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  1. ChrisG

    Reboring .416 to.423

    The issue is a technical one. Even if you found someone who would re-bore to .423, the amount of metal to be removed is 35 thousands of an inch. You will not even remove the old rifling lands, they would just be shallower. The issue with that is that in the process of re-boring, you want to...
  2. ChrisG

    .45 Super

    The .45 Super and the 10mm are pretty neck and neck energy-wise. As far as hitting power, I would give the edge to the .45 super as it is larger and capable of using heavier bullets. My .45 super now also wears a ported barrel which slows the slide down significantly. I simply use light .460...
  3. ChrisG

    Why no love for the .358 Win?

    Sad story, I ended up getting my mauser set trigger converted from .243 to .358. However, It would just not feed properly so I sold it and got another misfit... a .280 Remington. I miss the .358 although I do see where it has its drawbacks. Not being able to sling heavier longer High B.C...
  4. ChrisG

    .458 winchester silk purse from a sows ear project

    The funny thing is... I actually never use a sling. I've hung up rifles on brush trying to get the gun into gear more times than I can count. But the swing swivel on the barrel just looks amazing.
  5. ChrisG

    .458 winchester silk purse from a sows ear project

    Thanks! I built a humidity cabinet for low humidity times. Do you just boil the rust blue in a closed evironment with the parts?
  6. ChrisG

    .458 winchester silk purse from a sows ear project

    Factories hot blue their parts using a caustic nitrate bath at around 300°F. I don't have that setup ( it is wayyy too dangerous and caustic for a "home hobby"). But it does blue almost any ferrous metal. I am using the rust blue method which is a much higher end finish on gunmetal, but it can...
  7. ChrisG

    .458 winchester silk purse from a sows ear project

    I haven't completed the stockwork yet. I am building a house currently so the Whitworth took a back seat to it. The rust blue came out everywhere but the bolt handle so it is simply in the white with a bright polish on it. The handle must've been really low carbon steel that doesn't take the...
  8. ChrisG

    Savage 110 info

    All Savage rifles use button rifled barrels which are inherently more precise than the hammer forged barrels used by almost every other company. That, and their floating bolt head and barrel nut makes headspacing easy and fast=inexpensive. They all shoot really well. I had a hog hunter back when...
  9. ChrisG

    416 Ruger, the modern day 450/400 NE

    2,150fps is easy-peasy for a .416 Ruger. I had the Ruger Hawkeye African (since traded in a got a .458 win mag because... why not?). The only thing I will say is that I had to add about a pound of weight to the rifle, evenly distributed between the buttstock and the forend to bring it up to...
  10. ChrisG

    Why all the 6.5 Creedmoor Hate?

    Or, if you could keep it running, an old Leyland Land Rover
  11. ChrisG

    Marlin 336 Overhaul

    Thanks! It comes down to how many coats you apply, humidity, and what it is carded off with. It also depends on the steel. Really low carbon steel doesn't take too well. I think this was about 12 coats. Then a week long oil bath in WD40 darkens it a little and cures it. Then a coat of carnauba...
  12. ChrisG

    Marlin 336 Overhaul

    Yeah, rust bluing really is easy if it is done right and it produces one of the most enviable finishes in all the gun world. It can be done in a tiny corner of your basement. There is something about the soft black. It is very easy to recognize rust blue vs any other finish and it is nigh...
  13. ChrisG

    Why all the 6.5 Creedmoor Hate?

    C'mon! you and I both know that there is no way you can impress your vegan girlfriend by shooting with touseled hair!
  14. ChrisG

    How far do you have to travel to even hunt?

    Whitetail deer, coyote, turkey, squirrel, 5 minute walk to the stand. Black bear, about a 45 minute drive.
  15. ChrisG

    Mauser 98 Builds

    To each his own. Personally, cocobolo isn't enough of a contrast. The oil in cocobolo also makes it harder to work with. I assume you will be doing the stock work yourself? A nice oil finish and learn to checker (doesn't take long) and you should end up with a really nice piece! Here's some...
  16. ChrisG

    .22 magnum on bigger varmints

    Peoples perception of what is an effective varmint gun is very subjective. A .22LR is absolutely adequate for animals up to coyote given good shot placement. This is my raccoon, coyote, woodchuck etc. rifle and it is absolutely up to the task, head or chest shots: A .22LR limits...
  17. ChrisG

    Why all the 6.5 Creedmoor Hate?

    Yeah... that pretty much sums it up. Especially chicken soup with a monkey wrench. It really adds a flavor all its own.
  18. ChrisG

    Lever Action Love...

    This was a .30-30 I re-worked for a friend of mine years ago when I was still learning to checker. He was very happy with it. Killed a few deer since then
  19. ChrisG

    Is anyone else doing this?

