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  1. Neil Molendyk

    Affordable big bores no longer being offered by the big guys.

    I hear you and feel your frustration. Affordable big bores north of the 49th are a rare and soon to be extinct it seems but if you haven't yet, check out Prophet River's website at Lloydminster, just might get lucky
  2. Neil Molendyk

    Cross wildebeest off the list?

    I've taken a Blue, Golden and Black, all essentially one shot kills, all with a 300 Win Mag, all 180 gr bullets, all at 150 to 200 yards. They're not invincible but they don't give up they're willingness to live easily. If you look hard enough you can find anything you want on YouTube.
  3. Neil Molendyk

    Long trousers?

    So there's these two guys walking down the sidewalk and on the other side of the street they notice this old dog just lying there and licking his balls. The first guy says to his buddy, "Don't you wish you could do that?"His friend replies " "Sure do, but do you think he would let me?" Maybe its...
  4. Neil Molendyk

    Enfield vs. Mauser

    Which Enfield action, the Mk 4 SMLE or the P14?
  5. Neil Molendyk

    How did our Grandparents stack up, compared to kids today

    It looks like it is a sophomore college equivalent. What do you say to a graduate of Liberal Arts degree? "I'd like to supersize those fries please"
  6. Neil Molendyk

    Your endorsement for a limited edition of Ruger Rifles

    All would be great additions to my collection but I doubt that they would be available in the great white north, somewhere between Montana and Alaska. I dare to dream.
  7. Neil Molendyk

    Free Range Namibia?

    On my trips to Africa on safari I always tried to hunt species that were indigenous to the area of the hunt. In Namibia this was greater kudu, gemsbok, warthog and others but not royal sable. Royal sable, because it was not indigenous, became very expensive, I could hunt it but not at that price...
  8. Neil Molendyk

    Not looking good for uk gun owners....

    It's just as bad or worse here in Chinada, just to the north of you JimP
  9. Neil Molendyk

    Your endorsement for a limited edition of Ruger Rifles

    7X57 Mauser (275 Rigby) 300 H&H 375 H&H 416 Rigby 404 Jeffrey All classics in African Calibres in older proven calibers and all available in Ruger No. 1
  10. Neil Molendyk

    Canadian super pigs

    In defence of the farmers in Alberta that tried the Russian boar venture, believe it or not there were people entering his property at night and cutting the fence to let the hogs out so that they could shoot them. Then they went feral. Initially the farmer would offer wild pig roasts at company...
  11. Neil Molendyk

    Not looking good for uk gun owners....

    This must limit the hunting in Great Britain to the sport of only the very well heeled. I have to wonder how anyone there can afford or even use any of the fine British guns that reknowned craftsman there build.
  12. Neil Molendyk

    Not looking good for uk gun owners....

    I wonder what the requirements currently are to own firearms in this jurisdiction.
  13. Neil Molendyk

    SOUTH AFRICA: Buffalo, Sable & More With Chris Troskie Safaris

    Very well done report, a good friend of mine had a buffalo hunt with Chris in 2015 and also had a very enjoyable hunt. Nice buffalo with good character. Congratulations. Now you will have to begin saving for the next trip.
  14. Neil Molendyk

    Fed Ex Canada No Longer Shipping Taxidermy

    In my experience, shipping trophies into Canada has become a royal pain in the arse. Not long ago trophies could be flown to various airports, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton,Toronto, Montreal etc, any international airport. Now, if it's DG or CITES listed animal, it has to go through Toronto where...
  15. Neil Molendyk

    Dealing with wounded Cape buffalo

    Ditto: also before the hunt the PH that I had observed my handling of my firearm and he expressed his satisfaction of the handing and his expectations. We came to the understanding that the backup shot, if required would only be as a last resort and only if anyone in our party would be endangered.
  16. Neil Molendyk

    Dealing with wounded Cape buffalo

    I hope you had your underwear mounted along with the buffalo.
  17. Neil Molendyk

    Are the new Hornady cartridges necessary?

    26-06, 270 WIN, 30-06 (all from the 30-06 family) 7x57 Mauser 300 H&H 300 Win Mag, 338 Win Mag, 458 Win Mag (offspring of the 300 H&H) 375 H&H 416 Rigby. All work wonderfully in the right application I was once told that nothing is new, only rediscovered. But that's why I'm not into marketing.
  18. Neil Molendyk

    Dealing with wounded Cape buffalo

    The only problem I have heard of with a bolt action is the hunter short stroking it. I know of one hunter who had that issue and he was a proficient shooter, but when the adrenalin is pumping I guess it can happen. Any DG rifle in proper form should be fine. Practice practice practice. Thats why...
  19. Neil Molendyk

    Comment by 'Neil Molendyk' in media 'Buffalo Hunt Zimbabwe'

    Nice scarred up old daggaboy
  20. Neil Molendyk

    Bill C21 Canada

    That is the exact reason(s) why all 338 MPs received a personal snail mail letter of protest as well as about 40 other government officials who are involved with this idiocy from myself. And thumbs up to the CCFR for there diligence and hard work to stop this dictatorial agenda.
  21. Neil Molendyk

    Bill C21 Canada

    Today there is a glimmer of hope for the firearms owners, hunters and recreational shooters in Canada. Today Feb 3 2023 the the Canadian Federal government has decided to withdraw the Bill C21 amendments to the Firearms Act , primarily due to public pressure and opposition party efforts. Justin...
  22. Neil Molendyk

    Canada's proposed new gun laws...

