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  1. raimanparoni

    Shortage of premium bullets

    Do you have problems to find premium hunting bullets in your country. Here in Finland is hard to find anything 30 cal bullets for brands like Nosler, Swift, Barnes. Im a Nosler guy, and I look after 150gr bullets for whitetails and find anything. Do you know that Finland is only country in...
  2. raimanparoni

    .30-06, 180gr Bullets, favorite powder?

    Vihtavuori N-160 for 165gr and heavier, and Vihtavuori N-140 for 155gr and lighter. My favourite loads are 54.5gr VV-N160 for molycoated Norma Oryx 200gr (Short distance) and 60gr VV-N160 165gr Nosler Accubond (long distance)
  3. raimanparoni

    on a lighter note...

    In Finland its old saying that smoke follows lambfu**er
  4. raimanparoni

    Old gun accuracy

    I think in 60s or 70s Sako uses microrifling in barrels. that can be a problem. If you dont remove copper often, it fills rifling and accuracy is gone. I have that type of L579 Sako and I use copper remover after every shooting period
  5. raimanparoni

    For You Snipers out There

    My opinion is that training is the most important thing. No matter what gear you have.
  6. raimanparoni

    What’s your beater rifle?

    Do you have original trigger and safety. I think Timney offer trigger with safety for them. good ivestment
  7. raimanparoni

    Old Faithful - My 7x57mm Mauser

    I have a Valmet made 7x57. Its been made by Japanese Mauser "Arisaka" action. I change Timney trigger because original safety was so unpractical. I also change Fajen made stock, that I find from eBay. It also has original Valmet chost ring. Nice little bas****
  8. raimanparoni

    Used ruger #1 in 45-70 added to my other six 45-70,s

    I had a Valmet 412 double rifle in 45-70 cal The barrels are maked by Finish barrelsmith Erkki Mäkinen. The barrels are regulated for 350gr Hornady bullet for speed about 620 m/s. I shoot couple of mooses with that gun. Mäkinen has also his own caliber 458 Rämsöö that based on russian...
  9. raimanparoni

    What’s your beater rifle?

    Tikka T3 Lite stainless in 30-06 cal. Usually I use Nosler Accubond 165gr. I have customized it with Limb saver recoil pad and lighter trigger spring. Original Harris bibods and three scopes: 1-4 and 4.5-14 Leupolds and Zeiss 7x50 with red dot covers all of my needs
  10. raimanparoni

    Greetings from Finland

  11. raimanparoni

    375H&H - Magnum Primers?

    Federal 215 magnum an Vihtavuori N-540 powder
  12. raimanparoni

    October caddis, mahoganies, bwo's, and a blizzard...

    I like the text in your reel. I dont have money to afford any english quality guns, but in fly fishing side I own couple of Bruce & Walker rods. Just order new B&W Norway Speycaster. Totally handmade in England
  13. raimanparoni

    7x65r anyone?

    I have hunted 20 years with 7x65R cal. First with Valmet combi gun and then Sauer 3000 drilling. Good caliber for all kind of situations and animals A friend of mine uses 2x12/70 +7x65 R drilling in bear hunting. First shot with 7x65R and if bear attacks he uses shotgun barrels. That way he...
  14. raimanparoni

    Your favorite hunting rifle of all time

    Tikka T3 Stainless Lite 30-06. with Limbsaver Recoil pad I use three scopes - Leupold vxII 1-4 for short distances and driven hunt - Leupold VXIII 4.5-14x50 for long distances - Zeiss 7x50 wit red dot for spotting (night and day) - I use handloaded Nosler Accubond 165gr for hunting and Nosler...
  15. raimanparoni

    Need advice - mountain calibre for single shot rifle

    7x 65 R. I have used It my combi guns 20 years. 30 R Blaser can be good choice too, but I have any experience with it
  16. raimanparoni

    Fallow deer ammo choice

    156gr Norma Oryx. Swedish designed hunting bullet for Swedish caliber Opens well and good weight retention
  17. raimanparoni

