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  1. Uintaelkhunter

    SOUTH AFRICA: NAMIBIA: Natal To Namibia With KMG Hunting Safaris

    How to start? Well I’m have not been one to write much on reports the last several years. Even though I read a lot of them for resources and research for hunts I’m planing in the future. I think it all started back in 2012 or 13 when I first had heard of KMG and Marius. I had emailed him about a...
  2. Uintaelkhunter

    Elephant imports now allowed from Zimbabwe & Zambia

    U.S. Now Allows Elephants From Zimbabwe, Zambia To Be Imported Nov 14, 2017 Elephants legally hunted in Zimbabwe and Zambia between 2016-2018 now can be imported into the United States, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) announced today in Africa. At the African Wildlife Consultative...
  3. Uintaelkhunter

    Round two for Elephant

    Roughly 12hours and counting I will be leaving for my second bull Elephant hunt. Thanks to AH and the cancellation hunt posted from Ndumo safaris on a exportable Caprivi bull hunt. This trip came together in less than a month and the help of Lori at travel express on the flights. I'm hoping all...
  4. Uintaelkhunter

    US Fish and Game extend Elephant ban into 2015 for Zimbabwe

    Service Announces Decisions on Import of Sport-Hunted Trophies to Further Conservation of Rhinos and Elephants Authorizes Imports with Clear Conservation Benefits, Denies Those Without March 26, 2015 Contact(s): Laury Parramore 703-358-2541 Based on extensive...
  5. Uintaelkhunter

    Chapuis 470 Nitro

    Chapuis Safari Express EL with long tang, three flip up sights, upgraded wood, and leather case regulated with federal woodleigh factory ammo but will shoot hornady factory loads in a 3 inch group as well also have load data for this gun to regulate with 350 grain loads. I hate to let this fine...
  6. Uintaelkhunter

    Must haves for a double rifle

    A question I have been pondering as I am trying to decide on having a new double build. What would you have added or upgraded on a double if you guys where to have one build. For me I am thinking must haves include the following Ariticulated front trigger Long tang and trigger guard Two flip...
  7. Uintaelkhunter

    Just plan wrong

    What do a 9 volt battery and woman's behind have in common. Sooner or later your going to put your tongue on both. Try to clean it up from a plumber friend of mine.
  8. Uintaelkhunter

    Who pays for none wounded charging animals?

    MtGoat brought up a good point in another thread if a animal charges you or your group and your PH shoots it who's cost is it yours or the outfitter. To be clear this would be a none wounded animal not being shoot before the charge. As I believe once the client has wounded it all bets are off he...
  9. Uintaelkhunter

    MOZAMBIQUE: Mutemba Safaris Mozambique

    My buffalo hunt with Mutemba Safaris Mozambique was a great hunt what a fantastic place. Operated by Wayne Wagner safaris in partners with Tim Otto of Gaza safaris has a concession of over 125,000 acres on the border of Zimbabwe. Day one we arrived in J-berg and over nighted at afton house then...
  10. Uintaelkhunter

    Daily rates question to the PH or outfitter

    Daily rate questions I am buffalo hunting in Mozambique then flying to South Africa for plains game for a few days and here is my question. I have finally convinced my brother to go with me but he is on a budget and has never hunted outside the states before all he wants is a kudu and to be an...
  11. Uintaelkhunter

    SOUTH AFRICA: My Hunt With Wayne Wagner

    Let me start by saying another great hunt with Wayne and Ion Brown in the Limpopo this was kinda a last minute booking in late march as Wayne's property had 8 miles of river bordering the bulalo reserve of the greater Krugher park and he hunts one elephant per year on it. Wayne and Ion have been...
  12. Uintaelkhunter

    Double gun iche is creapin up again

    Well just when I finally thaught it was over and that I had convinced myself I didn't really need one my friend asked if I would like to buy his 470 NE Chapuis and right back to it again that little iche in the back of my mind saying it a good deal buy it and we will find a use for it later...
  13. Uintaelkhunter

    ZIMBABWE: Daka Safari Area

    Has anyone hunted the Daka tail safari area in Zimbabwe. i am try to do some research as i am looking at an elephant hunt in this area for 2014. any other areas in Zim or Ph's recommendations for a big elephant?sable combo?
  14. Uintaelkhunter

    Newbie member

    Hi everyone. Longtime guest to this forum finally joined