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    I read where people have bets on the outcome of elections and that there are odds depending on the bets. I'm wondering if the bets can be made over the internet or if the bettor needs to be on-site. The bet I'm interested in would be in effect if the Bidet and Kampala win the election. It is...
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    Eco;logy- the original meaning

    I would like someone that would know where to look for information to find the answers to some questions. In those answers we could see how the Ecology of the planet will be affected by all this Green stuff. By that I mean the original meaning of Ecology with was the life system of the planet...
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    An old solution to Priming

    It may be the primer- I generally use WW or Fed primers but a got some CCIs, which I haven't used in about 40 years. I went to prime some cases and the first two primers "flipped" in the priming ram and got deformed, making them useless. Back when I used CCI primers I recall having similar...
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    Calculating bullets deceleration

    If I understand the ballistics programs correctly I should be able to enter the variables: bullets ballistic coefficient and initial velocity, barometric pressure, temperature and initial elevation. Then if fired straight up in addition to the decrease due to air resistance I would subtract 32...
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    I just got some news that really makes me mad

    The wife of a friend of mine passed away from cancer and due to the lock-down communication was limited so we just learned of her passing. The funeral wasn't allowed, those that attended the "service" could only watch from their cars and only a few were allowed to do that. A celebration of her...
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    Out of Stock??

    I just checked Midway and grafs for Nosler .308" 220gr Partitions; both listed Out of Stock. However the Nosler site has them of sale as Overstocked, so is there a reason the manufacturer would have an abundance but the retailers don't want to stock it?
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    Political Football League

    I see the Kansas City football group decided to stay in the locker room rather than be on the sideline and stand for the National Anthem. So all I have to say to that has the acronym FUNFL or maybe it is FYNFL, but in either case I won't be wasting any of my time watching a bunch of losers.
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    How high would it go?

    Say you mount a rifle in the vertical position, pointed straight up on a 747 and during the flight the plane is level at 35,000 feet. The weather/pressure is 30" at sea level, which charts show would be 7 at the plane's altitude of 35K; 40K 5.5; 45K 4.5; 50K 3.4; 55K 2.7; 60K 2.1; 70K 1.3; 80K...
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    Redding - Hornady die comparison

    Following a recent discussion of reloading dies, I sought to compare a set of Redding and Hornady dies, both in 404 Jeffery size. I determined three levels of comparison- general design, measurements, and potential accuracy. I used 3 new cases for each set. Norma cases were fired in the same...
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    Sizing die Comparison

    Sizing Dies Left to Right: CH, Bonanza, RCBS, Lyman, Redding, Hornady, LE Wilson. Of the bunch my favorite is the LE Wilson because is sizes by bushing (which is also available in some other brands) rather than sizing the neck to too small then pulling the expander button through it.
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    Polls & Surveys

    Yesterday I had a phone call from a PR firm with questions. this one was about my opinion of the local Public Utility. In short, the PUD wants to know what the public thinks of it. why they care I do not know since their job is to provide electricity which is quantifiable and fact related as...
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    I had never heard of Juneteenth before yesterday and now a bunch of people are claiming that it should be designated a US federal holiday. I have no objection to designating any day a federal holiday, however as with all holidays there is a cost. anyone remember what happened to Lincoln's...
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    I'm wondering about effects of shooting up & down hill

    I'm aware of the effects of gravity on bullet drop from line of sight- ie the total horizontal distance compared to the total distance and subsequent changes in sight. What I'm wondering is if a bullet is fired from a high position over a long distance, will gravity cause a change in the...
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    Anyone here ever play Poker- Dr.Pepper rules?

    It's 5 card draw with 10,2 & 4 wild. Anything less than 4 aces is a loser unless it is played with the additional rule that there needs to be at least one "natural" card in your hand for the wilds to be assigned, unless all that are in your hand are 10,2 or 4s.
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    US citizens- Question-- Have you received your $1200??

    Just wondering. neither my wife nor I have received anything from the government in the way of a stimulus payment AND the few people that we have talked to (about 8 or 10) NONE of them have received it either. So wondering how many her have received it or is it just another scam?
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    40 S&W cartridge- how good?

