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    What velocity for 30-06 and 240gr Woodlegh PP?

    Just wondering if someone is shooting this combo, and what velocities you're getting. I did some simulations in GRT, and it seemed like I would reach something like 720 m/s at the muzzle. (approx. 2350fps). My chronograph told a different story. 670 m/s (2200fps) at the muzzle and 2000fps at...
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    Poor Man's Hydros

    Getting a bit bored with the quarantine situation, a few ideas (not all good) starts popping into your head. This is probably not one of the really good ideas, but it was at least fun to try. Having started to play around with casting bullets, I also wanted to try making jacketed bullets. With...
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    Interesting stuff/places in Las Vegas?

    On my way to a conference starting on Monday. Any recommendations for places to visit, stuff to buy etc? Always looking for hunting related stuff, but obviously firearms/ammo etc is out of the question due to flying. Will be staying on the Strip, pretty close to the Venetian. Thanks in advance.
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    Any experience with First Class Trophy taxidermy?

    They offer a complete service with taxidermy, paperwork, shipping and delivery to your doorstep, if you live in the EU (from Namibia and RSA only). At a fixed price (price list available online). From the look of it - it seems like it takes the hassles and guesswork out...
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    WANTED: Plains Game Namibia 2020

    Hello, Looking into the possibility for taking the family (wife, 2 kids) along on a hunting trip, and I believe Namibia is where we want to go. Looking for a relatively basic setup with plainsgame on the menu, for an introduction to hunting the African continent. Oryx, kudu, warthog and...
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    Custom rifle stock, decision time

    So, it is soon time for me to make the decision. I have a .30-06 and a 404 Jeffery which are going to get new stocks, but I'm not sure which rifle should get which piece of wood.. Both of the rifles are Sako's, so while not a classic action, I'd still like the classic look. :) Gloss finish on...
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    Case trimmer for 404 Jeffery, advice needed

    Friends, I'll have to get me something to trim 404 brass soon. And it would of course be good if it could handle my other calibres as well (6.5×55, .30-06 and 9.3×62). For the latter, I have been using the hand-held Lee cheap stuff, but I don't think it will handle the 404 cases. I did some...
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    404 Jeffery LH build on a budget

    Hi all, New member to this forum (though I've been browsing on and off for a few years), and new to the 404 Jeffery as well. I have recently had a rifle rebarreled to this venerable calibre, but I have yet to fire it for the first time. Actually, I've only fired 3 rounds of 404J ever in my...
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    New member from Sweden

    Hi all, been reading this forum on and off for a few years, but thought it might be time to join so that I could take an active part in discussions. Have been hunting for 15 or so years, but not very actively so - about 5-7 days per year. Mostly in my home country, apart from one trip abroad...