    Your 3 favorite hunting cartridges of all time

    7x33 Sako 30-06 375 H&H
  18. raimanparoni

    Help needed on Sako 375 H&H

    Check the stock for cracks. Its typical that pistol crip cracks behind action in top side Check the clearance between barrel and stock. Piece of paper must go easy between barrel and stock.
  19. raimanparoni

    Copper fouling in my Verney-Carron

    For copper cleaning I use K2R oven cleaning foam. I put foam inside barrel and let it stay overnight (barrel horizontal). Next day I clean barrel with cotton batches. I renew procedure as long as batches turning blue. Then I clean barrel with gun oil. I think other oven cleaning foams work as...
  20. raimanparoni

    Drillbit's Trophy Room Build

    Great !!!
  21. raimanparoni

    Best rifle for women

    308 or 6.5x55 are my advices, and of course Tikka or Sako rifle with Leupold scope
  22. raimanparoni

    Help with Scope choice for Dangerous Game rifle

    I have a scope with a red dot and two times batteries have worn out during flight. Is it coldness or low pressure in planes gargo room that makes it
  23. raimanparoni

    In memoriam - RIP Barry Style

    I just drink my morning coffee and read news from net. RIP all of them.
  24. raimanparoni

    Thank You Veterans

  25. raimanparoni

    Whisky appreciation

    Laphroaig . Only half teaspoon of water with it to open tastes.
  26. raimanparoni

    Hoenig O/U 7x57R Regulation Problems

    Rhino has also 160gr for 7mm
  27. raimanparoni

    Name for a new wildcat cartridge

    We made 458 WSM with my friend. We get very good velocities with short barrel. 680- 700m/s with 42cm barrel and we use 400gr Swift- A-Frame. The gun weights under under 3kg without scope
  28. raimanparoni

    Firearm requirements for connection in Munich?

    I came back in april from Joburg to Helsinki via Munich. I has SAA tickets for both flights and my gun goes straight to next flight.
  29. raimanparoni

    Barrel threading

    my advice for tight groups with supressor. Use a gunsmith who takes the barrel out of action, zeroing the barrel in lathe and makes threads by lathe. Also you have to take material off from barrel so you have a backwall that you can tight your supressor against it. Not just end of threads...
  30. raimanparoni

    Extreme Huntress - Tatiana Orosova

    Points for using Tikka rifle. Its hard to say anything as a hunter by TV competition.
  31. raimanparoni

    Johannesburg to East London

    Vote for SAA, keep avoid Kulula, dont carry guns
  32. raimanparoni

    Oh so the 30-06 enough?

    I use Nosler Accubond 165gr in my 30-06 and it works well and is accurate
  33. raimanparoni

    Free-ranging Kudu bull of a lifetime

    I shot my first kudu last week, but I didn' t get kudu, kudu gets me. My new favourite in Africa
  34. raimanparoni

    on a lighter note...

    Finnish humour videos from 90:s
  35. raimanparoni

    Qatar Airways??

    I mean in common
  36. raimanparoni

    Tips for Kudu hunting by stalking

    Look at my new avatar!
  37. raimanparoni

    Qatar Airways??

    Be careful with Qatar Airways. They co-operate with Kulula which dont garry guns I and my friend left in East Londons dropping desk by Kulula when we starting to come back home. Happily we have two extra days in our gun permits, and South African Airlines find tickets next day from East London...
  38. raimanparoni

    If you could only have 3 guns....

    1 Sauer 3000 drilling 2x12/70+ 7x65R+ 1.5-6x42 Zeiss with claw mounts 2 Tikka M65 Sporter 30-06 + Zeiss 3-12x56 with red dot 3 Sako L61-R Finnbear 375 H&H + 1-4 Leupold with EAW Quick mount
  39. raimanparoni

    Hello i am from South Africa hunting is a passion and rifles

    welcome to forum from homeland of Sako rifles