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    Delta seats

    I will be on that same flight in August. 41J in main cabin is what you are thinking about…it has no seat in front of it giving me more leg room than first class and is $1000 less than comfort+
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    Body Shots On Elephant (Does Caliber Really Matter?)

    rookhawk off sticks I can now place all my shots in a 4 inch circle every time with my DR at 100 yards! Very happy
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    Body Shots On Elephant (Does Caliber Really Matter?)

    They are all I use in my 1908 Westley Richards 500 NE DR. For elephant I use the Woodleigh FMJ both 570 grains
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    Post Your Gun Collection

    Now Eric sounds like there is a story to be told there my friend!!! Lol!
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    British Campaign Furniture Set

    Wow!!! Just went on M&M that Kevin gave us…The selling price in JBerg for this set is $750 US plus shipping. The retail in US is $1700 plus shipping. @rookhawk you got a real deal at $900!!!
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    How many pieces of brass?

    I shoot a 500 NE DR. I get 9-10 reloads from my brass
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    British Campaign Furniture Set

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    Work-up to May 2023, SA plains game

    Plenty accurate. Now time to just practice off sticks especially at 200+ yards
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    Faro East Northwest Buffalo Hunt, Cameroon

    Congratulations on a great hunt, animals and report!!!
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    Pay It Forward-Free

    I just received by 500 NE trays and Wildcatter even threw in a free funnel. I am estatic about the results! they are a perfect fit and are already making my reloading life easier. I hope other AH members will utilize this great product our own Wildcatter can make. Thanks so very much...
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    When stepping up from a .416, which direction to go?

    Not much difference in felt recoil between 470 to 500 in DR…I’ve owned both and that is my personal finding
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    When stepping up from a .416, which direction to go?

    I have a 375 H&H and a 500 NE 3 inch DR
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    For Sale Charles Daly 375 H&H Magnum

    If I did not already have this caliber in a beautiful engraved custom Mauser I would be all over this! Great value!
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    GAME 4 AFRICA SAFARIS - Plains-Game Hunt Package - 5 Animals, 7 Days - From $4,500 2024/2025

    This was my exact first Africa hunt over 4 years ago now. It was with this outfitter. Even with high inflation now over four years later this is even a lower price than I paid then and then was an incredible value! This family is truly exceptional!!! Collin, Claire, Wik and Brittany are all...
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    Tipping Guide

    I tipped in dollars and my ph told me he converted my dollars for Rand for his team. Worked out well
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    Post your top five biggest African animals!

    Here you go…my buff 43 3/8 inches…the rest just good representative species and memories of great hunts!
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    Cross wildebeest off the list?

    I disagree. I took my Black one with a 7 MM just fine. Shot placement is everything. Looking at your list I would do a Black Wildebeest (poor man’s buffalo) easily over a blesBok
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    470 NE Brass Resizing Issue

    Actually it happens and happened to me
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    470 NE Brass Resizing Issue

    I was using Woodleigh. I had no problem with my A Frames but until I bought the new dies my Woodleigh could be hand pulled out
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    470 NE Brass Resizing Issue

    I had the exact same problem with my 500 NE. I fixed by buying a new RCBS two die set and problem solved. I fully understand your frustration!
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    Who does the measuring and when does it happen?

    Good attitude! The key for you also should be don’t pass up on day 2 what you would take on day7
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    I'm back from safari #1

    Congratulations! Nice write up! Can you provide more information on your small pouch you carried all your cash and papers inside your search please? Would appreciate it given I want to buy one
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    The ideal retreat home

  24. Rare Breed

    The ideal retreat home

    Lol!!! I just got it!!!
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    The ideal retreat home

    He can if out of Atlanta on Delta
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    Upcoming SA Unrest

    Agree. I was there last when they had just arrested their president. Big protests but I always felt completely safe
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    Hearing Protection for Hunting

    I have OTTO and they are magic! They can either act like true ear plugs with no noise first level, normal sound second level and amplified like a hearing aid third level…all three levels completely cut out blast noise when gun fired. Love them as I’m sure you will love your Tetra’s Eric!
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    Looking for my first "affordable" double in 2023, which to consider

    Andrew is correct. Chapuis which I have owned if bought through George & JJ has the best service!!!
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    Lol! I put 2 through…now am spending on what I want!
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    Do different ammo loads affect double rifle accuracy?

