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    What are these?

    I have only shot paper with it.
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    What are these?

    Lehigh made a .416 caliber bullet that looked just like that. I don’t know if they still do or not. It wasn’t on the Lehigh Defense website but had its own website. They were called DOA bullets if my memory is right. I still have some. Mine are 330 grain bullets. I also have some .458-200gr. I...
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    8x68S owner's opinions

    Gert I look forward to seeing the results of your 8x68s in action. Have you thought about which bullet you want to start reloading with?
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    My son and I both shoot TTSX's in our 9.3x62’s. He has taken Kudu, Wildebeest, Zebra and more with his. He took his Wildebeest at a little under 300yds. I have taken moose and black bear with mine. All were satisfactorily taken. The caliber does not seem to be finicky. I shoot a Blaser R8 22”...
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    Excellent caliber, both my son and I have one, his a CZ and mine a Blaser. He has taken several plains game in Namibia, from Duiker to Kudu. I have taken Moose and Black Bear. We both used 250gr TTSX, his with 2000MR and I used CFE223.
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    375 Flanged Magnum

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    375 Flanged Magnum

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    Back country carry gun

    When I was fifteen I worked for my uncle during the summer of 1967. He lived in Lemon Creek outside of Juneau Alaska. When I would go creek fishing or for hikes I would sometimes carry his Blackhawk. Me being maybe 100 lbs. dripping wet I didn’t care much for the .44 mag. so I usually slung a...
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    Your endorsement for a limited edition of Ruger Rifles

    Ruger #1’s Minis. .22 Hornet Blesbok, Impala - 7X57 Gemsbok, Wildebeest - 8X57, 8X68s, .300H&H Eland, Lion, Buffalo - .375H&H, 9.3X62 All dangerous Game - .416 Rem Mag, Rigby, Taylor I would support any that I have listed.
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    Best Big Bore Gong?

    IMHO, AR 500 is the best plate to use, I think. Use 1/4”(10.2lbs per sq ft), 5/16”(12.8lbs per sq ft) or 3/8”(15.3lbs per sq ft) plate. If you have a local steel fabricator with a laser plate machine nearby talk to him about cutting some out for you. NOTE: it’s best to purchase a full sheet...
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    Relief Map of Africa

    Thanks, I just ordered one.
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    Best Reloading References?

    Norma, Woodleigh and A-Square (if you can find a copy) loading manuals have the calibers you mentioned. Norma lists their load data on their website also. This forum here, Africa Hunting, should have reloading threads for the calibers you listed I would think. For the 9.3x62 I would recommend a...
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    .416 Rigby & 9.3x62 suggestions and considerations

    .416 Rigby CZ550 400gr NorthFork GM210M, its’ what I had on hand RL22, Recommended by John? at North Fork Bullets Norma Brass Lyman, its’ what was available at the time. 9.3x62 CZ550 and Blaser R8 220-232gr bullets, H4895 250-286gr bullets, CFE223, 2000MR, Big Game 286-325gr bullets, RL17...
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    Transitioning To A Blaser R8 - A Two Months / 500 Rounds Review

    About a half pound difference
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    Who is your favorite Tarzan?

    I grew up watching, Johnny Weissmuller in, Tarzan. Every boy I new wanted to be Tarzan because every boy I new wanted Jane.
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    New gun build M70 Pre-War Cloverleaf Action

    I like your idea of keeping it in .375H&H and adding a Pre-War take-off barrel. I think I would give it a barrel length of 24-25 inches and add some good iron sights. Many may disagree with me but I would consider giving it a high polished bluing finish.
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    Advice for my rifle

    Before you start spending a bunch of money why don’t try giving Winchester a call and talk to them about what’s going on. I have a M70 in .375H&H. The stock was broken while traveling to Namibia. I called Winchester and told them what happened and asked them to replace the stock and that I...
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    Travel to California with gun

