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    9.3x62 vs 375H&H

    According to the Gospel of Africa a 375H&H is the best all around caliber. I don't disagree. However, if you take DG off the table is the 9.3x62 a better all around caliber for everything else?
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    CZ550s For Sale (30-06, 308, 7X57)

    I'm thinning out my safe a bit and I've decided to sell three of my CZ550 rifles. Top to bottom: CZ550 Predator 30-06. I shot this rifle to check function and then put it away. It's as new. The stock is original but I don't know who makes it. It isn't a cheap piece of flimsy plastic. It's solid...
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    Ruger 275 Rigby Trifecta For Sale

    This is a decision I've been postponing for a while. It's time to eliminate a caliber from my collection. As much as I like them my 7X57/7mm Mauser/275 Rigby rifles no longer fit in my collection so I've decided to sell them. This listing is for a trio of Rugers chambered in 275 Rigby. There's...
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    CZ550 300H&H

    I commissioned AHR to build this rifle for me. I ordered it back in December and I picked it up from my FFL today. It's a 300H&H built on a CZ550 magnum receiver. It has a 25" Lilja medium/heavy contour barrel (1/10" twist). The stock is dark walnut. The sights are NECG and AHR custom with a...
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    Double Rifle Scope Mount: Contessa, MAK, Recknagel or ??

    I want to mount a scope on my Zoli O/U double rifle. It has 12mm top rib with no recoil lug. The caliber is 9.3x74R and I'll use it as an all around/plains game type rifle. The scope will probable be a 1" tube 2-7X32 or something similar and based on that it seems the BH needs to be in the...
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    QR Rings On A DG Rifle: Necessary or Hype?

    Ok, at the risk of committing heresy is it really necessary to have QR rings on a DG rifle? I followed the herd and have a set of Alaska Arms for my 375H&H. In retrospect I don't think I'd do it again. In fact I might even replace them with a set of Tally fixed rings. If my scope fails I can...
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    Howdy. I've been reading this forum off and on for a couple of years. Great information. Finally signed up back in September. I'm a member on a couple of brand specific forums too. Today was an auspicious day for me. I made my first post on this forum, I booked my first African hunting trip...