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  1. John Camp

    Another cz 550 magnum rigby bolt face

    I just looked through their offerings. It looks like you can pick up a nice piece of lumber pretty cheap.
  2. John Camp

    Winchester M70 Safari Express 375H&H

    You and me both brother. I keep coming back to punish myself though.
  3. John Camp

    Moving to Florida- which rifle(s) and caliber(s)?

    The 7mm mag caliber will work fine. But, the rifle might not be the best choice. 7mm mags generally have long barrels, and long barrels are a pain in the butt when trying to sneak through some thick brush. 7mm-08, 308, or 6.5 would be great for the short receiver and shorter barrels. I have iron...
  4. John Camp

    Pronghorn Buck Rifle opening day Colorado

    Sounds like a dove shoot with centerfire rifles. No thanks.
  5. John Camp

    2022 Deer Season Kicked Off

    excellent buck. congratulations
  6. John Camp

    Tire Kicking For A Mannlicher Stocked Rifle

    I assumed I knew generally what a gun built with these items would look like. Not for me.
  7. John Camp

    Tire Kicking For A Mannlicher Stocked Rifle

    I don't even know what that stuff is.
  8. John Camp

    Tire Kicking For A Mannlicher Stocked Rifle

    Return of The Jedi. I'm glad you made it.
  9. John Camp

    Sako AV .375 H&H Excellent Condition

    I hate being broke
  10. John Camp

    New to me CZ 550 9.3x62

    It looks great. Enjoy your hunt.
  11. John Camp

    New to me CZ 550 9.3x62

    That is a perfect looking rifle. The stock looks slimmer than my American stocks. What modifications did you make? What does the rifle weigh?
  12. John Camp

    Elk hunt gear?

    Recommendations depend on many factors. Will you be packing your elk out? Do you just need a day pack to carry extra clothing, water, etc? Will you be hunting in the mountains? You have to have the right gear to deal with varied weather, but I argue a Hunter should never make compromises when...
  13. John Camp

    Ruger M77 Alaskan vs Guide Gun

    I like the Hogue as well. It is just a sturdy, and good-looking stock, and I really needed that slip-resistant rubber hunting the North Georgia mountains in freezing rain. I love the setup and am thinking about having one built with the same features and dimensions, but in 9.3x67.
  14. John Camp

    Comment by 'John Camp' in media 'Coues deer Hunting'

    Details? Great buck.
  15. John Camp

    Obsession with tactical rifles & equipment

    This is a sad reality to me for several reasons. Now, first I will say that I hunt with rifles that are walnut with blued steel. I also hunt with synthetic and stainless, especially in the North Georgia mountains. I also have no problem with people doing their own thing. This apparent...
  16. John Camp

    Red Stag Gores Hunter

    I think some bit of the criticism is valid. His camara was on the animal. I assume he was using a GoPro and it was mounted on his head or chest. If so, then he was looking in the direction of the buck. Plus, he was talking about something interesting in front of him, so I think he was square to...
  17. John Camp

    Red Stag Gores Hunter

    I don’t know the laws there, but it is called buckshot for a reason and people do still hunt deer with it when they are in some thick stuff and expect to jump bedding deer and have close shots at them moving quickly.
  18. John Camp

    CV 550 Front & Rear Sights

  19. John Camp

    CV 550 Front & Rear Sights

  20. John Camp

    CV 550 Front & Rear Sights

  21. John Camp

    CV 550 Front & Rear Sights

    These are new factory sights and have never been installed. They came with a 550 American in 9.3x62 that I no longer have. I think the rear sight is made by Williams, at least the sight looks like a Williams. The rear sight assembly is complete with both mounting screws. The front sight...
  22. John Camp

    Alaska Arms Rings & Leupold VX-1 3-9x40

    Rings are SPF.
  23. John Camp

    Alaska Arms Rings & Leupold VX-1 3-9x40

    I agree. I think it is one of the best options for a quality scope on a budget. It is really light and can handle the recoil of a large caliber rifle.
  24. John Camp

