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  1. smokepole

    Issues with the Artistry of Wildlife

    Glad to hear everything is going well and you are ok. Have a food day. Looking forward to seeing my trophies.
  2. smokepole

    The Hunt of a Lifetime: Randy Newberg

    Sitting here tears in my eyes. Moved to Alaska in 192 to hunt for my Dad who died at 52 and never got to chase his dreams. Took a really nice trophy of most animals. Mostly just one , more were just not important to me. I am now 73 and have hunted Africa a few times and a couple other...
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    A Time to Die Tanzania

    Great read. Wish I could say-been there, done that.
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    Issues with the Artistry of Wildlife

    Rineharrt0050- could you let me know how you got hold of him. Thanks
  5. smokepole

    Issues with the Artistry of Wildlife

    I had a brief reply from him Mon and he told me where to send some African animals.
  6. smokepole

    SOUTH AFRICA: First Safari With Limcroma Safaris & Taxidermy

    Glad to see you had a great hunt. You will be back. The goat is the best. Wish I had done full mount with mine but was holding out for 10 inch-never happened. I like your room also. Lucky to have a hunting partner at home.
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    Going to Zimbabwe After All...

    Glad you are almost on your hunt, hope you have a wonderful hunt and a safe trip. Good shooting.
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    Looking For A Sabatti Baikal Spartn 45-70 Double Rifle

    Did you get your gun-I hope you find one and enjoy it.Goof luck.
  9. smokepole

    Artistry of Wildlife back in full production....

    So glad you are well and back in business Lets try to keep your health getting better every day. Welcome back, I am sure its been a long road. Good luck.
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    "Tiger Rifle" For Sale In .405 Winchester

    Is there any way to get it back to USA and cost to do it.
  11. smokepole

    Sad day in our family

    So sorry about Lucky. Lost my two birddogs/buddies last couple of years. Not over it yet. I look for them when I go out every day. Peace be with you.
  12. smokepole

    Pay It Forward-Free

    Happy birthday to the lot of you and many more!!:):rolleyes:
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    That site is full of scams. Take notice. Good luck
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    TANZANIA: Double Dugga Boy With Bullet Safaris!

    Very exciting adventure and hunt. Well told. Must be quit an outfit. good for you.
  15. smokepole

    Sable & Roan Combo Hunt For Only US$6,000

    Is it possible to drop sable and add eland and waterbuck .Thaks
  16. smokepole

    ZIMBABWE: Stunning Hunt With Halsted Safaris In The Zambezi Valley Nyakasanga Section

    Great looking buff--the kind we all would like to hunt/take. Sounds like a wonderful area.
  17. smokepole

    How bad can opening weekend of spring turkey season get?

    Ridge Runner-- Why in the world would you take a 3 in 12 ga when you have a good mussel loader. So much fun with a ml. I have a 9-10 ga and use 110 grains 2f and the same volume of lead shot-9,7,5 mixed with or without a shot cup. Do not kill as many but lots of fun. I say if they are over 30...
  18. smokepole

    Well wishes for our friend Dennis from The Artistry of Wildlife

    Welcome back Dennis. So glad you are doing well. You have my things there and I hope you continue to improve and get back to work. You have never done anything before but I hope you will still be able to do them for me. i will be proud to hang them on the wall-just the best of work and the best...
  19. smokepole

    ZIMBABWE: Hunting Opportunities With My Son

    Sounds like wonderful time with your son-glad you had the chance. ps--I am 73 can you adopt me!!!
  20. smokepole

    I am sick

    I I pray for a fast and speedy recovery. Nothing better than a father/son hunt. Hope we all have many more
  21. smokepole

    Sharing my daughter's success

    Looks like one very happy young lady and one very proud DAD. Well done.
  22. smokepole

    Well wishes for our friend Dennis from The Artistry of Wildlife

    Great news. prayers and best of luck on recovery. It will happen..
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    Welcome aboard. Good. luck on your hunt.
  24. smokepole

    Well wishes for our friend Dennis from The Artistry of Wildlife

    Get well soon>Hope for the best possible results. Will pray for you and yours.
  25. smokepole

    Greetings from Australia!

    Welcome to AH. Good place for info and hunting tales from all over. Got to hunt there last year in NT. Where did your buff come from. Good luck.
  26. smokepole

    Cost for a 28 day full bag hunt in Tanzania

    who with and when did you hunt moz
  27. smokepole

    Old gun accuracy

    I did not know they made new rifles. My old model 70's do more than I can. Have never bought a new gun. My 375 I bought 50 years ago before moving to Alaska. Never looked back.
  28. smokepole

    Have to Cancel Our Africa Hunt-Vacation

    Good luck on your health problem but it gives you more time to day dream of the hunt before you. Get well
  29. smokepole

    Prayers needed

    Love and prayers for his family and friends.
  30. smokepole

    Big Horn Sheep Taxidermy Mount

    What a wonderful trophy, just beautiful. Very nice taxidermy, you surly did him justice.
  31. smokepole

    Hello from Indonesia

    Welcome to AH. Lot of info here. Hope good hunts are in front of you.
  32. smokepole

    MOZAMBIQUE: Has Anyone Hunted With Legedema Safaris?

    Could someone please tell me how to send a pm to another member. thanks
  33. smokepole

    Going to Spain

    Hope to do that someday soon also. Will be watching replies . Watch the VAT taxes they run about 20% and not included most of time Also look at Sci auctions going on now. Lots of luck on your hunt and safe travels.
  34. smokepole

    Cape Buffalo 90 Degree Pedestal Taxidermy Mount

    Hope you can get mine to look like that next month and I am sure you will. Looking forward til I get it.
  35. smokepole

    Bushfires in Australia

    So sad. I had the opportunity to hunt the NT in June. Dry there then. Cannot imagine what it must be like there now. Hope and pray rains come soon. God bless your country.
  36. smokepole

    Greetings from the People’s Republik of Kalifornia

    Glad you joined us. Welcome
  37. smokepole

    Greetings from Finland

    Welcome to AH. Hope you know you are on your way to Africa!!!
  38. smokepole

    Problem leopards, marauding lions and hyenas, crop raiding bulls, the start of DG hunting for me...

    Great start. Now for the meat of the story. Merry Christmas to all.
  39. smokepole

    Zebra couch and chair

    They look really good. Good idea.
  40. smokepole

    My First Mountain Buck

    Very nice deer. Hope you get a good chance at a bear. Congrats
  41. smokepole

    The Artistry of Wildlife--Dennis Harris

    Thanks for info, just knew about health issues. Thanks Larry
  42. smokepole

    The Artistry of Wildlife--Dennis Harris

    I have been trying to reach Dennis for 3 weeks or more. He is usually very prompt at returning calls/email. Does anyone know if he and his wife are OK, Just wondering.
  43. smokepole

    Your favorite 2 rifle and 1 shot gun combination

    I tried to edit last post but ran out of time.The 375 H&H were used on buff and croc in SA and Moz and for moose and brown bear in Ak. The 300 H&H was used for PG in Africa.
  44. smokepole

    Your favorite 2 rifle and 1 shot gun combination

    Dangerous game --pre64 Mod 70 375 H&H--300 gr swift a frame. --pre 64 300 H&H 180 gr Nosler partition and I only have 16 and 20 ga sxs LC Smith. The 375 and the 20 ga I have used for over 50 years each in Africa and Alaska.
  45. smokepole

    AGENT: Has Anyone Used Point Blank Hunt's?

    any experience with Point Blank Hunt's?