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  1. YancyW

    Work-up to May 2023, SA plains game

    Have fun in the preparation, that is part of the experience, but don't stress about it all. I have never dialed a single time for a shot in Africa, I can't imagine that is going to happen. People obsess about this stuff, just practice off sticks and have a great time.
  2. YancyW

    Which scope for a Model 70 in 416 Remington?

    On my M70 in 416 rem I have a VX6 1-6. It worked very well for me on a DG hunt in Zim last summer.
  3. YancyW

    .308 Winchester hand load data and Ruger American Rifle

    48 grains of CFE223 and a 168 TTSX is a great load for me and I would hunt any PG with it. But 308 win is about as forgiving as it comes, 4350 and varget will most likely get you want you need, along with a long list of other powders. You are going to get some negative feedback on the ELDx...
  4. YancyW

    Why would an outfitters trophy fee list be higher?...

    I wouldn't 850 for a gold medal impala or blesbok, but everyone has different things that interest them.
  5. YancyW

    Zimbabwe Recommendations

    Where you want to hunt in Zim will play a role in who would choose, many top notch outfitters in Zim. With a bit more details about what you have in mind, people could quickly help narrow it down a bit.
  6. YancyW

    Shot distance

    Take that one and don't think twice about it.
  7. YancyW

    Bringing a gun to South Africa then Namibia

    It would be no issue to do just that, are you using a travel agent or a agency to help you with the rifle permits?
  8. YancyW

    Original Pre-64 Win 70 Barrel 30-06

    I just built one and I paid a bit over 200 for an original barrel.
  9. YancyW

    Heym 89b 450/400

    Touching at 75m is about as close to perfect you will ever get, that's the winner.
  10. YancyW

    Dakota Model 76 338 Cal

    I am not suggesting you change anything you have done, but I have a Dakota 76 with the narrower swivel stud hole. All my other Dakotas use the American style, it just depends on how they were ordered at the time they were built.
  11. YancyW

    Which ammo would you recommend

    You, and the animals, aren't going to know the difference. I would probably use the aframes, but if a 300wm using a bonded bullet isn't good enough, I give up, I will just bow hunt from now on.
  12. YancyW

    CZ550 Safari American In .458 Win Mag For Sale $1,800

    I am overflowing with rifles I plan to do stuff with, or I would buy this in a second. There is zero chance it will ever be worth less.
  13. YancyW

    First Dangerous Game .416 RM rifle... which one?

    Post 64 Win for me.
  14. YancyW

    Custom LR 7RM By Area 419- Defiance Deviant, Manners, etc.

    Jon builds a fine rifle, this will be excellent, I have zero doubt.
  15. YancyW

    Trijicon RMR Type 2 Adjustable 1 MOA

    I trust they can take a hell of a beating. I have one on a pistol that has many 1000s of rounds through it, I know that isn't the same recoil, but cumulative impacts break stuff also and it is still as solid as day one.
  16. YancyW

    Experience with the 280 Remington

    I have a 280ai and with a 160gr quality bullet, it is about all I need for the vast majority of the hunting I do. I'm not a one rifle kinda of guy, but it is a chambering that would cover a huge about of ground if it was all a guy had.
  17. YancyW

    52% off Trijicon RMR 3.25 Red Dot Scope

    I'll take it
  18. YancyW

    Rifle case set up

    I copied @Philip Glass and cut two of the four lock holes off my case. So now I only use two locks and carry plenty of extras.
  19. YancyW

    Best AR triggers

    Best for the money is LaRue, in my opinion. You can get a better trigger, for some applications, but you can't get one better for under 100 dollars, or at least I haven't found one.
  20. YancyW

    Larue Triggers and Bonus Gift

    I love their stuff, I have several of their uppers, including a 6.5CM that is as accurate as any off the shelf bolt gun I've ever had. Their triggers are also the best value in triggers and it isn't close. For under 100 bucks, nothing comes close.
  21. YancyW

    Trophy Eurasian Boar Hunt At The Rockin G Ranch

    Last time I was on the ranch, I saw one of these things at maybe 300-400 yards, and it still looked like an f'ing volkswagen beetle. I have no clue what that thing would weigh, but it was a lot.
  22. YancyW

    Selecting an outfitter?

    You have many very good options, you are going to be able to talk many outfitters that can provide a great hunt, you just need to pick the one you are most comfortable with. I like to hunt with my friends, so it is important for me to like the outfitter and PH, if I don't like them personally, I...
  23. YancyW

    What are the toughest plains game animals??

