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  1. Sanglier14

    Leopard Hunt With Hounds Botswana

    If you take a leopard like this i will be a real lifetime memory. Very challenging maner of hunting. Good luck selling this hunt.
  2. Sanglier14

    CAMEROON: Lord Derby Eland January 2023

    Thanks for the repport Exellent write up super throphy
  3. Sanglier14

    AH Get Together at Jagd & Hund January 2023

    Hi al Yesterday i had a great day in Dortmund together with my oldest son. We have met with @VertigoBE and @DieJager two very ethical and seroius hunters. Shared stories and looked photos. And also very good company to drink a beer together. Hope to do this soon again in the future. After whe...
  4. Sanglier14

    UGANDA: Sudan Roan With KOS Safaris

    Very nice safari and very well whrithen as al your reports. Thanks for sharing A real dream destination
  5. Sanglier14

    UGANDA: Sudan Roan With KOS Safaris

    Great report and great repport as always. Also very amzing trofees keep up the great work
  6. Sanglier14

    Ruger RSM .416 Rigby

    This is indead complete custome made and removable Recnagel mounts.
  7. Sanglier14

    Hello Regarding your name i yhink you are also Belgium. Right? Greetings Stefan

    Hello Regarding your name i yhink you are also Belgium. Right? Greetings Stefan
  8. Sanglier14

    AH Get Together at Jagd & Hund January 2023

    Me, too Moi Aussi
  9. Sanglier14

    AH Get Together at Jagd & Hund January 2023

    Magic Safari Lodges is a Belgium Company. There are in Hall 7 E.06 E.56
  10. Sanglier14

    Article On Central African Republic By Lefol Safaris PH

    Un vrai vieux chasse Africain magnifique. A real dream hunt for sure. Thanks for sharing Mercie
  11. Sanglier14


    And our most famous Belgian gunmakers Lebeau-Courally.
  12. Sanglier14

    Leopard Hunt In The Coastal Forests Of Mozambique With PANTHER TRACKERS

    Do you have a price list for aditional game after the Leopard is taken? Where do you have too fly too, airport?
  13. Sanglier14

    Ruger RSM .416 Rigby

    Second hand but neer used on a hunt. Ony regulated and put aside.
  14. Sanglier14

    Ruger RSM .416 Rigby

    Hi Guys Are Ruger good guns i never had one but there is a 375 H&H for sale in Belgium. Complete with Zeis optik. In my opinioin a beauty. Price 2400 Euro. Is this a good deal?
  15. Sanglier14

    Roe Deer hunting In Romania 2023 Season

    Very niece offer. Romania has the best hunting grounds in Europe. Very friendly and honest people. Pure free roaming game.
  16. Sanglier14

    AH Get Together at Jagd & Hund January 2023

    First of all best wishes for 2023. I will be there on Saturday. I bring my oldest son for he first time to a hunting event.
  17. Sanglier14

    ZIMBABWE: Elephant Hunt With Wayne Van den Bergh Of NYAMAZANA SAFARIS

    Congrats Vic an Wayne and thanks for sharing! A dream hunt
  18. Sanglier14

    ZIMBABWE: June 2022 Leopard Hunt With NYAMAZANA SAFARIS

    Congrats,beautifull leopard and also well done Wayne and his team.
  19. Sanglier14

    Comment by 'Sanglier14' in media 'Tented Camp Tanzania'

    A real African safari dream
  20. Sanglier14

    Hubert Vereecke .416 Rigby

    A real beauty! there is one for sale at hunting lodge also. Good luck
  21. Sanglier14

    Buffalo Cow Cull Hunt With Henry Griffiths Safaris

    Can you take the trophy with you?
  22. Sanglier14

    A Leopard Hunt Still Available For 2020 Zimbabwe

    Very good deal the day price is very low for Zimbabwe. The other prices like trophy are always around 6000 for a Leopard.
  23. Sanglier14

    Greetings from Bayly Sippel Safaris - New Outfitter on the block!

    I had a very good day over there we even shake hands. I saw you had a very niece exhibition stand and a lot of people. Hopefully good business for the coming season. Greetings Stefan
  24. Sanglier14

    Comment by 'Sanglier14' in media 'Hunting Rifles'

    Fine guns real Africa.
  25. Sanglier14

    Greetings from Bayly Sippel Safaris - New Outfitter on the block!

    Very welcome on the site. And see you Saturday in Dortmund.
  26. Sanglier14

    Best Of The Best Hunting Package - Buffalo, Sable, Roan, Kudu & Nyala US$20,000

    Very niece Is there a size limit on buff and sable? Whath size do you expect?
  27. Sanglier14

    Waterbuck, Impala & Oryx 7 Days US$3,850 Per Hunter

    Very nice offer and a nice trophy waterbuck
  28. Sanglier14

    Extra Elephant Hunting Quota Available Zimbabwe 2018

    Good luck and a safe hunt
  29. Sanglier14

    SOUTH AFRICA: KMG & The Hillbilly

    Great hunt James keep on going.
  30. Sanglier14

    Incredible Leopard Hunt Offer 2018

    Great offer Wayne
  31. Sanglier14

    ETHIOPIA: Rocky Valley Safaris

    Thank you very much for the story and great writhing . Great trophy. Stefan
  32. Sanglier14

    3 Bolt Guns For Sale

    Niece guns Dave.
  33. Sanglier14

    Exceptional Lion Hunt Offer In Zambia

    Real wild adventure hopefully for a member. Good luck selling and hunting Michael
  34. Sanglier14

    Beauties & The Beasts Hunting Special US$10,600

    Fantastic offer Gerrit.
  35. Sanglier14

    Unique Rhino Hunt Opportunity

    A dream deal but hmmm not for my I,m afraid. Hopefully we can read the report over here. Good luck in selling this deal.
  36. Sanglier14

    14 Days 12 Animals Hunt Package US$7,500

    Niece deal Dawie
  37. Sanglier14

    Elephant Bull Hunts Zimbabwe Great Price

    Good luck Bruce Stefan
  38. Sanglier14

    Leopard Hunt Special Do Not Wait To Hunt Your Cat

    Great offer and great cats Nathan. Do you hunt on bait or with dogs? Stefan
  39. Sanglier14

    SOUTH AFRICA: Unforgetable Hunt For All The Right Reasons

    Congratulations Ben Great hunt great story. Stefan
  40. Sanglier14

    Reduced Leopard Hunt With Sable Free

    a great deal and a super adventure good luck simon
  41. Sanglier14

    Ammunition for Cape Buffalo

    I use a lot of years RWS it is very popular in Belgium and never had any problems. Also fellow hunters never had problems. I had problems with Norma Oryx an Remington Core lockt.