    Yes, but I think you are limited to 40(?) rounds of ammunition when entering California and that is for residents and non residents alike. I don’t know what is like for a non resident to purchase ammunition. I know it requires a background check for residents so I think it would be the same for...
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    Travel to California with gun

    Here are a couple of links to help answer your questions. This talks about long guns also.
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    416 Ribgy or 458 Lott

    @NIGHTHAWK here is a book that might be of interest to you. It’s from Safari Press ($39.95) but seem to not have it in stock, presently. Amazon has it available on Kindle for $11.49. It’s a good read and gets into the differences between calibers and rifles.
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    Soon to be a New R8 owner

    I like the Z5i 3.5-18x44 a lot, so that gets my vote. I have several R8 barrels and haven’t found the need for a formal break in. One of the nice things about a rail mounted scope, besides the clean look, is the reticle will be plumb and level. Also I like the quick release scope mounts. I use...
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    Best Ballistic Software for Apple Macbook?

    I like Strelok and my son likes Applied Ballistics but we use those during load development, doping and truing up BC’s. For actual hunting a better choice would be a range finding optic that has a ballistics program built into it. There are several out there. I use and like the G7 BR2. I used...
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    What do I take to Namibia? 30-06

    For comparison, my youngest has been to Namibia twice, each time he used his 8X57 with 160 TTSX at around 2800-2850 MV. He has handily taken all of the animals you have listed with it from 20yds to a little over 250yds. I think your 30-06 should be similar. But if you don’t feel confident with...
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    Calibers for leopard

    I don’t know diddly squat, but, my son used his 8X57 with 180gr BT for his leopard and it worked fine. I could be wrong but I think the bullet used is equally if not more important than the caliber. It’s my understanding that you want to use a fast acting bullet. As for caliber I would use...
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    ZIMBABWE: Black Death In The Omay

    Maaannn, nice buffalo, well done.
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    My second rifle choice

    I think the three calibers you seem to be settling on are all excellent choices. I have never touched a Dakota rifle so I can’t speak about it. The with the rifles I have experience with and with a $10,000.00 USD budget I would try and piece together a Blaser R8 Pro with three standard barrels...
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    Moving to Florida- which rifle(s) and caliber(s)?

    You might take a look at Blaser’s Bockdrilling BD14. The small barrel comes with a .22 Hornet or .222 caliber barrel. The standard barrel comes in either 6.5x55, 308 win, 30-06 or several rimmed calibers from 5.6x50 R mag to 9.3x74. The third barrel is a 20ga. which I think can shoot slugs. All...
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    You be the Judge! Caliber Question

    Bob to try and sooth your angst about the Blaser R8, my pairing would be the .375H&H and the 8x68s or 8x57. I have those in the Blaser R8 and they would be my preference. Unfortunately for '@Aaron N’, and others I think, Blaser does not offer the .300H&H, a classic caliber. But he should not...
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    Reloading data for the 8 x 68

    @Aaron N, I have not used any Hodgdon powders with the 8X68s. But I will share what my experience has been with loading for it. I think any of the 4350 powders will work well with 180gr and lighter bullets. I haven’t messed much with 190 - 200g bullets but think the 4350s' will do well there...
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    Whisky appreciation

    I like Willett’s Straight Rye Whiskey and some of its companions.
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    The last pair of binoculars

    I have Swarovski 10x42EL’s and Leica 10x40 and they’re great. But if I know I’m going to be doing quite a bit walking and/or stalking then I’ll grab my Zeiss 8x25 or 10x25 Terra’s. They are light with very good glass, rugged and hands down the best binoculars for their price. I always keep a...
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    What calibers and scopes would you choose?

    I can’t expand your jpeg @jcneisn1 to see what it says but SAAMI says it is .532” and that would be a magnum bolt head for the R8.
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    What calibers and scopes would you choose?

