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  1. Doug375

    NAMIBIA: My Hunt With Jamy Traut Safaris

    Thanks for sharing your story and pictures. Looks like you had a great time. I really like your Kudu and Gemsbok. Magnificent. I'll be in Namibia in 4 days and can't wait!
  2. Custom Express Rifle in .375HH

    Custom Express Rifle in .375HH

  3. Doug375

    30-06 - The calibre to love or hate?

    Mauser's Model 98. It's 120 years old and nothing has improved upon it. Not any of the variations or hybrids have improved on the 98s design. Browning's 1911 is 107 years old and no better handgun has been designed. The .30-06. The .375 H&H. There are plenty of more modern rifles, pistols...
  4. Doug375

    NAMIBIA: BOWHUNT: Namibia, Here We Come!

    Have a great safari! May God bless and keep you both safe.
  5. Doug375

    30-06 - The calibre to love or hate?

    It's old. It's common as dirt. It's not a magnum. It doesn't win bench rest competitions. All it does is kill stuff with boring regularity.....and has for for 112 years. I love all sorts of calibers new and old. Why is it that so many people can't appreciate a tried and true round AND the...
  6. Doug375

    375 H&H for everything

    Take that .375 and go huntin'. It's an excellent choice for everything except Elephant and maybe Rhino on the top end and isn't too much for anything with the exception of the tiniest stuff. The 300 gr TSX is a killing machine. I'm taking my .375 to Namibia in one week. I've packed .235 gr...
  7. Doug375

    Ruger M77 Safari Magnum opinions required

    Your post got me thinking about a "someday I will" that has been in the back of my mind a while. I've always wanted a Ruger RSM in 458 Lott. So after reading your post, I started hunting the internet gun shops and found one at Cabelas in Wheeling WV. It is described as in new condition with...
  8. Doug375

    Namibia: Cell or Satellite phone?

    If you'll be hunting from a ranch, just use the outfitters home phone. If you're going to be in the boonies you can rent a sat phone from an outfit like globalcom. I did that on my trip to Zambia. It was relatively cheep and worked fine.
  9. Doug375

    Show your Win Mod 70 Safari or Super Express

    Here's my Custom Express in .375HH. It came out of the New Haven custom shop in 1994. I bought it 5 years ago NIB. It's ready to be packed for a trip to Namibia in 11 days!
  10. Doug375

    375 Ruger vs 416 Ruger for an all-around rifle

    I have a 416 Ruger Hawkey African and used it on a Cape Buffalo. It did the job well. However, if you want just one rifle to do it all, I think you'd be better off with the .375 Ruger. You don't give up much....At least nothing a buff will notice....but you will have a caliber that is better...
  11. Doug375

    Show your Win Mod 70 Safari or Super Express

    + a Custom Express in .375HH
  12. Doug375

    Ruger M77 Safari Magnum opinions required

    That's a beautiful rifle! The wood is super nice. Great acquisition.
  13. Doug375

    NAMIBIA: Namibia 2018

    Good luck and enjoy the experience! I'm 17 days away from my 2nd safari in Namibia. I can't wait to get there. I live in the STL area too. Maybe we can meet up over a beer and swap stories once we're back.
  14. Doug375

    How do you wait out the last few weeks

    I hear ya friend! Just 19 days until I leave for Namibia! I'm having trouble focusing on anything else. I've packed and repacked several times. Have a great time in RSA. I'm looking forward to your report and pictures.
  15. Doug375

    Being told you could not shoot an animal or were targeting only one animal

    I prefer to be free to shoot the animal I want. Of course, the PH makes the call on immature animals and I will gladly accept the restriction. I ask the outfitter before I book if that's the way he hunts. If not, I know it and can make an informed decision. If they tell me that some animals...
  16. Doug375

    Hillary Clinton

    Can't a person go anywhere and escape politics? Televised sports lost me long ago because the sportscasters couldn't distinguish between sports and politics. Political messages in music are fine, but when the singers start thinking they're leaders of a political movement and assume I care...
  17. Doug375

    Ruger M77 Safari Magnum opinions required

    I like the M70 too, and actually prefer it to the Ruger. In 416 Rem the M70 would be my pick. But if your heart is set on a 416 Rigby, the M70 is not an option. For some folks, only the Rigby will do. Of the value-priced 416 Rigby options, I much prefer the old Ruger RSM to the CZ. The set...
  18. Doug375

    Ruger M77 Safari Magnum opinions required

    The Ruger RSM or Magnum is a fine rifle and one of the real bargains in DG rifles. You won't be disappointed.
  19. Doug375

    375 Ruger vs 375 HH

    Thanks! My typical loads are moderate. I usually end up well below the max loading. I've found that doing so yields better accuracy and the velocities are close to to original specs for the round.
  20. Doug375

    375 Ruger vs 375 HH

    I've reloaded .375 H&H for a while and haven't noticed that case life was limited. In fact, I was just wondering the other day how long they'd last. Seems to me that I've reloaded a lot of cases 5 or 6 times and they don't look any worse for wear. They don't seem to require case trimming...
  21. Doug375

    Just getting started

    Welcome to AH and enjoy the planning! It's all part of the adventure. There are so many solid options across all of southern Africa. Choosing the right outfitter has everything to do with your particular wants and needs. Practically any solid outfitter can provide the game you've listed...
  22. Doug375

    A question of style or taste?

    It's up to you but I don't think I have ever seen one behind the swivel stud (i.e., between the stud and the recoil pad.)
  23. Doug375

    375 Ruger vs 375 HH

    I think Steve is referring to the possibility of case stickiness with the Ruger round due to the cartridges higher pressure and straighter walls. This is an issue with some of the more modern cartridge designs. The relatively large case of the Rigby keeps pressures lower and it' tapered case...
  24. Doug375

    MEXICO: Has Anyone Hunted With El Mito Ranch?

    I saw the same show and also found it interesting. If you want an Aoudad, I have a better and almost certainly less expensive option. I hunted Aoudad in West Texas in the Sierra Vieja mountains. The beauty of the mountains there is breathtaking. The hunting is 100 percent free range and fair...
  25. Doug375

    Little thought of packing items

    Duct Tape. Seriously. I use it to prevent blisters on my feet and to fix stuff. I saved a hunt once when the sole of my boot tore off. The tape held on great until I could make it back to town for a new pair of boots. Rather than taking a huge roll, buy a small travel size roll, or simply...
  26. Doug375

    Anyone have experience with a Sabatti BIG 5 EDL

    Fred Gunner, most doubles have been chambered for rimmed cartridges. This allows more positive extraction/ejection than would be the case with a rimless cartridge, like .416 Rigby. That said, many doubles have been designed and chambered in rimless calibers, and from what I hear, they work...
  27. Doug375

    Jack Russell shows Lions who's boss

    I fear that someday soon the owners will be asking...."What ever happened to Alfie?"
  28. Doug375

    Bear Taxidermy: Shoulder vs Rug

    It depends on the condition of the hide. For a bear with deep, thick fur it's tough to beat a rug or full body mount. IMO, it's kind of sad not to display all of that beautiful fur. The one black bear I have taken so far had rubbed his hide pretty badly, so I went with a shoulder mount. The...
  29. Doug375

    Walk across Africa

    I like the question! So I think if one wanted to walk across Africa in the 1880's....and wanted to arrive alive....they'd better carry a rifle that could stop a determined charge from the largest beast found along the way. So, you'd have to be able to stop an Elephant. Even the...
  30. Doug375

    My 375 Winchester has arrived

    I have a Leupold VX5 in 2×10 on my 375HH. It's not the one with the dials. Just dirt simple. Nice glass and the adjustments are accurate and repeatable. I like Leupold and Nikons genetally
  31. Doug375

    Top African animal to shoot

    My favorite is Cape Buffalo hunting. If I had to, I could hunt them exclusively.
  32. Doug375

    Size of Concession

    Your concern shows you're an ethical hunter. Good for you! I agree with the other does depend on the topography and vegetation. A piece if land measuring 2,000 acres is certainly too small if it's flat and sparsely covered. That same size property can be tougher to hunt if it's...
  33. Doug375

    Namibia in just over a month

    My word what a trophy! Well done.
  34. Doug375

    Namibia in just over a month

    It's very much your choice. There is no wrong answer. I think Kudu are the most beautiful and regal of the native PG animals in Namibia. Sable and Roan are as or more beautiful, but they're not native to most of the hunting areas in Namibia (maybe Roan are indigenous up in the far...
  35. Doug375

