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    My new sniper rifle

    That’s a very classy rifle. Congratulations!
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    Browning Safari Followed Me Home

    Nice rifle & caliber. Congratulations!
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    K95, A little more research. Hornaday reloading manual 8th edition copyright 2010, pg 493. .308 Win, RL12 150-155gr bullets Test Rifle, Win. Mod 70, 22” bbl, 1-12 twist. RL12 Starting load 38.6gr, vel 2300fps. Mid load 41.9gr, 2500fps. MAX LOAD 45.1gr, vel 2700fps. Hope this is helpful. AS...
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    Ah, I misread your post. I’ll look further.
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    Lyman 50th Anniversary reloading manual. .308 Win, pg 242, 150gr JSP, RX15. STARTING LOAD 41grs, vel 2521, pressure 36,300 CUP. MAX LOAD, 46.2gr, Vel 2847fps, Pressure, 50,000 CUP. Firearm used universal receiver, 24” bbl. RX is the designation Lyman uses for Reloader powders. hope this is of...
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    Is the 275 Rigby up to larger Plains Game like kudu?

    Everyone needs a .275, even if it’s marked 7X57!
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    on a lighter note...

    It’s more than me!
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    on a lighter note...

    Okaaayy treat them like cats! Put their food (which is Purina Cat Chow) & water in a bowl in a corner, put a litter box in their bedroom which is the garage, put them in their bedroom at 9pm local time. That should do it!
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    In honor of March 8th (3-08), let's see those 308's

    Love that improvised rifle rest.
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    Back country carry gun

    This goes back to 2018, but the lesson is still NEVER separate yourself from your handgun. Wouldn’t hurt to give people with you a basic lesson in its use.
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    on a lighter note...

    Every time we go to town we drive the bottom rd.
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    Practice session with the Ruger #1 450/400

    I have used a 2” piece of bicycle inner tube under the scope & put a round on each side of the bbl. Of a #1 .375 H&H Mag. It holds them firmly enough to withstand the recoil of a .375 H&H Mag. Be sure to zero with ctgs in place.
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    Short action magnums

    A long time ago a friend had one in .350RM, recoil was, shall we say, brisk.
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    on a lighter note...

    Third option, let him eat the power line & have fried squirrel for supper?
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    Advice on Factory Regulation of Chapuis X4 in .30-06

    Wow Tom, beautiful rifle. I think a 180gr bullet would optimize the .30-06. Won’t blow shoulders off deer/elk up close, & effective to 300yds without a lot of holdover.
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    Alec Baldwin Movie Set Accident

    He also claimed it wasn’t his job to check the gun. Bull, let one of use that defense we’d be fried.
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    on a lighter note...

    Did he laugh?
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    375 Flanged Magnum

    Thanks, I’m keeping tuned here.
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    All blue and Timber Ruger NO1 458 lott

    Nice, I’m a fan of #1s!
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    375 Flanged Magnum

    How much below the .375 H&H Mag. is the .375 Flanged? can .375 H&H starting loads be used? please keep us informed Kevin I am interested too!
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    on a lighter note...

    My Wife & I watched it again last night. Maybe I could catch fish with a shot gun?
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    Back country carry gun

    Or Grizzly tracks hunting Elk! Packing a handgun while hunting with a rifle isn't foolish, it's prudent! There are many times when hunting you put your rifle down.
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    Your favorite hunting rifle of all time

    You are correct, I would love it.
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    on a lighter note...

    One of my favorite movies!
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    Back country carry gun

    Some of our fishing guides are going to the Glock 10mm. The 10mm is gaining quite a following here & Glocks carry a lot of ammo. We have grizzlies in most of our fishing areas.
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    Your favorite hunting rifle of all time

    I still like & hunt with the the .45-70, but load it down. It’ll still take anything here in Montana.
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    Verney Carron Double Rifles

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    Your favorite hunting rifle of all time

    Be careful rechambering to something like that. I once loaded a #1 .45-70 to 1800fps with a 500gr Hornaday JSP (actual chronographed) recoil kicked the reticule out of a Redfield scope. It was brutal.
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    Chapius Iphisi 375h&h

    The bore looks larger than .358? Meant to read .375?
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    Back country carry gun

    Bear spray! That’s what the experts tell us! Bear spray shouldn’t care which way the wind is blowing & start .4!
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    Everything I hate about plastic guns in one picture

    It was the finest till some bozo removed the front sight on Shane’s SA.
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    Chapius Iphisi 375h&h

    Saw that, got my copy yesterday, going to read it today.
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    on a lighter note...

    I’ve been in front of those!
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    Survey : Your Favorite Factory Loaded Ammunition

    Let’s not leave out small game/varmints. I really like Federal.22lr HP. I will use solids if HPs are unavailable, I just have to really place my bullet well. I love hunting our small ground squirrels in the summer.
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    My New "stalking" rifle

    Henry is making a very nice break open single shot. I’ve handled one, it is nice. That Savage is a nice trim rifle, congratulations.
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    New Aussie bullet

    I don’t want to drift this thread, but just want to say I’m very happy for my friends in Australia who now have better access to a great bullet. I really enjoy reading about other countries from those who are there. Thanks.
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    on a lighter note...

    What we have is a new owner for the car!
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    my 1903 Rigby .275

    I’ll add my WOW also. That is simply stunning!
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    Do I need a 7mm Mag

    Awwww Bob & I agree on most things. That we kinda disagree about the usefulness of the .243 is we agree to disagree. No animosity, I do believe as Bob does, people use it above its capabilities & use the wrong bullet at times.
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    Do I need a 7mm Mag

    I meant mostly varmints, with small deer & Antelope.
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    Chapius Iphisi 375h&h

    I like double rifles, only have double shotguns, will appreciate pictures. Thanks.
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    Winchester Model 70 Stock Re-Work

    Beautiful, congratulations & thanks for sharing.
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    Let’s have some .375 fun

    What’s the smallest animal you’ve used your .375 H&H to take? I’ll start, years ago I would occasionally shoot Colombian Ground squirrels with mine. It was thorough!
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    on a lighter note...

    Been there, done that!
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    338s Are A Great Caliber

    I have a friend who shoots the .338/06 & is very tickled with it. Elk melt at the shot!
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    Do I need a 7mm Mag

    I’ll just speak of the smaller calibers. You can do most everything with the .243. I really like the 22-250, the Hornaday 55gr V Max will not exit a Badger, should be great for coyotes. It’s a very fun ctg. I’d get one!
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    Finally posting pictures of the new double

    Chill645, I like both of them, congratulations & thanks for sharing.
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    Baucher Saint Etienne 9.3x74R double rifle

    It’s a very nice looking rifle.
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    Your favorite hunting rifle of all time

    My favorite hunting rifle of all time! ALL OF THEM,
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    Help Deciding on Double Rifle Chambering

    WOW! That’s a beautiful rifle. Congratulations & thanks for sharing with us.