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  1. Hunting Sailor

    End of season blues

    Yesterday I came home from what I believe is the last hunt for the season. It has been a great season, every hunting season is great, but this season was better than great. I hunt mostly for meat and our freezers are full, the in-law's freezers are full and I understand that I won't be back...
  2. Hunting Sailor

    Mountain rifle combination - Request for opinions

    I am requesting opinions, preferably backed up with facts, about mountain rifle combinations. I hunt the Eastern Cape and the mountains are steep and there are plenty of them. I'm looking for a light rifle in a suitable caliber. It will be lugged up and down more than it will be shot. What...
  3. Hunting Sailor

    SOUTH AFRICA: Short Hunt Booked Two Days

    I just confirmed a short, very short hunt with JP Kleinhans in the Eastern Cape. My folks are coming for a visit from Sweden and I want to give them a feeling of Safari. They will be onboard as observers as they have closed the shop on shooting, but are both still very much in the game of...
  4. Hunting Sailor

    Norma Oryx .30-06, 180 Gr

    Good day all, I've been using Norma Oryx for Roe deer, Fallow Deer and Moose so I know they work. Has anyone experience with Norma Oryx 180 Gr in .30-06 for antelopes in South Africa? Also any information about availability from the local gunshops would be appreciated. I'm a meat hunter...
  5. Hunting Sailor

    Good day all!

    Good day all, Have read the Forum pages the last weeks and have been impressed with the knowledge and interest for hunting in Africa, from all over the globe. Thanks for including me in this group of like minded people with so different opinions:-) //Gus