    I hadn’t thought much about that but after looking at a pair of trees across the street I think I would go with the 1-8. I’m guessing the trees are about 8-10’ apart with trunks about 16-18”s in diameter. I ranged them at 50yds. The 1-8 I put the vertical cross hair on the center of one trunk...
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    You be the Judge! Caliber Question

  35. dchamp

    3 Cartridge to Hunt Worldwide

    You could always get a Blaser BD-14, .222, 9.3x74R and a 20ga with slugs or shot all in one nifty little package.
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    Scammer Alert: All Reloading and Primer Supplies

    This is from one of the owners at Hammer Bullets It appears that there is a scammer out there claiming to have Hammer Bullets for sale. Or anything else for that matter. They are running on a fakebook page under the name All Reloading and Primer Supplies. Beware, don't buy anything from this...
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    Liver Anyone?

    You know I forgot one, it's been a long time, chicken liver wrapped in bacon and grilled makes a good appetizer. Serve it with grilled dove breast wrapped in bacon. Hmm can't wait for September. Bacon goes with everything.
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    Liver Anyone?

    I love liver! #1. Fresh goose liver sautéed in butter and finished in a raspberry sauce. #2 Goose or duck pate #3 Good ol' liver and onions the way mom use to make it. #4 Kudu liver ceviche, had this in Namibia the day my son got his Kudu. It was a little crunchy but O'so delicious. #5...
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    Best 17HMR

    I shoot a Anschutz 1717 in 17 HMR. It likes Hornady 17gr V-Max follwed bt CCI 16gr lead free hollow points best. I have never had any of the problems mentioned previously. I have a Browning T-Bolt in .22LR that I like even more than the Anshutz. It prefers SK and Wolf ammo over all others.
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    Blaser R8 for Dangerous Game

    I looked on Blaser's configurator and this is what I discovered.
  41. dchamp

    Debating whether I should step up to 375 H&H?

    I have a Blaser R8 and one of my barrels is a .375H&H standard barrel with sights. I have had it for a few years now and it has become one of my favorites. I see Eurooptics is listing the same barrel for just under $1,500.00 USD. You can spend $3,500.00 USD on a Safari grade Selous barrel if you...
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    325 WSM

    I have never fired a .325wsm ,but I from what I can tell, the .325wsm and the 8x68s are pretty much ballistic twins, similar to the .300wm & wsm. The belted 8mm Rem Mag sits IMHO further up the ladder close to the .340Wby.
  43. dchamp

    Wanted Blaser R8 .270 Rem Mag Bolt Barrel & Bolt Head

    I am pretty sure Blaser only offers .270win, .270Wby Mag and .270wsm
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    CFE223 works great in my 8x57, 9.3x62 & .375H&H BUT it was a disaster trying to make a load in 7x57 with a 131 Hammer Hunter and CFE223. I got erratic up and down velocities and POI with that combination. I have had good luck with Hammers in 6.5Wby RPM, .375H&H and 8X68s
  45. dchamp

    Which would be better downloaded 375?

    That's an interesting dilemma. Since it's a double you are probably shooting open sights or red dot, so shots will be relatively close. Full pressured loads seem to cause your rifle problems and limiting to PG. I think I would try two or three different bullets, that tickled your fancy, start...
  46. dchamp

    Which would be better downloaded 375?

    First question, is this for a bolt action .375H&H or a .375 Flange Magnum double barrel rifle? Second question, is the shooter you or someone else? The loads seem rather mild. All things considered I would use 300's if everything was going to be say less than 200-250yds. Otherwise I would use...
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    Pistol Cartidge Reloading - My ongoing Journey

    @Tanks Have you had any issues with those coated bullets gumming up your handguns any?
  48. dchamp

    Pistol Cartidge Reloading - My ongoing Journey

    I recently purchased a Lee 4000 kit with the Auto Drum Powder Measure. I too am new to loading handguns. Overall I like the press. I am most impressed with the auto drum powder measure. It has been very consistent with throwing charges. I am using Titegroup in .38spl.