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    Ruger m77 hawkeye .264Win

    Almost exactly the same. One set has the little "" logo cropped out of the bottom left corner of the pics.;)
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    Ruger m77 hawkeye .264Win

    Funny, I had the same thoughts a couple weeks ago. Saw this add this a.m. and did a little snooping. OP's pics are pulled from an old GI ad...
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    TSS it worth it?

    The way several of your posts were written, anyone not familiar with TSS and Bismuth could very well take away that the two shot types were similar. I added their respective densities as a point of info for the uneducated. Since most are acquainted with lead shot and it's performance, I'll add...
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    TSS it worth it?

    Bismuth- 9.6gr/cc, TSS- 18gr/cc. Huge difference in lethality of the two shot types.
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    The end result of being educated beyond one's intelligence. Sadly, an epidemic of considerable scale in the West.
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    New PA Member

    Welcome from another PA member, Josh. Halfway, huh... wouldn't be Breezewood, would it?
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    Favorite movie lines

    "Liberty’s too precious a thing to be buried in books, Miss Saunders. Men should hold it up in front of them every single day of their lives and say: I'm free to think and to speak. My ancestors couldn't, I can, and my children will."- Jefferson Smith (Jimmy Stewart)
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    Good Gun Deals This Week

    Energy numbers are just a skosh bit off on that Wiki page. 350gr @2150fps works out to- 3593 ft lb 4871 J
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    Meeting with Norma Reps tomorrow - Pass along your requests for brass/ammo that you would like to see imported to the US in the near future.

    Yes, that particular Partition round has been the only American PH loading readily available for some time. I assume it is all new old stock. The OP of this thread also has that 6.5x55 load for sale but the 156gr Oryx that Shootist43 said he would like to see is no longer available, AFAIK.
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    Meeting with Norma Reps tomorrow - Pass along your requests for brass/ammo that you would like to see imported to the US in the near future.

    Yes, it does. Felt quite fortunate last year when I ran across these in a country shop.
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    Meeting with Norma Reps tomorrow - Pass along your requests for brass/ammo that you would like to see imported to the US in the near future.

    It was until a few years ago when Norma seemingly discontinued it's entire American PH line. There were a lot of great loads that just went away.
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    Browning A5 3" Magnum 32" VR *Mint 1969

    Too bad you're not a bit closer to PA as there's a 32" Mag coming up for auction in a couple weeks that I'd be happy to point you towards. Looks to be in a bit less condition so you'd probably feel comfortable hunting it.
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    Rowland Ward "Great Antelopes" Print Set

    They really appealed to me too when I picked them up 12 or 15 years ago. Brought them through a few moves and am now in a smaller home and simply don't have the wall space for the framed art I have, let alone the couple dozen pieces that have yet to be put under glass.
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    Long trousers?

    Kevin, by chance, did you happen to know Denis Paul. He and his wife (Cindy?) operated Shumba Shaba before he passed away. I recall he also had at least one other business, Paul's Pest Service(?), in Bulawayo. My apologies for the tangent but I keep intending to ask you about him and then don't.
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    Sako Brown Bear 500 Jeffery Do they exist in US?

    Several threads here by US owners so they do exist. Never know what a "WTB" ad might turn up.
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    40 Rounds PPU 375 H&H For Sale

    Hope the other member can get you sorted out, CoElkHunter. And, my apologies to the OP. If I had been thinking, I probably should have pm'd that info instead of sticking it in the middle of your ad.
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    40 Rounds PPU 375 H&H For Sale

    Did you not see Mark's post last week?
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    Reloader 15

    Shyda's Sporting Goods in Lebanon, PA had some 1 pounders for $47.99 a few days ago. Probably gone by now but it might be worth a call if you're not too far down in VA.
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    Rowland Ward "Great Antelopes" Print Set

    Open to trades as well. Quality scopes and 9.3x62, .280Rem, 20ga Kent TM ammo would be of most interest.
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    Hunting and Safari books

    I appreciate the offer, Dewald. I'll know better after I read it whether I want my own copy or not. All the best. Marcus
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    Hunting and Safari books

    Thank you, Dewald. That's good to know. The copy I showed is on loan from a South African friend here in Pennsylvania. I have yet to read it (I have 8 or so boxes of books I need to get caught up on) but thought if I enjoyed it enough I'd like to have my own. I'm sure he'd pick up a copy for me...
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    Hunting and Safari books

    Not safari/hunting related but in the same vein of books not commonly encountered here- Do you know if this is a relatively easy book to find in SA these days?
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    Favorite movie lines

    I find myself quoting this line with probably a bit too much frequency.... "Shave that dog and teach it to hunt!"- Serial killer Early Grayce played by Brad Pitt in Kalifornia. Really like Pitt in the off-color roles he's done. His character "Mickey" in Snatch is one of my all time favorites.
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    Collectibles Insurance Services, LLC

    I don't recall ever hearing a bad word about Eastern. Many of the guys I'm acquainted with in the vintage doublegun community have been nothing but pleased with them. The wife of a good friend used to work with Jack Richardson and was integral in establishing the business. He had an excellent...
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    Montana Rifle Company Returning in 2023?