    Today February 3, 2023. Canadian Feederal Gov't repeals ammemdments to their firearms act regarding long guns and shotguns. They received a large and growing pushback from the firearms community. Maybe a start to the end of this insanity that they were trying to sneak through.
  23. Neil Molendyk

    Comment by 'Neil Molendyk' in media 'Leopard Full Mount Taxidermy'

    Nice mount, I would something similar if I ever had the opportunity.
  24. Neil Molendyk

    New member from Alberta

    Welcome fellow Albertan, you have come and joined to the very best website.
  25. Neil Molendyk

    Shoot Or Pass?

    SHOOOOT!!!!. I had the same opportunity in the Eastern Cape in 2019. I declined it and my backside is still sore from the daily ass kicking I self administer.
  26. Neil Molendyk

    Trophy Eurasian Boar Hunt At The Rockin G Ranch

    One of the last times I visited Montana, pre covid, the border security officer really pissed me off and when he asked me why I was travelling to the US, business or pleasure. I told him that it was no business of his, "None of yours". He got real testy after that until I asked him "Where do I...
  27. Neil Molendyk

    Trophy Eurasian Boar Hunt At The Rockin G Ranch

    Thanks Gizmo, what I had in mind was a Ruger 1 in 45-70, 300 gr Swift A Frames. I ve taken a black bear, a moose and several deer with it so I suspect that it should be adequate. The only real big issue is covid vax status as I am one of the unvaxxed heathens that the US govt still turns back at...
  28. Neil Molendyk

    Trophy Eurasian Boar Hunt At The Rockin G Ranch

    Considering proper bullet placement, what would you recommend for cartridges and energy minimum for an ethical hunt, what ranges can be expected?
  29. Neil Molendyk

    Hunting SA or "Wild" Africa - Which is Better

    You don't have to go to Tanzania, Mozambique, Zambia or Zimbabwe to get wild buffalo. There are hunting areas adjacent to Kruger National Park in RSA that the animals can cross into the concessions from the park simply by crossing the Luluvu river. Bear in mind that they can cross back into the...
  30. Neil Molendyk

    Selecting an outfitter?

    Did you file any hunting reports?
  31. Neil Molendyk

    TANZANIA: Has Anyone Hunted With Heritage Safaris Or Grand Safari?

    SOUTH AFRICA: Hunting With Grand Safari In The Eastern Cape I hunted with Grand Safari in 2019. Here is the link to my hunting report.
  32. Neil Molendyk

    A Pair Of Boar taxidermy Mount

    Thanks Gizmo, I'm going to keep that in m ind
  33. Neil Molendyk

    Selecting an outfitter?

    I would like to recommend Pieter Potgieter of Motsomi Safari. Between him, his wife Ria and his PH Marco, they provided us with a wonderful safari, buffalo in Makuya, plains game on their other properties. Ria was very accommodating on the after hunt activities although shopping wasn't on our to...
  34. Neil Molendyk

    A Pair Of Boar taxidermy Mount

    Thats a hunt that I would like partake in. Here in Alberta they are considered as vermin but try to get somebody to disclose their location is like asking for their daughters virtue.
  35. Neil Molendyk

    Wanted Benelli Super Black Eagle

    Thanks for the information. I just bought one (Super Vinci) and haven't had the opportunity to shoot it yet or pattern it.
  36. Neil Molendyk

    A Pair Of Boar taxidermy Mount

    Thats some pretty mean looking bacon! Do they ever go on the offensive or do they always run away?
  37. Neil Molendyk

    on a lighter note...

    THE BATHTUB TEST During a visit with my doctor, I asked him "how do you determine whether or not an older person should be put into an old age home?" Well, he said, we fill up a bathtub, then we offer a teaspoon, a coffee cup and a bucket to the person and ask them to empty the tub. Oh, I...
  38. Neil Molendyk

    Comment by 'Neil Molendyk' in media 'Buffalo Bull Hunt South Africa'

    A proper fine old dagga boy, polished boss, worn tips and a scabby but beautiful face
  39. Neil Molendyk

    Illinois passes assault weapon ban

    No Toronto, No Montreal, No Ottawa, No Vancouver, No Victoria. Sorry if you live in one of these left wing chicken coops but its all about choices that you make.
  40. Neil Molendyk

    For Sale Trijicon Accupoint 1-4

    Couldn't agree more on your comments. Fantastic for any DG in close, any dark coloured game, black bear, moose, royal sable, Cape buffalo, Bison and Musk Ox (someday maybe). And four power is plenty enough for longer shots up to 200 yards. I took all my game at 1x. Good luck on the sale.
  41. Neil Molendyk

    Illinois passes assault weapon ban

    Maybe, but I'd bet against the rant over part.Never met you but i think I know you
  42. Neil Molendyk

    What did you learn at the DSC convention?

    If Mama is on board then the biggest hurtle is over. Happy wife, happy life. You're on your way:A Banana:
  43. Neil Molendyk

    Illinois passes assault weapon ban

    I think, hope, that this amendment to Bill C21 will die a stillbirth and take with it the Trudeau Liberal Gov't and all the WOKE Turdeau worshippers with it.
  44. Neil Molendyk

    River Monsters Of The Kunene River In Namibia

    After looking at the pictures of the crocodiles and the inflatable canoes, all i can offer is the following quote from JAWS Roy Scheider's line "You're gonna need a bigger boat". Thank you for sharing
  45. Neil Molendyk

    How much cash do you bring?

    After talking to the PH's that I have used I came upon the same conclusion. I've been told of clients attitudes that would curl your hair.