    I would say this is pretty common with artillery rounds but not so much with small arms. Although it is common in auto pistol cartridges with heavy bullets. I used to load a 160 grain 9mm bullet in a 9mm parabellum. I was longer than the case but still could be driven to 800fps.
  20. ChrisG

    What Is Your Personal Limit?

    300-350 with the caveat being "an unwounded animal". If the animal has already been hit, then I will take a poultshit at 500 or more to try to bring it down. But at an unwounded animal, no way would I stretch it that far.
  21. ChrisG

    Why all the 6.5 Creedmoor Hate?

    I wasn't knocking you Bob, she obviously made an excellent shot! I loved my 6.5x55 and it is basically the Creedmoor's ballistic duplicate. It has the same capabilities as any 6.5 medium velocity cartridge. Kudos to your wife for hitting a nice buck at over 300 yards! It does the same job that...
  22. ChrisG

    Why all the 6.5 Creedmoor Hate?

    If she shot it with a Creedmoor, it can't be dead. This is some elaborate ruse! You trained that deer to lay down in front of your camera for pictures! As per the original OP, Yes the hate is caused by overblown melodrama that follows the Creedmoor. That...and the Art History major in the...
  23. ChrisG

    Most durable wood stock finish/treatment

    +1. A good oil rubbed finish with 2 coats of carnauba wax over it will produce a good weather tight seal. as far as "Durability" goes... There are two schools of though. One finish coat and then never add anything to it ever again (polyurethane). This tends to last as long as any one finish...
  24. ChrisG

    Marlin 336 Overhaul

    Thanks! I am still working on my whitworth .458. I will post some pictures when it is up and running after checkering is complete.
  25. ChrisG

    Remington 12ga 2-3/4” rifled slugs

    We used to have a camp in Allegheny county that was shotgun only. standard foster slugs worked ok. They are terrible penetrators and have a trajectory like a cinderblock thrown by a 3 year old. Where in upstate are you?
  26. ChrisG

    Annealing Made Perfect Induction Annealing Machine

    This is a ZVS Flyback resonant circuit. It, a 1000W Dc power supply and a timer with relay will do the same job. drop in a case, whack the button on the preset timer, when the timer ends, relay opens, circuit shuts off, next case... Man, I should have invented that thing and made $1,000 on each...
  27. ChrisG

    Calibers that make your Professional Hunter shudder

    I'm going to say... energy isn't everything. Get an air rifle! My FX impact is a .25, 700mm barrel, and a slug power kit installed. regulator is set pretty low and I have the power set up about half way. I am chronographing a 40 grain NSA slug (Bullet) at 975fps. It will probably push a 50 grain...
  28. ChrisG

    Calibers that make your Professional Hunter shudder

    Here you go. A cull elk taken at 60 yards, with a .30 cal FX Impact, shooting what I assume are 60ish grain slugs, at somewhere south of 1000fps. All that for a whopping 110-120 ft-lbs of energy. He has the advantage that the Impact is stupidly accurate. Just goes to show that under the absolute...
  29. ChrisG

    other wood for tips/caps?

    I have used Wenge. You need a contrasting wood for it to look right. I honestly don't think rosewood caps look great myself. African blackwood is indistinguishable from ebony for a forend cap, unless the ebony is Macassar in which case you typically will have some striations and color in the...
  30. ChrisG

    Calibers that make your Professional Hunter shudder

    Muzzle brakes are great. For tanks and heavy artillery. I actually don't want to practice with a brake on then hunt without it. If I can't handle the recoil while practicing, I am not going to shoot well with the brake removed because now I am wondering how hard I am going to get hammered when...
  31. ChrisG

    Can we please stop talking about "flat shooting" cartridges

    Or use an air rifle to hunt stuff with a kill zone the size of a dime at 100-150 yards. Talk about compensating for drop and wind! I will say, my .25 Impact gives 90% of my rifles a run for their money at 100 yards, accuracy-wise, on a calm day. Picking off chipmunks that are infesting my...
  32. ChrisG

    500 jeffrey for whitetail

    Seems like the Raptor does just what it was designed to. The petals from the Jeff seem to penetrate a lot farther than they do from say a .30-06. Could be that each one of them from that gun weighs as much as a .25ACP round and is moving faster. Nice shooting. I have used my .375 and .416 on...
  33. ChrisG

    Can we please stop talking about "flat shooting" cartridges

    I would just add that the assumption here is that bagging an animal is 100% of why people hunt. None of us here are subsistence hunters, so there must be more to it than killin' stuff and eatin' it.:unsure:
  34. ChrisG