    I was thrilled to be able to consistently and very accurately take my 500 DR out to 100 yards off sticks today! All four shots within 3 inches using IMR3031 at 83 grains
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    The ideal retreat home

    Without asking for personal information what state?
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    AH Store?

    Lol! We can’t get Jerome to do one again
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    Dealing with wounded Cape buffalo

    I don’t want to come across as a hypocrite given I hunt buff with a DR but what I have noticed is many people shoot their bolt action and “admire” the shot versus immediately cycling the bolt
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    Scopes for Plains Game

    No worries! Your scope will do just fine! Enjoy your hunt!
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    Post Your Gun Collection

    Love your collection! While I don’t have photos I don’t mind sharing what I have Westley Richards DR in 500 NE Custom engraved Mauser in 375 H&H Rigby in 275 Rigby Caliber Ruger M77 30-06 A variety of 22 rifles and shot guns
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    Big bore recoil

    Great questions. Big bores with the exception of my 275 Rigby are all I shoot. The following are the keys to manage recoil: 1. Having the right LOP that fits you. 2. Making sure the weight fits the caliber...example...having a 470 that weighs 9.3 pounds will kick you to death given the weight...
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    Ruger RSM 416 Rigby For Sale

    Krish is also one of the finest persons I know on this forum...he does not deserve you comment.
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    M70 safari express rechamber to 416 Rigby

    Are you a collector or a hunter? For me, I bought quality guns, Westley Richards, Rigby, Mauser that I hunt with not wanting but having no problem whatsoever if they get scratched on any hunt. Good luck with your quest and get what you will be happy with!
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    Dangerous Game Brass & Ammunition In Stock

    Just want to say awesome you have big bore supplies. While I need nothing now I will absolutely use you in the future and support you!
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    L.O.P & Positioning?

    From his pictures that is severe bruising from a poorly fitting gun. It hurts me to see it…reminds me of my first DR Rizzini 470 NE that weighed only 9.3 pounds and was too short for me
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    L.O.P & Positioning?

    Here is what I did for my 500 NE DR…I took my limb saver and cut off the rubber that holds it to the gun…I bought a very nice leather recoil extra pad and placed the limb saver inside the leather holder. Now I have added cushion in a classy looking leather extension versus an ugly looking...
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    L.O.P & Positioning?

    IvW is spot on!!!
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    Is the 275 Rigby up to larger Plains Game like kudu?

    I completely agree. I have found from my experience there is so much “art” in how each company labels grades of wood. I bought a grade 8 stock blank for my Rigby. I did not start out with any grade in mind…I just looked through the options and selected what most appealed to me without thinking...
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    Is the 275 Rigby up to larger Plains Game like kudu?

    My Rigby had a bad crack in it so I am having the original used to have a new high grade wood hand carved as Rigby does to replace it. I will have it back in the next month. I will be posting many pictures at that time. I had Red Leg give me great advice on the work meaning it now has the exact...
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    Is the 275 Rigby up to larger Plains Game like kudu?

    I almost bought one before buying my Rigby 275 Rigby made in 1956 has the exact same dimenisons as the HS. Yes it comes with grade 5 wood as standard.
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    Is the 275 Rigby up to larger Plains Game like kudu?

    Kevin, I am taking mine on my 2024 PG hunt to hunt Kudu, Gemsbok and Eland. I will be using a 154 grain bullet and am comfortable with it.
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    She has become quite the hunter!!! Congratulations to her!!! Looks like she also is a great shot!
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    Purchases On AH References

    Class act all the way as so many members on here are…I feel like this forum is like a second family to me inclusive of the great outfitters like @TSALA HUNTING SAFARIS , @GAME 4 AFRICA SAFARIS , @Dalton Tink
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    Scam Websites

    Completely agree