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    Ivory Import to Italy

    Hi All, I have a former client and friend who I will be hunting Elephant in Zimbabwe next year. He has asked me if I can help him to find out if he would be able to import his elephant trophy to Italy given that he will be hunting an export Bull. Would anyone her have any info that I could...
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    Mountain Nyala Chilling

    Hi All, Was driving from Addis last week, heading south on my way to inspect some projects my company is involved with in the Bale Mountains (Ethiopia) and spotted this male Mountain Nyla by the side of the road just where the road passes through the park, so snapped this photo with my...
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    Australian AH Members Get Together..

    I noticed that there seem to be a few Australian Members on the Site and I was wondering if any would like to get together for a few drinks one Afternoon or evening and swap a few tall stories. Although I am based in Kenya I travel to Australia twice a year so I just wanted to put it out there...
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    Ruger RSM 458 Lott to 450 Rig

    I have a Ruger RSM in 458 Lott that I want to convert to 450 Rigby. I wanted to ask if anyone out there has made this conversion to their RSM. Not wanting to get into debates here about Lot vs 450 Rig just to know whats involves asides from reaming out the chamber.
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    Surprise Buffalo

    Spent the day looking for Oryx and as is normally the case they all vanish when they are being hunted. Finally, in the late afternoon after a long stalk I took a 180 meter shot with the .416 at this bull, he went down with a neck shot. After shooting the Oryx, we set up for photos then load it...
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    Back from Safari But No Rifle

    Im just back from a hunt in South Africa. Flew South African Airways. I got back home to Kenya after hunting in South Africa and guess what, my firearm didn't arrive in Nairobi. I waited for it for a while to be offloaded as I normally do and asked the ground staff of South African Airlines...
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    No Hunting But Killing Goes On..

    Well what can I say: I clipped this from the Nation Newspaper in Nairobi this morning. I would rather not add more.