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    Measuring Trophies

    Yes you can.. once you get it hope look up on the SCI website for measurer's in your area. I have officially measured a few over the years.
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    Double Pedestal Mount Question

    I would expect each mount is removable... I have a triple pedestal mount (springbok, blesbok & impala) and they all removed from the base & each other.
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    Tag Draws 2021

    My 12yr old got his youth anterlss mule deer draw... nothing for me yet, need to wait till July for the antelope draw..
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    Tag Draws 2021

    I won't hear for a bit on any of mine.... july usually for deer, and pronghorn not till august usually.
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    AWD vehicles in snow opinions

    We've owned both a Toyote 4runner AWD & a Highlander AWD. The 4runner will handle deeper snow diue to more ground clearance.. We have done 6"+ in the Highlander with the winter tires. Pretty much any AWD vehicle will do 2" of snow now issues, especially if you have snow tires.
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    riflepermits - Quick & Easy Arrival With Your Firearm In South Africa

    I used Henry when I went to SA 7 yrs ago.. the service was awesome.. would do it again & the price was reasonable.
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    Suggestions for how to hang Zebra rug on the wall?

    I just used push pins to hang my blue wildebeest on mine.. simple & quick.. no big holes in the end either.
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    375 H&H Sako Kodiak For Sale

    Optilocks were one thought, but I was hoping to find a quick detach style. I have lots of time yet to find something as I don't have any hunts with it planned as of yet. I only got the rifle as it was too good of deal to pass up.
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    375 H&H Sako Kodiak For Sale

    I bought the same rifle from a local gun shoo that is closing out. I have the same issue, trying to figure out a scope & quick detach rings for it.. let me know what you find for yours..
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    Hawaii hunts?

    I know its not hunting, but if you enjoy fishing Kona on the big island is one of the best spots for Blue marlin, as well as one of the few spots you can get onto shortbill spearfish. I found the fishing was a better deal than the hunting... Oh and if you are going to Hawaii, plan more than 4...
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    SOUTH AFRICA: Our First South African Safari With Kubusi Safaris

    I had a great experience with them as well.. The only animal on my list we couldn't get was a warthog... saw lots, just never the right one.
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    Disneyland Jungle Cruise

    It never happened when I went on it a couple years ago.
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    Calgary to Windhoek flights?

    When I went to SA I went Calgary - Frankfurt - Johannesburg, with about a 8hr layover in Frankfurt. We ended up napping a little at the airport, the arrival times didn't work for a day room. As for the guns, they were checked through from Edmonton (where I left from) to Jo-Burg, and never had...
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    USA: Hawaiian Black Ram Hunt Kona Family Vacation

    It was something I was thinking on doing if we go to Hawaii this winter.. can you PM me details on the hunting, including costs? Thanks!
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    Hello from Canada!

    Welcome to AH.. I see you made it from MOD!
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    SOUTH AFRICA: This Is It Hunting With Kubusi Safaris On The Eastern Cape In SA

    Yes I did, and glad I did, they dealt with all the crap with the CIFA started.. just made my life ease..
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    SOUTH AFRICA: This Is It Hunting With Kubusi Safaris On The Eastern Cape In SA

    Here is there web site... and on FB @
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    SOUTH AFRICA: This Is It Hunting With Kubusi Safaris On The Eastern Cape In SA

    Finally got all (most) of my trophies home... just waiting for the wildebeest & kudu hides to be stretched. Also a photo of my mount of my 2013 whitetail.
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    Hunting Draw Results

    How many provinces were you butting in for Brick? I got nada in Sk, and I don't think I had any in AB this year.
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    TapaTalk - Can't find Africa Hunting on it...

    Being a different platform it may be why.
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    TapaTalk - Can't find Africa Hunting on it...

    For Tapatalk the forum admin must set it up to use the app, I don't think it has been done yet. I asked the question about it a few times & never got a response, so I was guessing there was no interested on adding it for the users. If AH is using the vBulletin software, from what I understand...
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    Uncharted by Jim Shockey

    It hasn't aired up north yet.. :( Though if you want to watch some whitetail hunting with true wild deer watch Canadian Whitetail Television (if it airs south of the border) or catch Hunting Canada & Beyond.. 2 true hunting shows... Both are hosted by down home Saskatchewan boys too..
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    SOUTH AFRICA: Kubusi Safaris

    Tell me about it.. took several stalks to get one.. missed them 3 times..
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    SOUTH AFRICA: Kubusi Safaris

    I think I met Deon when I was there... Ya, that is why we were only a half day hunting it, none there....
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    SOUTH AFRICA: Kubusi Safaris

    I'm glad you had a good time there... and I was able to help you.... Maybe the cull hunt is why you only hunted those 2 properties... like I mentioned I only hunted Glen Boyd for half a day (for springbok, and we didn't see one) My PH took me to other farms and ranches for different species...
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    SOUTH AFRICA: Kubusi Safaris