    I shot a Blue 4 times with a 280, the third shot was a running shot and I hit him in the jaw. He stopped for a second to look back and I was able to finally get a 4th that was on the money. The first two both existed through both lungs, not perfect shots, but within the range of "good". I would...
  24. YancyW

    Americans Not Taking Paid Vacations

    This is exactly right, my work product it very easy to see. Success and failure are often news and always the topic on Q earnings calls. I can't hide, and no one cares how many hours it takes to do the job.
  25. YancyW

    Help Identifying a Muzzle Brake

    Buy a 5/8-24 and a 3/4-24, then just return the one that doesn't work. However, it would be cheap and better to just cut it and re-crown.
  26. YancyW

    How much cash do you bring?

    I have an money belt, it is the belt I wear everyday on hunt, so it is always with me. Then I have a very slim pouch around my neck, when I put it under an undershirt, you can't see it. I then carry in my pockets the rest, easy to take 9k+ that way. Our trip last year had nearly all of us...
  27. YancyW

    How much cash do you bring?

    I don't leave the country without bringing about as much as I can.
  28. YancyW

    Old Squaw coming in hot!

    That is really well done, I love it.
  29. YancyW

    Swarovski 8x30 Laser Guide Rangefinder

    I could bring it to you in Nashville?
  30. YancyW

    Cancellation Hunt 2023 Season

    If anyone wants to do a awesome PG hunt, this is truly a fantastic deal. These are prices that were a great deal several years ago, you aren't going to beat this value. Marius could walk a mule to death, so if you want to grind it out for something truly special, I guarantee you will wear down...
  31. YancyW

    Cancellation Hunt 2023 Season

    I let the big ones go on for the next guy....
  32. YancyW

    Free Booze and Food! January 5th, 2023

    Sorry I am going to have to miss it, Dave and the folks at Dos en Dal are great hosts.
  33. YancyW

    Is the 9.3 x 62 enough gun?

    9.3x62 is plenty, but all other things being equal, I would use the 338. No way I would hunt with a 6-24x scope, but that is a very easy fix.
  34. YancyW

    Federal 9mm 147 Gr. HST

    I don't have any of the 147gr, but I use HST for my carry load and I have never had a Glock that it didn't shoot well. Someone with your handgun shooting skill is going to have zero issues, but I agree an function test with the intended carry ammo is a must.
  35. YancyW

    Africa booked!!

    You are going to have an absolute blast with Marius, he and his team are outstanding people.
  36. YancyW

    Barnes TTSX weight for 300WM PG

    I would use 180 if it shot the same, but I highly suspect you will not notice one bit of difference from 168 to 200gr.
  37. YancyW

    280 ackley partition or tsx

    I wouldn't even think twice about, a 140gr TSX is plenty for what you need.
  38. YancyW

    New/used vehicle prices

    Just did a full set on a Yukon, absolutely insane.
  39. YancyW

    New/used vehicle prices

    I hope so, I usually do the the same thing, end of year for the current year model.
  40. YancyW

    New/used vehicle prices

    They sure the hell won't be any cheaper in a few years. I have a 2016 F250 that was around 70 new and I said I will never pay more than that again, now used one would be 70 and a new one 90.
  41. YancyW

    Swift A Frame 180 in 300 Win Mag

    I am afraid those days are either gone or quite a way into the future.
  42. YancyW

    Buyer Beware Of Whitworth Arms LLC/doublegunhq

    Yeah, I would have told them to piss off also. If someone is dropping 5k, they can send a photo.
  43. YancyW

    7mm-08 Ammo

    Choice ammo has some, very good stuff.
  44. YancyW

    Buyer Beware Of Whitworth Arms LLC/doublegunhq

    You said you ask similar questions, do you think it is a ridiculous question? I just assumed some smart ass teenager wrote the response, I was pretty surprised when an adult actually admitted to it.
  45. YancyW

    Buyer Beware Of Whitworth Arms LLC/doublegunhq

    But did you get a jackass response when you asked?
  46. YancyW

    Buyer Beware Of Whitworth Arms LLC/doublegunhq

    A moderator will be happy to delete this, if you ask them.
  47. YancyW

    For Sale Custom 300 PRC, Proof Carbon Fiber Barrel, Manners Stock, Ammo, Components, Etc.

    I have no doubt it was under an MOA, that setup is going to well shoot well, no question. I already have a 300prc hunting rig, or I would jump on this. You didn't cut any corners at all, everything is top notch stuff.
  48. YancyW

    Best bullets for plains game

    A 10" will work, most likely. If you have some altitude, it should be fine for sure.
  49. YancyW

    Model 70 Safari Express - Safety Issues?

    Your guy doesn't know what he is talking about.
  50. YancyW

    For Sale Custom 300 PRC, Proof Carbon Fiber Barrel, Manners Stock, Ammo, Components, Etc.

    How did it shoot the Hornady ammo? Was the it ELD M or the ELD X?