    338 Ultra versus 338 Lapua

    The RUM is rare and the Lapua is a problem looking for a solution as a hunting cartridge for the vast majority of hunting scenarios. And any scenarios not covered by the "vast majority", are scenarios in which the shot should probably not have been taken. In case anyone doesn't know... I have an...
  35. ChrisG

    best bolt action for dangerous games

    This is exceptionally well explained and demonstrates a much more complete understanding of how a Mauser extractor works than I have. The old adage, "you don't know what you don't know" definitely rings true. I definitely learned something!
  36. ChrisG

    best bolt action for dangerous games

    I will leave you with that thought. 6.5 creedmoor. CREEDMOOR is actually an acronym for "Cartridge Really Exists for Elimination of Dangerous Mammals Over Outrageous Ranges"... can't make these things up.
  37. ChrisG

    .270 Winchester

    I don't know what it is about the .270... I have never owned one. It may be that I just didn't feel that it was a gap needing filling. the .264 and .284 diameters all have so many options to choose from, I just never thought I needed a .277. Anything you can hunt with a .270 can be hunted with a...
  38. ChrisG

    best bolt action for dangerous games

    Ruger Precision Rifle. 6.5 Creedmoor. If that fails. I have heard from reading Bunny Allen that buckshot stops everything in its tracks. Especially Leopard!:A Stirring:
  39. ChrisG

    Which Shotgun for buckshot ?

    Use 000 3" rounds and an improved cylinder choke unless you want a specialized choke. Buckshot fired through tight chokes deforms the little spheres and they no longer fly true and hold a pattern. you will see a number of flyers usually if you are using a full or even more constricted choke. The...
  40. ChrisG

    Eland and ELD-X performance

    Even hunting smaller game, I opt for premium bullets. I don't like wounding animals especially if I did my part and put it where it was supposed to go. Having never shot an eland, and knowing how hard even smaller animals are on bullets, I would opt for a TTSX or an A-Frame, preferably out of a...
  41. ChrisG

    Vaguard shooters out there?

    The Vanguard is basically a Howa 1500 and they are decent rifles for their price. My beef with Weatherby's is they try to compensate for poor stock design by putting a brake on the end of an already unwieldy barrel (at least for me). Does your rifle have a muzzle brake on it? that might explain...
  42. ChrisG

    Can we please stop talking about "flat shooting" cartridges

    I would recommend a .280 Remington. Not the Ackley version, just the normal tapered case version. I love it! Mine is in a Ruger no.1 which makes it even cooler in my opinion. I am eventually going to have tree bone carving make me a set of nice stocks for it and get a real rib and nice sling...
  43. ChrisG

    Marlin/Ruger 1895 Guide Gun

    All that said,I got a chance to handle chiappas 45/70 with a 16" HALF OCTAGON take-down barrel! It was probably the slickest looking gun I have seen in a long time. Short amd handy... a little heavy for a trapper model. But it is based on the Winchester 1886 which was TOUGH action. It is is a...
  44. ChrisG

    Back country carry gun

    Ahhhh ok. Yeah from a sleeping bag, I would conjecture that is the worst possible scenario. not only are you still mostly asleep, you're wrapped in, for all intents and purposes, a straight jacket. Something like a boxlock howdah would be the perfect tool for the job in that scenario. Nothing to...
  45. ChrisG

    10mm auto new pistol which one?

    .45 super... sorry I had to say it.
  46. ChrisG

    Mountain rifle

    I am going to repeat the recommendation for a Winchester M70, however, I don't believe it comes in .280AI. That would be my caliber of choice, just because of bullet selection for the 7mm. I have a standard .280 and it is an awesome caliber, although mine is in a Ruger No. 1 with the classic...
  47. ChrisG

    Can we please stop talking about "flat shooting" cartridges

    I am not sure why, given modern sintering technology, that someone hasn't built a barrel sleeve in the correct configuration made of tungsten carbide. I mean the barrel would be stupidly expensive, but would last almost indefinitely if the sleeve was brazed into the bore of a chrome moly tube...
  48. ChrisG

    Calibers that make your Professional Hunter shudder

    I brought my 6.5x55 on my elk hunt as a backup for myself, my dad and my brother. I was using a .300 win mag as a primary and my dad and brother had .30-06's. When the outfitter asked what calibers we brought I told him. My outfitter replied that "We have seen a lot of elk never recovered...
  49. ChrisG

    Monolithic in 6.5

    Tipped monolithics are the creme de la creme of bullets in my opinion. I accidentally downloaded a whole box of 120TTSXs for my 6.5x55 Ruger M77 to 2,550fps. (I chronoed them about 2 years later expecting them to be about 2,700). First shot through the deer liquified the lungs and heart...