    Upload the photos to photo bucket & then copy paste the links from there... Glad you had a good trip... was all the hunting just on the 2 properties, or did you go to other farms in the area? I actually only hunted on Glen Boyd for a half day when I went.. Looking forward to seeing some...
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    Kubusi Safaris

    I hunted there last May, I did not use him myself (using Orion Taxidermy here in Moose Jaw). I know of people who have had work done there & were happy with the work. With the rules on getting stuff back in to Canada it may be worth it to really look into it.
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    AH Upgrade! (Comments & some Q&A)

    My only question is if we are going to get the Tapatalk add-in? I browse the forums from my ipad & iphone lots, tapatalk makes it much easier to read.
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    AH Upgrade! (Comments & some Q&A)

    Like it too... hopefully there will be a tapatalk add on as well... be so much easier to check out the site while at the lake this summer.
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    Death and Taxes - Trophy Fees & Canada Customs

    You're more than welcome to get a copy of my invoices Brick.. maybe mine went well since I had Kim deal with it all. What does suck is you will be paying the tax there & then again on the taxidermy work too... Mine was a package deal as well, so it might have been cheaper (if there had been...
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    Death and Taxes - Trophy Fees & Canada Customs

    Something whack there for sure... I just pulled my import fees out & I paid a total of $3.26 for GST on trophies... I got nailed to the wall on storage, not on taxes...
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    Discounted Ontario spring bear hunt - SOLD

    This would be the first year it reopened since they closed it in 1999....
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    Transporting Ammunition from Calgary to JoBurg

    I used factory ammo, so it was in the original boxes, then in a locked shotgun shell case (was the perfect size fro 4 boxes of ammo). Then that was in my locked checked luggage. I had no problems with it. In Joburg they wanted it removed from the checked bag & checked by itself. Coming back...
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    Oregon Ground Squirrels Hunt

    Oh I love my HMR too... but the .223 gives redmist over 300yrds. At 250yrds the HMR just gives a pop and a dead rodent...
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    Oregon Ground Squirrels Hunt

    Was the same up here...
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    Oregon Ground Squirrels Hunt

    I love shooting gophers up here... I tend to use my .223 the most right now, then the HMR & then the .22. Haven't got much shooting in the last couple of years, as my main shooting fields have been shot up pretty good.
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    Dry Firing a Center Fire? Making Snap Caps...

    I have heard that a pencil eraser makes a great 'primer' for 'snap' caps
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    SCI Canada Trophy Import Committee

    Its a start for sure. I would send him everything on mine, but my bonus is Kim that handled my stuff is on the committee as well.
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    Canada Border Services - What Gives?

    I didn't on mine.. but a broker handled all of my shipping... but with what I paid for shipping & clearing I wouldn't have noticed anyway... but does seem strange to me that GST is being collected on a service that was out side of the country.
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    I know I tried to get in better shape before I left last May for my first trip, I did as much walking on the treadmill (with hill climbs) as I could, but due to plantar fasciitis in both feet it was a struggle, I did my best. The one comment about running shape over walking shape. If you can...
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    Trophy Import issues into Canada

    I did... took the worry some what off my hands..
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    7MM Rem Mag

    I used the accubonds in my .300WSM last year and they all preformed flawlessly. For a small game bullet you may want to look for a target style bullet... Don't know how many factory loadings there are for it. I would grab a box or 2 of factory loads in the heavier for caliber bullets in the...
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    Any Canadians fly through the US with firearms on route to Africa lately?

    Prob won't be a problem unless you are bringing a rifle through... bow probably ok.
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    cost of scope vs cost of rifle

    my personal rule is 50% of rifle cost for scope, though I have a few scopes that are the same or more than the riffle cost, but that is usually on rimfires. My most expensive scope is my leuopold on my tikka T3, and that was about 60-70% of value.
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    Arrival at Johannesburg airport

    Not sure about all the rest, but I had Henry at Rifle Permits - In Support of Conservation Through Hunting deal with clearing the rifles. We also used his Vip service. That way we had someone meet us at the gate, helped us with our rifles at the initial SAPS area, then through customs & help...
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    Camera for hunting?

    I took a Nikon Coolpix S9500 on my trip over my DSLR. With 22X zoom (500mm 35mm equiv) It also has full 1080p High def video. For a point & shoot it took great photos, and my PH & tracker could use it as well, as it was easy to focus & shoot.
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    Odd hunt policy

    I don't like the last part of it either... there are many of us out there that are maybe not the best shot in the world, or just have some bad luck. On my first and only hunt to Africa I came close to that 3 X's and you out. I missed 2 kudu's & 2 springbok's before connecting on the third...