using Norma cases.
  23. stug

    404 Jeffery dies

    I have the Hornady dies, seem to work fine.
  24. stug

    .303 British, good for nothing or classic African cartridge?

    I shot my first deer with an open sighted .303 Jungle Carbine. Did the job well. Plenty of deer and pigs have been shot in NZ with the .303. Mainly because it was the only rifle/caliber available. Pondoro Taylor didn’t rate it very highly as an African caliber.
  25. stug

    For Sale .450 Rigby CZ 550

    Nice, I’ve been fortunate to fire a similar rifle. Only one shot though. I watched the owner shoot it prone, off a bipod. He was pounding a steel plate at 200 yds with it. A combination of 350gr(?) Flexi tips and 500gr rounds.
  26. stug

    ALASKA: Frog Morton Hunts Brown Bear

    Nicely written, congratulations!
  27. stug

    Difference between the 450/400 and the .450 3¼

    John Pondoro Taylor stated in his African Cartridges book that if he could only have one rifle it would be a 450/400.
  28. stug

    Carbon Fibre Stocks

    I made the stug/sggunstocks carbon fibre stocks. I’ve pretty much stopped due to the proposed changes in firearms legislation in NZ. That and freight companies being very difficult to work with. Carbon fibre is definitely the way to go if you want a light weight rifle. Depending on the stock you...
  29. stug

    New Zealand borders closing 11:59pm 3/19/2020

    Maybe the price of stags will come down to a point where I could afford one.
  30. stug

    New Zealand borders closing 11:59pm 3/19/2020

    NZ government just announced the border will close tonight to everyone except NZ citizens and permanent residents. If you hadn't already cancelled your hunting trip you had better get in touch with your outfitter/agent.
  31. stug


    New Zealand just announced our borders are closing as of 11:59pm tonight to everyone except NZ citizens and permanent residents.
  32. stug

    7x64 Brenneke - Opinions

    I shoot the 162 a-max at 2750fps in my Blaser K95 7x65R. It shoots and kills really well. Load is 56.5gr of ADI 2213sc. Pretty sure the powder is the same as H4831sc. I also use the 160 Accubond at 2700fps for closer range shots.
  33. stug

    Jim Corbett Collection Now Complete

    A lot of Corbett’s. like are available as a down load from
  34. stug

    7mm rifles, whats your thoughts, favourites

    I’ve had a few 7mm’S over the years. In order 7mm Rem Mag, 7/08, 7RUM, 7x57 and 7x65R Still got the 7/08 and 7x65R. Like the balance of ballistic ability and lower recoil. The 7mm mag is an awesome mountain cartridge.
  35. stug

    7x64 Brenneke - Opinions

    I have a 7x65R which is nearly a twin of the 7x64. So far I’ve shot 5 red deer from about 70-390 yds. Used either a 160 accubond or a 162 a-max. I’m pretty impressed with the capabilities of the round.
  36. stug

    SOUTH AFRICA: Fantastic Adventure With Chris Troskie Safaris!

    Looks like a fantastic trip. That Kudu is an absolute stud!
  37. stug

    Air New Zealand SALE

    Remember our firearms laws have changed recently. You can still bring your own firearm, but need an NZ licence holder to “sponsor” you a d you need to apply for your visitors firearms licence several months in advance.
  38. stug

    7x65r anyone?

    I too have a Blaser K95 in 7x65R. I use 160gr projectiles and have good kills from about 70yds to 390yds on Red deer.
  39. stug

    A different rifle, Kipplauf, when one shot is all you need

    I have a Blaser K95 standard model in 7x65R with a Leupold Vx6 2-12x42 scope on it. I love it!! Most of my hunting is open tops mountain hunting, hence the 7x65R. The last two deer I shot with it were at 360 and 390 yds. I break it apart and strap to my pack for the walk in then reassemble to...
  40. stug

    SOUTH AFRICA: Kalahari Buffalo 2019

    Looking forward to the rest of the report
  41. stug

    Need advice - mountain calibre for single shot rifle

    I have a Blaser K95 in 7x65R topped with a Leupold VX 6 2-12x42. The last two deer I've shot have been at 360 and 390 yds. I'm shooting a 162 amax at 2750fps. I've shot a 3.5" group at 550yds and hit a 5litre oil container at 940yds with it. With the K95 or similar you don't need to worry...
  42. stug

    SOUTH AFRICA: Kalahari Buffalo/Lion/Plains Game Hunt 2019

    Some nice trophies so far, looking forward to the rest.
  43. stug

    Mauser Magnum M98 .416 Rigby for Roe deer video

    Pretty sure in that video or another one he explains he is using the .416 because he wants to practice with the rifle before he goes to Africa hunting buffalo.
  44. stug

    What do you pay for a silencer in your country

    NZ made ones are NZ$3-400 fitted. Can get Atec for NZ$600-800.
  45. stug

    Lee Enfield Sporter

    Very nice! I've got a soft spot for Lee Enfields, shot my first deer with one, although it was a Jungle Carbine.
  46. stug

    Longer shots 9.3x62

    Somewhere on YouTube there is a video of a kudu being shot at 3-400 yds with a 9.3x62. I think you are on the right track with the 250 accubond for that kind of shot. Just check how much velocity is left at 300 to make sure the projectile will expand. Otherwise the 270gr Speer is one of the...
  47. stug

    Rutting Tahr

    Amazing, just like a real one. You would need to mount near a fan so it looked like the wind was ruffling it. Most taxidermists can't get the mane to stand up like that.
  48. stug

    Silencer/Moderator Use

    I had my 7/08 suppressed a few years ago when my daughters started hunting. I chopped the barrel at 18" and shoot 110gr TTSX or 125gr NBT. The noise and recoil reduction make a big difference for the kids. I have a 308 I'm about to suppress because I will use it with my indicating dog that I am...
  49. stug

    Bull Tahr wall pedestal mount

    Nice bull and mount. It's getting pretty crowded in that room!