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    Case size for a Blaser R8 and a double rifle

    Are you allowed 3 rifle calibers in to Africa, i think the limit is 2 calibers, and not 2 rifles in same caliber.
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    416 Rigby No2

    Nr 2 is the same basic brass, it can use the same reloading dies as 416 Rigby. But have you ever found dies, brass and reloading data?
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    Rigby's Big Game vs Heym Express

    The Heym Express in 375HH holds 4 cartriges in the mag, but Mauser M98 magnum holds 5 cartriges. Is it because Heym's mag box is made to fit 375HH (and thereby hinder the bullets to be pushed inside the case during recoil).
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    What Bolt Actions handle gases in the event of a cartridge or primer failure best?

    It have been discussed in a Norwegian Forum, and is tested in real life in a product development phaze (for Schultz & Larsen as i understand). It is rupture of case from primer pocket to rim that is most Dangerous. They said that it is the number of 90 degres turns gass have to take before...
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    Remington 700 Dangerous game build?

    In a Norwegian forum there was a case with a Sako 85 firing a 6,5x55 where the case ruptured from the primer pocket to rim. No injuries to the shooter but gun was not usable any more, bolt kept in place. But this resulted in a discussion about the safest actions when it comes to strength and...
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    375 Ruger

    Internal volume in the cartridge is about 7% larger in 385 Ruger than 375hh.
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    375 Ruger

    Yes. About 7% better, only availability of 375hh is better than 375 Ruger. All other parameters is in favor of 385 Ruger.
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    375 Ruger

    I belive they fill a market space and will survive, like 300wsm. 375 Ruger have a following, is better than 375HH. It will take time for 416Ruger, but it is a bether solution than 416Rigby.
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    450/400 ammo supply? Kynoch
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    Scope with rail or ring mounts

    What is stronger, a scope with rails or mounted with scope rings? What about swing/pivot mounts, most of these are not one piece mounts, will a railed scope be strong enough for at 2 piece swing mount?
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    Mauser 98 - Manual cocker/decocker

    A decocked is seen as the safest option, specially how guns are carried in Africa. Would the Voere Manual cocking system work ? Voere link
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    .404 Jeffery

    Old tread, but can't see it mentioned that Norma PH ammo in 404 Jeffery is made to same "power level" as 416 Rigby. But both Hornady and Kynoch follow the original recipe = same "power level" as 450/400 NE 3", aka .400 Jeffery.