    Alaska Arms Rings & Leupold VX-1 3-9x40

    The scope is sold.
  25. John Camp

    Alaska Arms Rings & Leupold VX-1 3-9x40

    Leupold VX-1 3-9x40. It is matte with a duplex reticle. The rings are Alaska Arms QD, 1 inch, medium height, and for Ruger M77 and Hawkeye rifles. Both fall under the category of “ain’t nothing wrong with them.” The rings held the scope to my Ruger Hawkeye Alaskan through three seasons in the...
  26. John Camp

    Ruger Hawkeye Alaskan In .416 Ruger

    This one was one of the early ones. It does not have a muzzle brake or a barrel band swivel stud. It is very accurate. Only 51 down the pipe, but it has been hunted. I have packed it through wilderness areas in both Idaho and Georgia, so it is not perfect. Nothing serious, just a couple of small...
  27. John Camp

    Soaking Clothes In Permethrin

    Thanks, that is some good information, and welcome to AH.
  28. John Camp

    Want To Buy Ruger .416 Alaskan & Ruger .458 Lott

    That I believe If that is the price it is because it is the market rate. If you can not find one cheaper it is because that is the market rate.
  29. John Camp

    Want To Buy 9.3x62mm Bolt Action

    If you see one let me know. Not too many floating around.
  30. John Camp

    Want To Buy Ruger .416 Alaskan & Ruger .458 Lott

    $2,500 for a Ruger Alaskan in 416 Ruger?
  31. John Camp

    Anyone loading .416 300gr Barnes TSX?

    An old post, but I shoot the 300 grain TSX in my 416 Ruger. The advantage, other than less recoil, is a flatter trajectory. Zeroed at 225 yards I am only 6 inches under at 300 yards. I got to use the 300 tsx on a small bear and a big whitetail this year and neither liked it very much. The bear...
  32. White-tailed Deer Hunting USA

    White-tailed Deer Hunting USA

  33. Hunt White-tailed Deer in USA

    Hunt White-tailed Deer in USA

  34. USA Hunting White-tailed Deer

    USA Hunting White-tailed Deer

  35. White-tailed Deer Hunt USA

    White-tailed Deer Hunt USA

  36. John Camp

    For Sale CZ-550 Picatinny Rail

  37. John Camp

    For Sale CZ-550 .308 In A Lux Stock

    I am selling a CZ-550 in .308 caliber. This is a .308 in the standard size action and came from the factory in a sporter stock. That stock went to my 9.3x62 stalking rifle project. The Lux stock the .308 is now wearing came from the 9.3x62. The barrelled action is very nearly perfect. It has...
  38. John Camp

    For Sale CZ-550 Picatinny Rail

    I do not know the manufacturer, but this rail is well made and functions properly. It is used and has varied minor scratches. I assume it would also work with a CZ- 557 as well. If anyone needs it I will ship it to you in the lower 48 for $35.00.
  39. John Camp

    11° Crown Tool (79° Off Axial)

  40. John Camp

    11° Crown Tool (79° Off Axial)

    I have an 11° crowning tool produced by Pacific Tool. It is new and never used. This tool is for 30-49 caliber. It comes with the 30 caliber pilot. Additional pilots can be purchased at a reasonable price from PTG. The tool plus shipping was $80. I will ship it to the lower 48 for $50. I prefer...
  41. John Camp

    For Sale Forster Universal Sight Mounting Fixture

    I have a Forster sight mounting fixture. It is in perfect shape and comes with all the factory accouterments. The fixture came with the 6-48 set of bushings, which include a 27, 31, and 7-64. I am also including the 8-40 bushing set, which is the 18, 28, and 30. These things ain't cheap, but...
  42. John Camp

    USA: A Boy’s First Deer

    Great story and just in time for Christmas. That is also a great buck, certainly for his first. I really love that he had to work for it - closing the distance with a belly crawl through briars builds character.
  43. John Camp

    Whitworth Express Rifle .375 H&H For Sale

    I hate being broke. That is a deal everyday.