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  1. Pierre DUFFORT

    Mountain rifle

    I on a K3 in 270 Winchester, Iwill never sell it !
  2. Pierre DUFFORT

    9.3x62 book

    Had mine last week. Still a few pages to read. It is à must have for 9.3x62 lovers. The best book I have read for ages. Buy it and you will love it!
  3. Pierre DUFFORT

    3 Cartridge to Hunt Worldwide

    7x64 8x68 9.3x62
  4. Pierre DUFFORT

    Thoughts: A rifle battery for a 28 day Safari hunt...

    ZKK 600 7x64 Sako 85 9.3x62 Original Mauser action 404 Jeffery
  5. Pierre DUFFORT

    9.3x62 plains game

  6. Pierre DUFFORT

    9.3x62 plains game

    I would bring the 9.3x62. First because most rifles in this caliber are handy, have short barrels, quite light compared to magnum rifles, cause little meat damage and also......lighter recoil. But its real advantage is its "killing power". Don't ask me to explain or demonstrate. This is just my...
  7. Pierre DUFFORT

    Is there a perfect plains game calibre?

    9.3x62 does everything you need with modern bullets. If not convinced, take a 8x68S or 300 W Mag, but they has a narrower spentrum of efficiency. Just my opinion, probably because my two 9.3x62 fit me perfectly.
  8. Pierre DUFFORT

    Norma VULKAN or ORYX?

    I use Oryx in my 8x57 js for almost everything form fox to wildebeest, and it works perfectly. I think the moderate velocity is what this bullet design needs to give the best of itself. The Vulcan is used here for driven hunt at short distance, working well on wild boar.
  9. Merkel K3 270 Winchester Rifle Octogonal barrel with a Swarovski Z6 i 3-13X50.

    Merkel K3 270 Winchester Rifle Octogonal barrel with a Swarovski Z6 i 3-13X50.

  10. Pierre DUFFORT

    Mountain rifle combination - Request for opinions

    My combination, Merkel K3 270 Winchester octogonal barrel with a Swarovski Z6 i 3-13X50.
  11. Pierre DUFFORT

    Top three African calibers

    All 3 are in my safe, sorry!
  12. Pierre DUFFORT

    Top three African calibers

    22 9.3x62 404 Jeffery All 6 are in my sa femme.
  13. Pierre DUFFORT

    Thoughts on the 9.3 x 62 Mauser

    I own two 9.3x62. One, you could compare to your FN, is an Obendorf built in 1914 (family herloom). Great rifle, light and handy. No scope on it, just wonderfull. I use it with Norma Oryx 285 gr which is just perfect on medium/heavy size animals. The other one is a Sako 85, with two scopes...
  14. Pierre DUFFORT

    Hello from South of France

    Very impressed by the content of the site. I'm a hunting fanatic. Good news, hunting season opens next Sunday here. Pierre.