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  1. MS Hitman

    348 gas checks

    Does anyone have 0.348 gas checks? I am casting for my .351 WSL and would like to try them instead of .358s. Looking for no more than a couple dozen.
  2. MS Hitman

    USA: West Virginia Black Bear Handgun Hunt

    Took this 152 pound boar hunting with dogs the first day of the December WV bear season. The revolver shown is a 6” Freedom Arms in .454 Casull. I used 300 grain bullets I cast from a Lyman 454629 mold. First shot in the chest under his chin and the second through the shoulders on his way down...
  3. MS Hitman

    Cartridge loop belt buckles

    Made these two belt buckles, the top for 41 Mag and the bottom for 380 or 9mm. These are going to NC.
  4. MS Hitman

    New to me M-77 in 7x57

    This one followed me home yesterday. Circa 1977 by the serial number. The VariX-3 scope is a good match to the rifle.
  5. MS Hitman

    New Brunswick Bear Hunt

    Harvested this black bear while hunting with Bear Paw Outfitters out of Bathurst. He came into the stand I was hunting on the fourth day of our hunt. I was the last hunter in our group to tag out.
  6. MS Hitman

    Improper scope mounting

    Decided to swap scope between two rifles so they would match better. Found out someone had apparently used an impact wrench and compressor to install two screws. After breaking two T10 bits, and a T10 screwdriver, I had to drill out the two screws. Found the scope had been in a bind, hopefully...
  7. MS Hitman

    Prepping for Groundhog safari

    Mounted a new 2.5-8x32 Leupold on my old .223 Contender and will get her sighted in. Going for groundhog next week.
  8. MS Hitman

    Cast Bullet and Trail Boss loads in my .458 Win Mag

    Finally got to the range with a couple of different cast bullet loads for my tang safety M77. First I tried was a 405 grain bullet with 15.0 grains of Trail Boss, but it is difficult to feed with such a flat point. Second load was the Lee 500 grain with 13.0 grains of Trail Boss, and fed like...
  9. MS Hitman

    .275 Rigby Brass Available

    Hornady appears to have made a run of .275 Rigby brass. Graf & Sons has the best price I have found of $38.69 per 50. If you are looking for properly headstamped brass, now is the time. And just to be perfectly clear, I am not selling brass. Just letting those who are interested know where it...
  10. MS Hitman

    A pair of revolvers

    A matched pair of Freedom Arms Model 83 revolvers chambered in .475 Linebaugh. Each has taken an elk as well as white tail deer and other varmints.
  11. MS Hitman

    Holland's Super 30

    Picked up this jewel last night, but it came with a tremendous price. One of my best friends recently passed away from cancer and left this to me. I'm going to make sure she gets out to the game fields this coming season, but it'll be bittersweet without him.
  12. MS Hitman

    Oops, I did it again....

    Stopped by my LGS today. Manager tells me he has taken in a .458 that morning. So, I walked out with a M-77 in .458 Win Mag that was made in 1978 and spent its life in the previous owners safe.
  13. MS Hitman

    New Ruger African in .275 Rigby

    Picked up this rifle from the special run Lipseys commissioned. Mounted a Weaver 2.5-7 x 28 on it. I have some properly head stamped cases on the way. This is my "Little Rigby".
  14. MS Hitman

    Hand gunning in Africa

    Took this large old stallion at 200 meters with my .375 JDJ using a 300 grain FMJ. This waterbuck came out of the same canyon the following day. My PH was Wighart van der Gryp.
  15. MS Hitman

    Squirrel Safari

    This hunt occurred a few years back, but I ran across this photo today. I was using my T/C Contender with the 10" .410 barrel and my Ruger Single-Six with the .22LR cylinder and 4X Leupold scope. Those squirrels sure were tasty!
  16. MS Hitman

    Speer bullet boxes

    Just in case I am not the last person to discover this; I found the foam in several boxes of Speer bullets had begun or had already disintegrated and the bullets in contact with the foam were corroded. Lost about two dozen .243 bullets, and spent some time salvaging two boxes of .375 Grand...
  17. MS Hitman

    Ruger Magnum bolt handle

    How many shooters have had a problem with the bolt handle hitting their trigger finger during recoil? I have not personally, but it is in close proximity.
  18. MS Hitman

    Big Bore Cast Bullet loads

    I am planning to play with some cast bullet loads in my .458 WM and .416 Rigby. First photo shows the Hornady 500 grain soft point beside a custom .458 Bullet which weighs out at 388 grains sized and lubed. My particular #1 prefers 500 grain bullets, so I have ordered the Lee 500 grain flat...
  19. MS Hitman

    Greetings from the Magnolia State

    Hello all, My name is Rob and I live south of Jackson, MS. I have been to Africa, although it has been much too long since that trip and I am trying to remedy that now. I mainly like to shoot big bore handguns and rifles, but if it goes bang, I like it. I hunted in Africa with a .375 and...