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    Is the 275 Rigby up to larger Plains Game like kudu?

    Short answer yes. Would prefer a .308 calibre. Not for Eland.
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    Long trousers?

    Just use what you wear when gardening as long as there arent dramatic changes in shade. It's not a fashion show.
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    What’s the best watch to wear on safari?

    This is a joke post right ?
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    308 Win or 9.3x62 Mauser for Plains Game Hunt

    I've taken a .308W on one trip and a 9.3x62 on another to South Africa. Both work very well. If Eland+ is on your list take the 9.3.. Otherwise take the one you shoot the best and start practising from different shooting positions and different ranges.
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    Crimping the 9.3x62

    Not needed.
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    Best "Flat Shooting" caliber to take to the "Dark Continent"

    There is a lot of good hunting to be had with the 6mm cartridges. My son shot more game than I did with his .243W. Not everything weighs 200kg +. Your 6mm Rem would make a great second rifle.
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    Obsession with tactical rifles & equipment

    Marketing. Capitalism at work.
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    South Africa Free Range Buffalo Hunt

    Off topic but does Bassie still own the pub in Hoedspruit ?
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    In memoriam - RIP cal pappas

    He was one of few big game hunters that understood animal behaviour from his extensive experience. He also didn't claim he'd been charged by every single buffalo he'd hunted like some do. RIP and happy hunting in the green fields beyond Mr Pappas. EDIT. spelling.
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    9.3x62 - Ammunition / Bullet Recommendation - European Wild Boar / Plains Game

    Around 250 grains for euro game.
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    Finished my 318 WR

    Much envy. Much drooling. Congratulations.
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    Is a Rigby worth it?

    EDIT: IMO Rigbys are tarted up modern Mausers M98 model, with some flash woodwork and an expensive options list. Find a good used CZ550 or similar and a good gunsmith. Most of the bigger bores have had very little use. Does the same job and the money you save can go towards more hunting. The...
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    220 swift for big game?

    NO. I once had a Remington 700 Classic in .220 Swift. It's very much a 'specialist' cartridge in my opinion. Matched with good optics it can't be beaten for accurate/one shot, small pest eradication. A Grendel would be far more versatile.
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    NAMIBIA COVID Rules Mar 15, 2022

    Do what you can to cover every eventuality. Hope for the best and plan for the worst.
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    Support Ukraine and F@*K Russia

    The first casualty of war is the truth.
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    3 Gun Battery

    1)Your favourite 12ga shotgun. Your favourite deer rifle and a .416Rigby. 2)Don't dick around with cartridges, just practise every chance you get before you go. 3)Habitat for good bird hunting can be different than for PG. Be prepared to relocate. For your first trip (there is never only one)...
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    Best Classic Plains Game and Cat Caliber Advise

    .300 H&H and you can't go wrong. Load it with a light, soft projectile for cats eg 150 grain and a 165/180 for everything else. (you'll have time to re-zero). Optics, Optic, Optics. Top with high end, 2.5-10 German glass.
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    Support Ukraine and F@*K Russia

    Sure would.
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    Woodleigh Bullets

    Are you sure about rebuilding ? They claim here in Oz that they weren't going to. What you got would have been on the ship at the time of the fire.
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    Opinions on the 6.5 PRC

    Yank version of the 6.5x68 Schuler, only shorter.
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    The 243 Winchester for Australian Game

    Done that. Still not up to the task. Reality doesn't meet reputation. EDIT: Thats why the 250-3000 is moribund in the marketplace. If it hadn't been superceded, we'd all still be using it. Its is a cartridge for Romantics and Traditionalists and that is where it shines. Just like that other...
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    The 243 Winchester for Australian Game

    I've had two 250 savages and now prefer the .243W. Just flatter shooting and a harder hitter. I,ve seen a number of species killed with the .243W. Rabbit, fox, ferals, goat, pig, Impala, camels. Just take your time and pass up bad shots. 95 grain works best.
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    Remington 700 Dangerous game build?

    If paying for DG, your PH is your safety. Don't kid yourself your running the show.
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    New rifle, One and only for Africa

    Depends where you hunt and the terrain. Nothing wrong with a .308W and 165's and the .270 with 150's for plains game. If your expecting longer shots the .270 with 130 is also fine. Both popular in RSA with ammo choices available. I've used a .308 W with nil problems and seen the effectiveness of...
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    Would you hunt in Africa, in case the trophies could not be imported to your country?

    Of course. Not everyone is a trophy hunter.
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    Question on bullet type for Africa

    Both projectiles you listed are more than enough for the game you mentioned in post 1. No need to overthink things. Start practising.
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    How much is a custom rifle going to set me back?