    Agreed. Had an 80s mohawk flashback when I saw it.
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    Rowland Ward "Great Antelopes" Print Set

    Signed and numbered (368/500) RW/ Keith Joubert "Great Antelopes" five print set- $500. Would prefer a FTF within a reasonable drive of Harrisburg/York, PA but would be willing to ship at buyer's expense if needed. *Print Size- 25 3/4"x 19 3/4"
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    243 WSSM

    Stalkers have synthetic stocks and a matte finish on the barrel/action. Medallions are wood stocked with high gloss bluing on the barrel/action. In addition, I believe they also have some engraving on the receiver.
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    243 WSSM

    Looks to be an Abolt "Stalker", not a "Medallion".
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    Looking For A 10ga Double Now

    J Just doing my small part to remedy the perjorative laziness so common in the American lexicon.;)
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    Looking For A 10ga Double Now

    Some tallywhacker put a White Line pad on a Darne??
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    A way of measuring my 12ga Bore and Chokes ? Not sure where Gary Bulley's bore gauges are priced now (they were around $130-$140) but it will be considerably less than $600. You could also look for a second hand Skeet's Bore Gauge.
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    Winchester Model 70 XTR Featherweight .257 Rob

    Seller's first post was Feb. 8, 2023. Last post was this "For Sale" listing.
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    Wanted Ruger No. 1 Stainless In .458 Lott

    Walnut or laminate?
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    Leupold return theft

    I HATE THIEVES. It sounds as though the theft occured while the package was in the shipper's custody. I'd contact them before Leupold.
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    Republicans here are behind the 8 ball from the start. PA is a "purple" trending "blue" state. 4 million registered Democrats to 3 million registered Republicans. We, like so many other states, are controlled by the population centers, overwhelmingly Dem. Democrats seemingly only have one...
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    Norma Bondstrike experience?

    Which bullets and of what nature were these failures?
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    YES/NO *** Ruger RSM Confusion or Question

    You're welcome. I'm sure GB has the shop's info but, if not, I'm glad to pass along the name if anyone in the area wants to know. All my dealings have been positive over the years but I typically only get in a time or two a year as it's a bit of a haul. Bit optimistic with his pricing but he...
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    Porcupines protect young

    Very cool. Wonder how many quills it took to figure the juice wasn't worth the squeeze.
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    YES/NO *** Ruger RSM Confusion or Question

    This is the gun I started a thread on a few weeks ago. I can't say for certain what it's from but that discoloration wipes off. Well, at least it did around the barrel band when I handled the gun. I would suspect it may be from how or what product was used to clean the gun as it looked the same...
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    .416 Rigby & 9.3x62 suggestions and considerations

    Don't know what your definition of "reasonable" is but RRP had by far the best price on new Norma 9.3x62 when I was looking a month back. Only (minor) complaint I could say is the case mouths came dinged and out of round but that isn't out of the norm for bulk brass, IME...
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    12 Bore Rifle Brass

    That pickle must be in there sideways...
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    Wanted Beretta Silver Hawk 12ga Double Shotgun

    I had a 16ga Silverhawk for a time. Nice enough guns, just keep an eye on the ribs. Given the nature of the guns you post, Safarikidd, bit surprised you're not looking for a 32" 10ga Silverhawk. Best of luck in the hunt.
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    Good gunsmith in Michigan for blueprint action etc?

    A lot of the Parker boys spoke well of Bachelder's when Brad was alive. Sorry to hear their reputation has slipped since his passing.
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    Experience with the 280 Remington

    Ha! I was 19 when I shot that bird. My father's comment upon seeing it- "I'm not sure we can patch that up enough to have it for Thanksgiving."
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    Double barrel shot gun choices

    IMO, there are very few new production doubles in this price range that offer the value that the Iside does. My 30" 20ga Iside EM weighs in at 5lb 11oz, handles extremely well and is compatible with any factory ammo/shot type I feel like running down it's tubes. It does not possess that...
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    Great novel, great movie, great line.
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    Overpriced Reloading Components?

    Yes, Ammoseek can be a useful resource. The conclusion to my previous post was I ended up buying new Norma 9,3 brass for $1 a piece.
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    Overpriced Reloading Components?

    I was looking for some new 9.3x62 brass a few weeks ago and found Nosler available at several retailers. Prices ranged from $95-$117 for a box of 25.... I didn't need it that bad.