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  1. Dinosaur

    Funny But Dangerous - Japanese Dare Shows

    These 3 x Japanese Dare type shows involving unpredictable wildlife are amusing, but could have turned pretty deadly if the events went wrong. The quality of the videos are terrible, but still worth watching. Lion Japanese Prank Disguise Komodo Dragon chasing Ayako Imoto on crazy japanese...
  2. Dinosaur

    Magical Catch

    Earlier this year I was bait fishing for Black Bream in the Maribyrnong River, Victoria, Australia. I was catching a few under size Black Bream on light gear, they are excellent fighters, when I hooked a larger fish which appeared to be going crazy, fighting differently. I immediately assumed...
  3. Dinosaur

    Single-Tusked & Tuskless Elephants By W. R. Foran

    Here's an old article of interest. Enjoy Rob
  4. Dinosaur

    John Rigby Firearm Advertisement 1905

    John Rigby Firearm Advertisement - 1905 Regards Rob
  5. Dinosaur

    William Evans Firearm Advertisement - 1905

    William Evans Firearm Advertisement - 1905 Enjoy Rob
  6. Dinosaur

    Whattt????? They Ironed My Boxers Too!

    Upon visiting Africa, you discover that you laundry is done for you, wow, now that's something, man, the colonials have sure left their legacy, housemaids and safari staff treating everything first class, ironing, pleating and folding your clothing so beautifully. Man, I am so used to doing...
  7. Dinosaur

    Mannlicher (Haenel) Repeating Rifles Ad 1908

    Mannlicher (Haenel) Repeating Rifles Ad 1908
  8. Dinosaur

    William Evans Cordite Rifle Advertisement

    I found this old William Evans Cordite Rifle Advertisement in an old hunting book. Sorry about the poor quality. Regards Rob
  9. Dinosaur

    Signature in book Query

    G'day folks I have an old book called 'In Wildest Africa', Volume I, by C. G. Schillings (1907) and inside the front cover there is a signature, which I am guessing was the owner of the book, but it could have been given as a gift, as there is a nickname noted below the signature (which could...
  10. Dinosaur

    Old Kenyan Firearm Certificate

    It's nice to find something of interest once in a while, here's my Grandfather's Kenyan Firearm Certificate, and a few pages of interest. Enjoy Rob
  11. Dinosaur

    Ahmed & Mohamed of Marsabit - Tuskers Of Old

    Here's a pic of Ahmed & Mohamed of Marsabit. Ahmed was in his prime in this old photo. Regards Rob
  12. Dinosaur

    Black Rhino 'Gertie' of Kenya

    Here's a picture of the famous Black Rhino 'Gertie' of Kenya's Amboseli National Park, that's before her horn dropped off in the 1960s. Regards Rob
  13. Dinosaur

    Swimming Elephants

    Imagine relaxing on a tropical island off the coast of Kenya relaxing under the palms, enjoying a Tusker Ale, having not a care in the world, then out come the Tembos.:ROFLMAO::) Regards Rob
  14. Dinosaur

    George Adamson

    Old George Adamson, was more known for his 'Born Free' fame, but local Kenyan Hunters knew him as a Safari Hunter and later a Game Warden. He wrote an interesting book called 'Bwana Game" and many others. Regrettably he was murdered by Somali Shifta in his later years. My father and mother knew...
  15. Dinosaur

    Old Beer & Spirits Ads

    I noticed a few alcohol Advertisements popping up on another thread, therefore, why not start a new thread, surely you have some great stuff out there ? # Notice the British SAS wind smock, I swear by them , it's a shame that my one gradually fell to bits, but they were light, excellent on...
  16. Dinosaur

    Old Kenyan Hunting Advertisements

    Here's some old Kenyan Hunting Ads. Regards Rob
  17. Dinosaur

    Letters during 'The Emergency'

    G'day Folks I had some earlier requests asking for stuff relating to the Kenyan 'Emergency'. Attached is one of a few letters written by my long gone great uncle, which I found after my Grandparents passed away. Sorry, as I don't have a scanner, so it is poor photo quality stuff. The letter is...
  18. Dinosaur

    Maureen O'Sullivan Interviews about Tarzan

    G'day Folks If you want a good laugh about the events that happened during the making of Tarzan Movies, just check out the following clips. Please ensure you watch the second clip when Maureen talks about cheetah, it's hilarious.:ROFLMAO: Maureen O'Sullivan talks about Tarzan Maureen...
  19. Dinosaur

    Baboons and monkeys

    When visiting my uncle in Kenya in the 80's I asked him, "Why do you have all the iron bars, security grilling, on the house windows, and I mentioned were there a lot of thieves in the area? As the terrorists should no longer be an issue. His response was damned bloody monkeys, they break into...
  20. Dinosaur

    Call of the tree hyrax (Dassie)

    One thing that I do miss from Kenya, is the call of the tree hyrax, the attached you tube audio clip is close, but just doesn't really capture how loud that they really are. When I first heard them after dark at my uncles house at Nairobi, I was truly astounded at such a loud scary noise...
  21. Dinosaur

    Library of Congress - Free Book Downloads

    G'day fellow hunters, I am uncertain if a thread has already been created on Free Book Downloads, but if not you may be interested in the below link : Library of Congress - hunting books link below[]=subject:"Hunting" You will find heaps...
  22. Dinosaur

    John Wayne - Hatari

    I found this article in an old magazine, hopefully it's readable, as I don't have a scanner. Enjoy Rob
  23. Dinosaur

    G'day fellow hunters

    G'day everyone , It's about time that I joined your site, as I regularly view your articles and posts as a visitor, there is excellent knowledge being put in by all, and it's always nice to learn something new. Regrettably I rarely hunt these days due to age and injuries catching up on me, and...