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  1. Al Burke

    Factory “Fancy Grade” CZ550 Stock

    I will take it. PM sent.
  2. Al Burke

    378 Weatherby Magnum Barrel For Sale

    Looks like a factory Weatherby barrel to me based on the lettering and recoil lug. Not 100% sure though. Good luck with the sale.
  3. Al Burke

    Bullets For Sale 9.3mm, 7mm, 6.5mm & 270

    I will take the 7mm 175gr Swift Aframes. Sending PM.
  4. Al Burke

    fast twist 270 Winchester

    I just received my McGowen 1:8" twist .270 barrel. I will be having my gunsmith throat the rifle for the 170gr Berger EOL Elite Hunter bullet. The problem I have discovered is actually obtaining any of the Berger bullets. I have had very good success with the .284 180gr Berger VLD and I expect...
  5. Al Burke

    Misc Big Bore Components For Sale

    I will take the 2 boxes of 450-400 Woodleigh 400gr RNSN bullets. PM sent
  6. Al Burke

    Swift A-Frame .416 Bullets In Stock At Midway

    Just received a notification that .416 400gr Swift bullets are available at Midway.
  7. Al Burke

    Winchester safari express or Alaskan?

    I would recommend that you handle both the Safari Express and the Alaskan prior to buying one if at all possible. I have owned both and can tell you they have totally different handling characteristics. The Safari Express is heavier overall and I find it muzzle heavy in 375 H&H due to the barrel...
  8. Al Burke

    H335 at Midway

    Thanks for the heads up.
  9. Al Burke

    416 Rigby A-Square

    PM sent
  10. Al Burke

    New 404 Brass For Sale

    PM sent
  11. Al Burke

    For Sale Custom Husqvarna 270 Win

    Congrats on a beautiful rifle Randy. It will definitely become a family heirloom. Well done sir.
  12. Al Burke

    Redding 404 Dies In Stock At Grafs

    Thanks for the information @Proneshooter. Got a set ordered.
  13. Al Burke

    For Sale Unfired Kimber Caprivi In .458 Lott

    Congrats on a fine rifle Scott!
  14. Al Burke

    375 HH Ammunition Cheap

    I was also very impressed with the communication and service from Clark Armory. Thanks again @mdwest for the heads up!
  15. Al Burke

    CZ 550 upgrades are back

    Thanks for the information Wayne. As many of the members on AH know, the CZ 550 is an excellent platform but often times requires a little tweaking to be a great hunting rifle. As @One Day has detailed a lot of the work can be done DIY however, some of the upgrades require tools, equipment and...
  16. Al Burke

    375 HH Ammunition Cheap

    Thanks for the heads up! With the cost of ammo and reloading supplies now, it is great to find fairly priced quality factory ammunition.
  17. Al Burke

    For Sale Talley QD CZ 550 Rings

    @Mark Biggerstaff I will take them. PM on the way.
  18. Al Burke

    Nosler Safari Buy One, Get One Free Again!

    @Daniel Cary thanks for the heads up on the Nosler ammo deal.
  19. Al Burke

    Hello Milan, I just watched your video on disassembling/reassembling the CZ 550. I have spent...

    Hello Milan, I just watched your video on disassembling/reassembling the CZ 550. I have spent days looking for something like this. I now have no reservations taking apart my rifle. I like to do this with all my guns so I understand them "inside and out". Thank you very much for the information...
  20. Al Burke

    For Sale 416 Remington Mag Brass New & 1st Fired

    I will take the 2 bags of the 100pcs of new brass for $65/bag. PM sent