    Rifle Lessons Learned from the Zimbabwe Professional Hunter Proficiency Exam

    Great article by a real expert with a lot of field experience. I've owned several of the brands of rifles Mr. Heath mentions and have had various failures with most of least the ones I've used enough to tempt Mr. Murphy :(. The most aggravating failure was with a Winchester Model 70...
  36. Doug375

    Ruger Model 77 Top Tang Safety 458 Win Mag

    Sorry! My bad. I need new glasses I guess. Swear I didn't see the price in you original post. Good rifle and price.
  37. Doug375

    Ruger Model 77 Top Tang Safety 458 Win Mag

    How much?
  38. Doug375

    Unique Buffalo Mount

    Who did the work?
  39. Doug375

    Takeri Reserve in Zambia

    Skin so Soft works best in repelling mosquitos. At least in my experience. Blackflies and tsetse flies...not so much. Honestly, I wouldn't sweat it too much. The time of year and the place you're going mean you shouldn't be bothered. If I ever get to the Kafue I'm going to try for Sable...
  40. Doug375

    Takeri Reserve in Zambia

    I was in the Luangwa Valley in September 2014. It's nowhere near the Kafue area you'll be hunting, so I'm not sure your experience will be the same as mine. However, I can say that Zambia in September can be plenty warm. At least it was when I was there. The mornings were nice and cool...
  41. Doug375

    The time has finally arrived

    The travel is all a part of it. Now that I'm not traveling every day for business, I kind of look forward to it. It's not every day that you get to ride in a vehicle that does 600 mph at 40000 feet! The truth is, the travel is a chore, but so worth it. Happy trails and send us a trip report!
  42. Doug375

    Qatar Airways??

    Thanks Rainmanparoni for the advice. I will be traveling with firearms, but won't be transferring to any partners of Qatar. It's certainly getting harder to travel with guns, but so far it has been worth it. Someday, I may think differently, but I hope not. I've found that travel agents who...
  43. Doug375

    Got to field test a .416 Ruger

    I'm also a big fan of the .416 Ruger and the Ruger Hawkeye African rifle. I used mine in Zambia on an old Cape Buffalo. It did the job.
  44. Doug375

    Qatar Airways??

    I was informed by my travel agent back in February that Qatar Airways had changed its WDH to DOH flight schedule and that they dropped their Thursday flights. I understand that Qatar is not seeing enough demand for their daily service to and from WDH. This means I have to stay an extra day in...
  45. Doug375

    Ideas on 30.06 rounds?

    I used a .30-06 on my first trip to Namibia. I killed 5 PG animals ranging from Warthog to Mountain Zebra. All were 1 shot kills. I used the Barnes 180 grain TSX. I'm a big fan of the Barnes TSX because they have always been more than accurate enough for anything I've hunted, and they...
  46. Doug375

    What 416 Rifle Should I Take To Africa???

    Take the one you're most comfortable with. The buffalo won't know which one you used. I used a Ruger Hawkeye African in .416 Ruger on a Buffalo hunt in Zambia in 2014. The first shot was in the boiler room. The PH and I kept shooting until he was down, but the first shot was the deciding one...
  47. Doug375

    Qatar Airways: Detailed review of recent travel

    Thanks for the review. It's good to have some reassurance that Qatar is all they're cracked up to be. I'm flying on Qatar for the first time ever in June to Namibia. I'll take American from St. Louis to Dallas. Then Qatar from Dallas to Doha and then on to Windhoek, Namibia. I've flown...
  48. Doug375

    Confirmation of import & export permit from Namibia

    I emailed the form but I also plan on taking a completed but unsigned form with me in case they misplace it. In either case, you need to sign it in front of the official. Don't sign it before you arrive.
  49. Doug375

    Richards Microfit Gunstocks

    I've used their semi-inlets on 3 rifles and have been happy with each of them. The wood quality is actually quite good. I've bought higher-grade wood each time and they have been just as described by Richard's. They don't claim to offer finished, drop in stocks. I've found that their 99%...
  50. Doug375

    Namibia in just over a month

    Have a great hunt! I'll be making the trip to Namibia in June. 71 days and counting. No matter which animals you choose to take, your first safari will be a blast. That said, Kudu IMO are the premier native plains game trophy in Namibia. If you can swing it, you won't regret spending the...