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    Lion Pictures

    ..probably the same one as Donald Trump..o_O
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    Wanted Rigby 416

    ..pity it's not a 404 Jeffery though.. :A Too Cool:
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    Greetings from new member at Hunting

    :S Welcome:..just keep an eye out for our two resident spammers spike.t and bluey..
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    Black Mamba Pictures

    :D Beers:
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    Subsonic loads for .308 Win

    May I ask why ? I have used subsonic, and they suck at accuracy.. why not just use suppressor ?
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    Black Mamba Pictures

    ..stunning photo..
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    Black Mamba Pictures

    ..not my favorite thing to walk into in the bush.. :E Horrified:
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    Professional Hunters - What rifle do you carry?

    I wish you all the best.. :D Beers:
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    Spike.t bought a landrover????

    ..whatever.. :K Irish:
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    New member as of today

    :S Boobs:oops sorry... I meant :S Welcome:
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    Spike.t bought a landrover????

    ..Michael, I'd like you to stop messing about here and bring my car back now please..
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    Professional Hunters - What rifle do you carry?

    Hi Johan, you shouldn't have any problem with the Hornady 400's. I get mine from Safari and Outdoor.
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    :S Welcome:
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    .404 JEFFERY - A Professional Hunter point of view

    ..beautiful rifle my Buddy.. :S Feedback:
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    Caliber for springbok

    The .204 Ruger is also a great caliber for Springbuck...but you need to be on top of your game.
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    Greetings from Ivan

    ..except Spike and Bluey..they just like being old farts.. :E Big Grin:
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    Two Rifle Battery in Classic Calibers?

    The 9.3 x 62 is all you need. Keep it simple and enjoy...
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    Greetings from Ivan

    ..:S Welcome:..
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    ..:S Welcome:..
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    ..:S Welcome:..
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    Opinions on Sako actions for dangerous game rifle

    ..I have the t-shirt and the scars and if you were sitting at my campfire, these are some articles I would give you to read. You pays your money and you takes your pick. I use controlled feed because I grew up with it and I trust it...
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    In memoriam - Andi Maier murdered in Caprivi
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    404 Jeffery

    :E Big Grin:..good lad..
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    Sierra Game King bullets

    :D the poachers Bud, now you see me, now you don't..
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    Sierra Game King bullets

    I've said it before and I'll say it again, I have used them for years in my 375, on many hunts, on all plains game up to Eland and on big cats. Hand loaded right, and with correct shot placement, you will have no problems. The 250gr SGK's are good, accurate bullets.
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    Help me decide on my first DG rifle, this old post may help you make up your mind.. :E Big Grin:
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    increasing length of pull?

    ..did you get it sorted, Bud..?
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    :D Beers:
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    rigby 9.3x74r bolt action for finn's christmas present 2012 helps, of course, if you're a multi-millionaire.. ;)
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    Free Hunt for One Hunter & One Observer from Arc Africa Hunting Safaris for 2015

    Congratulations bud, well done. Enjoy your prize. :A Thumbs Up:
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    Who can identify this track..?

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    New arrival
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    Flashlight mount on Dangerous Game rifle

    ..jup, I'm with the ol' geezer on this one.. :D Cheers:
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    New arrival

    :S Welcome:..enjoy the site. Our resident upsidedowner troll, Bluey, should be on your case pretty soon..
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    Question for Outfitters and PHs

    ..pick one you like..
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    ..or, even worse still, maybe Spike and Bluey are in the area..
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    Custom Africa Rifle For Reduced Costs Of Safari such a knob Michael..but I still love you..
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    ..or maybe the local boys are bonking the baboons instead.. :E Big Grin:
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    Custom Africa Rifle For Reduced Costs Of Safari

    ..well, Troy, I'm a dangerous game crowd and I'm not frowning at all. That is a stunning rifle..we may have to have a chat..
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    Who owns and uses these calibres

    :S Spam: :E Big Grin: