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  1. WAB

    USFW Position on Botswana Ivory Imports

    Well with the positive election results in Botswana it looks like we will be hunting elephant and buffalo there in 2020. This raises the question of ivory imports. Does anyone know, or know how to run to ground, the USFW position on ivory imports from Botswana? The last that I had heard it...
  2. WAB

    ZIMBABWE: SOUTH AFRICA: NAMIBIA: An Epic Retirement Party!

    Well I'm two weeks back from Africa so I'd better get busy and write some thoughts down before it all becomes a blur! I was scheduled to retire for the third time on July 1st. Having failed at retirement twice before, I thought that scheduling five weeks on safari would ensure that the event...
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    Swift A-Frame & Trophy Bonded Bearclaw Performance

    Just back from a month in Africa. I thought I’d share some recovered bullets. Right: 7 mm, 175 gr Swift A-Frame recovered from a Nyala. 2300 fps muzzle velocity (7x57), 180 yd shot, 1 shot kill, recovered weight 168 gr (96%) Center: 9.3 mm, 286 gr swift A-Frame recovered from a Cape...
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    9.3x62 Primers

    I’m loading my 9.3x62 with WLR primers. I’m seeing posts on other forums where some folks are using magnum primers. The case doesn’t seem to justify it. Anyone have experience comparing magnum and are primers in the 9.3?
  5. WAB

    Westley Richards in .318

    Guys, I don’t have much info yet but would appreciate thoughts on a rifle my gunsmith is trying to help sell. It’s a Westley Richards in .318. Based on photos and my Smith’s inspection, bore and metal are all in very good to excellent condition with no mods. Unfortunately the stock has been...
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    USA: Good Morning In The Deer Stand

    Productive morning int the deer stand. I only had the 5 bullets in my .243. 3 shots later I was beginning to wonder if I was going to run out. Roarke’s Drift came to mind...
  7. WAB

    Zimbabwe Political Update

    Guys, I just received a news report on Zim that indicates things might be getting a little dicey. I don’t really trust what I hear in the news and am wondering if our friends on the ground can provide some first hand knowledge. Bottom line, we are planning to hunt there in August, flying in to...
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    Wanted Swarovski Z6i EE 1-6x

    Guys, I'm having a Dakota Model 10 built in 9.3x62. Due to the ring positioning on Model 10's (and No. 1's for that matter), I could really use an extended eye relief scope. Swaro discontinued the Z6i EE 1-6x last year. It would be the perfect scope for this rifle. If anyone has one they are...
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    BOTSWANA: Plains Game Hunt Botswana

    We have just returned from a great trip to Botswana. This was my 6th safari and the first in which I would not be hunting Cape Buffalo. I love classic tracking hunts for free range game. In my experience this meant buffalo and elephant. On this hunt we would be using the same technique to...
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    Botswana Hunt

    I am writing this from Africa Sky guest house in JoBurg, one of our favorite spots. We are off to Maun in the morning for a plains game hunt with friends who ranch in the area. This is my first African hunting trip not in pursuit of buffalo. I’m going to try to make up for it with a true...
  11. WAB

    Recoil Reducers

    I'm setting up a new Ruger No. 1 in 9.3x62 for my wife. Does anyone have experience with stock inserted mechanical (Edwards) vs. mercury recoil reducers? I'm going to put a 1" Pachmayr decelerator pad on the rifle but think that a recoil reduce may be a good idea as well.
  12. WAB

    9.3x62 loading advice

    I just bought a Ruger No 1 in 9.3x62. I’d appreciate any loading advice. I plan to shoot the 286 gr A-Frame. I use IMR-4064 in my 7x57 and H-414 in my .375 H&H. It looks like 4064 would be a viable choice but I’m not opposed to going to something new. Thanks in advance! Bill
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    ZAMBIA: Upper Luangwa Kudu

    I've seen quite a few posts regarding kudu lately so I thought I'd add mine. These pictures were taken about as far upstream as you can get on the Luangwa river before you hit Malawi. I shot this fellow the year before Zambia shutdown to 'sort out' their concessions. I've hunted in many...
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    ZIMBABWE: Bliksem!

    My buddy Bruce (cbvanb) and I recently returned from safari in Zimbabwe with our wives. Due to my crazy schedule, I don't post much in AH, but as chance would have it we ran into Royal (royal27) at the guest house in Bulawayo. Royal has shamed me into jotting down some notes. I hope they are...
  15. WAB

    MOZAMBIQUE: Hunt With Tootabi Valley Safaris

    I booked a hunt with in Mozambique for cape buffalo in 2014. We were hunting the Mahimba game reserve. My PH on the hunt was "Beans" Du Preez, the owner of Tootabi Valley Safaris. Mahimba is a great hunting area and Beans is the real deal, an old school PH who knows how to hunt. We had an...