    This is probably not the best forum to ask the question, but it's the forum that I frequent, so it's the one on which I'll ask. A few years ago in response to "shortcomings" of the 9mm and 45 ACP cartridges, the 40S&W was invented. Increased performance over the 9mm and increased capacity...
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    When you have run out of reasons, even to yourself

    for the purchase of another firearm, What do you say to yourself when you pass the used rifle/shotgun rack and one cries out "BUY ME!!"?
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    More COVID cabin fever activities

    Some middle-aged Model 70s. Top to bottom: 338, 300H&H,30-06, 270, 257. Now what else can I do before I get to go outside and play?
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    Neck expander vs bushing for sizing?

    The sizing dies that I have are mostly the standard type where the die sizes the neck to smaller than spec then the expander button is pulled past the neck to size it to spec. The problem that I've read about and to some degree experienced is that the working of the brass causes it to harden...
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    Aim point with dots?

    With a dot reticle or bright spot for aiming it seems to me that there are two possible settings for bullet impact: setting the dot to overlay the bullseye and having the bullets impact the center of the bull; or adjusting the sights so that bullets impact at 12 o'clock, thus making for a 6...
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    What I'd Like to See: Compare 44 Mag with the new big Mags 460, 500, etc

    As noted in the heading- are there any U-Tubes or other videos or written comparisons of the 44mag with at least 6" barrels to the newer X=Frame guns or similar?
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    500 Gr Nosler Bullets For 470 NE

    Presently on sale at the Nosler store (Shooter's Pro Shop) 25 bullets (not cartridges) $49.95 (regular $92.90). I get e-mails from SPS, I have no interest other than letting the 470 shooter aware of the sale.
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    How can it be??

    Everyone says that the scope reduces the amount of light going through it; which is to say some of the light that goes in the objective is absorbed by the glass or inner parts of the scope so that less light makes it out of the ocular lens for the user to see. this would mean that the amount of...
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    Old vs new scopes

    Trying a test I used two scopes, 1935 manufacture Zeiss Zeilvier 4x compared to recent manufacture Zeiss Diavari V 1.5-6x T*. Sundown at this latitude today was 8:03PM PDT but in the mountains the valleys are dark with just the sky having light. So I picked out a portion of the side of the...
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    Pre-72 Remingtons??

    I saw on another posting a reference to Pre-72 Remington firearms. I had not previously heard this category. Are there differences between pre & post 72s?
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    No-Tox rifle bullets

    A project in Washington State involves lethal removal of some imported animals that are causing problem with the citizen animals but one of the requirements is that No-Tox bullets are to be used. I'm aware of the Barnes copper and the Nosler e-bullets but I'm wondering what else is available...
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    Knifery 101

    I've seen several posts where various knives were discussed and I didn't want to hi-jack those threads but wanted to impart a little of the knowledge that I have gained using knives over the last 60+ years, so I'll post several pictures, one at a time with an explanation of the picture. I'd do...
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    Ballistic Coefficient variability

    the Berger bullet info notes there are three factors involved in a BC: calculation #1, #7 and ratio of form. The older Sierra and other manuals determines BC using a calculation of sectional density and point shape. The newer Sierra manuals use methods measuring velocity loss over specific...
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    FedEx F-Ups again & again

    Most recent example: ordered some materials (couple pounds in small package) from company in Mass. they Fedex it. Package is shown as traveling across country and is even shown going through our town in Wa State on Monday 3/2. Instead of stopping here it goes on to Seattle where it sets for a...
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    Cheap practice bullets?

    Not wanting to shoot costly and sometimes irreplaceable bullets for practice but wanting to get in large amounts of range time, have any of you found standard or even cast bullets that could be loaded to approximate the performance of the hunting bullets? There are a bunch of such bullet...
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    Material to lean barrels on in gunsafe?

    I'm reworking the notches onto which the gun barrels lean in the safe. Rather than having bare wood I'd be putting some material on the notch to contact the steel of the barrel. I'm wondering if I should oil the cloth or put some sort of rust preventative substance on it or at a minimum if...
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    Switch from Bolt-Repeater to SxS Double?

    About 60 years ago I started my lifelong love affair with guns. In one of Jack O'Connor's articles/books he wrote that handguns were fine as were shotguns, but his true love was for rifles, because with rifles there were hunts to far away places, trips to wilderness with rugged mountains and...
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    Some 375 bullets

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    Opening up the base of a Mark X action?