    If you have to ask you probably can't afford it. Lots of good higher end commercial stuff around, that can be modified for the same result
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    My Covid vaccination experience

    First A-Z I had a bit of a headache and muscular fatigue. Took some Ibuprofen with food. Woke up that night with the cold chills. Slept for three hours the next day. Had one dose of the flu vacine a few years ago and was wiped out for three days. Much worse. Second A-Z had more muscular fatigue...
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    Woodleigh Factory Fire

    FB here in Oz says they will not be rebuilding. Everything is gone. Hope they were insured to secure their retirement..
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    Understanding The Term "High Fenced Hunting"

    Hunting South Africa is all a compromise. Taken to the extreme, High Fenced Hunting can mean any form of human management. You may find self sustaining populations but you will always find some kind of intervention. High value 'trophy' display animals infinitely more so. The level of...
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    Who uses a 303?

    Shot my first African animal with an old .303 and solids. Shot my second with a G3 and solids. CNS shots.
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    9.3x62 factory ammo

    RWS used to load a 257 which was fantastic. Expensive but cheap if you want quality perforamnce.
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    Advice needed Dangerous Game rifle

    Get yourself a .458W and practise. If your comfortable and confident with that level of recoil and accuracy, then trade on. You will learn a lot about what works and fits for you. I have no idea what the Rand will get you in S.A. or your budget/experience. With careful planning you don't need to...
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    Should I build a 318 Westley Richards?

    The .318WR has class. The rest are well ..... the rest. Parker Safari was one of the refurb/commercial Mauser '98's by Parker Hale (UK). Sounds like that example has had rough life. My son has a Parker De Luxe in .243W on its third barrel but is developing action wear as its first owner was a...
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    Apparently Bill Wilson likes 9.3x62

    It was huge in the German colonies. Tanzania, Namibia, Rwanda and Burundi. Mainly used for clearing land of native species for cattle grazing. Tens of thousands of game were slaughtered with it. Post WW1 it overtook the 8X57 in those colonies as military equip was restricted by the Versailles...
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    Who likes the 7X57

    Had a custom one made and took it to NZ for Red Deer. Great dear cartridge but sold it. More of an Aficionados cartridge and there are now better multi-purpose cartridges available. Before anyone gets on their high horse about shooting Elephants in Africa ... try turning up for an Elephant hunt...
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    6.5 Creedmoor

    If I took a 6.5 to Africa I'd take a PRC and 140 Woodleighs. Just for that extra safety margin on the general run of plains game.
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    Can I hunt Africa? I have injuries...

    Yes you can. If you can walk 200 metres from a truck you will get all the hunting you want. You will be surprised just how much game in South Africa is shot from the back of a hunting vehicle.
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    Correct bullet

    Are you a handloader or looking for factory ammo ?
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    What Rifle should I get for RSA Plains Game Hunt?

    270 for the Northern Cape and 308 for the rest. Both are very popular with the locals for plains game. 150 grains in the 270 and 165 in the 308 will get you your game. Don't forget to practise practise practise.
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    What Watch do you wear when you hunt?

    None. I try not to wear a watch on a hunt. I leave that to the sun and enjoy whats going on around me.... unless the trouble and strife has me on a lease that day ..... :)
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    Eastern Grey Kangaroo Hunting

    The .223 is certainly the pick for head shots Bob. We just found the slightly heavy projjies and/or higher velocities helped for the long shots with wind. These blokes were shooting for the box and took it very seriously. I've seen a couple of 100kg Greys on Singleton Army range where they...
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    Eastern Grey Kangaroo Hunting

    I've helped a few Roo cullers in the North west and Northern Tablelands of NSW. A .243W is too big in flash & noise. Here your required to use 'humane' head shots. The most effective was a downloaded 22-250 and a .22PPC, For really big fellas over 25 kg I'd use a 6mm PPC or possibly a Grendel...
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    Lightweight short action deer rifle

    Howa in 6.5 Grendel. Mini action is short, light and with 129 grn projectiles more than enough for your game.
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    3 Cartridge to Hunt Worldwide

    The world is a big place and sometimes the rifle has to also match the terrain, weather and range as much as the game. Legalities aside .... .243W 6.5PRC/6.5x68 9.3x62
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    Best starter guns for an adult newbie

    .22lr. Lots you can hunt with a .22lr. Learn to stalk, learn first with baby steps. Learn properly and safely.
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    Question: Kilombero v. Selous

    Even in the Selous it can differ from concession to concession depending how they are managed. It really is finding the good straw amongst the chaff. Generalizations don't work. Good luck.