    I have a magnum length Mark X action with custom bottom metal. The problem is that the open width of the metal is wider than the action opening. The result is cartridges hand-up on the corner resulting from the narrower action. All of the gunsmiths that I trusted to correct such a problem...
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    Recoil effects on Accuracy

    I'm not talking about flinching, bucking etc, but rather changes in bullet path due to different holdings. the rifle recoils as the bullet is traveling through the barrel so if the rifle has different recoil path I'd expect the bullet's path to differ. For example- heavy recoiling rifle is...
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    What is the Justification?

    I hope this thread doesn't turn into a political whipping boy. I'm just wondering with all of the restrictions in the majority of countries that are placed on firearms and ammunition, what are the politicians afraid of? Do the laws allow for the ease of those fears?
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    Testing optics

    With all that I read about optic quality and how technology, design and coatings have advanced in the last few years I would be inclined to think that all the older scoped that I have would be very inferior to the newer ones. But in actual use, I see very little difference due to the year of...
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    Combined shipping results?

    I'm wondering if any on here have had experiences with having items sent where the sender started the package either with Fedex or UPS and after the item got near the destination (within a few hundred miles) dropped the item off at the USPS for final transport and delivery? I have ordered parts...
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    Cutting holes in steel bases (scope mounts)

    I have an pre-64 M70 that has rear mount hole spacing .435:. The scope I want to put on the rifle has a 30mm tube. the scope presently has Leupold STD dovetail/pivot rings which I would like to retain. The problem is that all the Leupold/Redfield bases that I find are either .86 or .33". The...
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    Parts for Winchesters?

    I have a New Haven Model 70 Super Express 458WM. It had a mishap, tipping over and falling on the floor. The result was the front sight hood is bent out-of-round and the front sight is broken into two. I checked Numerics and Brownells- no sights or hoods for it, at least not in stock. Any...
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    350 Legend

    In response to some states that previously limited deer hunting to shotguns w/slugs or muzzleloaders but have now expanded the legal definition to include "straight walled' cartridges Winchester has introduced the 350 Legend. I've read that the basic cartridge is the .223/5.56mm that has had the...
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    Follower too wide for action base

    I have a Mark X magnum length action with Blackburn bottom metal. The sides of the bottom metal match up with the action on the outside. The bottom metal is thinner than the sides of the action so there is a step in on the inside. The follower fits nicely in the bottom metal but is too wide...
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    Headspacing gauges needed?

    I took the Mark X action and a barrel chambered for 300 Wby to the gunsmith to be seated. The gunsmith is just starting out and doesn't have a lot of equipment. He said he didn't have go/no go gauges for the 300 Wby yet so would need to either rent/buy a set in order to install the barrel. I...
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    Today's pick, Subject to Change

    After reading the various threads on various cartridge choices I have a choice for today. This is a subjective choice valid only for today as it may change tomorrow. But my three choices for today are 257 Roberts, 338 Win, 404 Jeffery. There are limitations to these cartridges that are...
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    M70 Magnum bolt faces

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    Norma 458 Lott 500gr FMJ

    Ammo is presently on Clearance at Graf & Son; regular $101.59/10; now $44.99
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    Refurbished Optics?

    I see Midway has a sale on some Swarovski and Kahles optics. additionally I get advertisements from Nikon regarding factory refurbished cameras and optics. this causes me to wonder: Where do these scopes and cameras come from to be refurbished? I don't know anyone that has had a camera or...
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    Chamber Min-Max variation?

    Recently I had occasion to compare the fired cases of three somewhat vintage but well cared for rifles, all chambered for 257 Roberts. The oldest was a Remington Model 30S from 1935, followed by two Winchester Model 70s, 1938 and 1949. The Remington has by far the largest chamber. Cases fired...
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    Remington Nylon 66 Receiver Metal?

    I tried some Birchwood Casey touch-up blueing on the scope mount groove atop the Nylon 66 and it not only didn't blue anything, it stripped off the blueing that was on it. It seems to be ferrous since a magnet sticks to it, but there seems to be a problem with blueing the scratches. Was I...
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    Shims under two piece mounts?

    I have a Win M70 375RUM that I would like to set-up for 1,000 yard gongs. It has Leupold 2 piece dual dove-tail rings/mounts. I got the knob that is calibrated for the load/velocity but with the parallel bases the scope (a Leupold VX6 4-24x runs out of adjustment at 450 yards. I sent the...