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    Sable, Roan and Honey Badger

    Looks great! Love the attitude on the badger also!
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    TANZANIA: Bullet Safaris - Nathan Askew - Leopard/Buffalo Hunt - October 2020

    WOW! What a last day! Congrats and thanks for sharing!
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    USA: Alaska Mountain Goat Hunt With Parker Guide Service

    Good luck, look forward to the report!
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    Hi from Cornwall

    Hello and welcome!
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    TANZANIA: Bullet Safaris - Nathan Askew - Leopard/Buffalo Hunt - October 2020

    Great start to the hunt! Look forward to more!
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    on a lighter note...

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    Namibia bound!!!

    Awesome buddy, congrats! Look forward to the report!
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    on a lighter note...

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    14 Day Leopard Hunt In Namibia 2020

    Congrats to the hunter!
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    Cranky today

    Steam was coming out of my ears reading the first part of the story!! That kind of ungratefullness flies all over me!! Glad your day had a high note meeting a kid with work ethic!
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    Leupold VX3 Riflescope, real world opinions

    Leupold makes very good scopes! I have 4 of their scopes( different models), no issues. The value for the performance and price is hard to beat.
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    The Marauder Of Dublar Chor

    Thank you for sharing, enjoyed the read!
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    Hello from South Africa - new hunter

    Welcome aboard!
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    So It Begins,.....Again

    Now that's a nice start to the hunt!
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    Hunting in Uganda

    Nice video! I hope to join you there someday
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    Life size Klipspringer

    Nice bud! Thanks for sharing!
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    NAMIBIA: Omujeve Hunting Safaris - Caprivi Strip

    Wow, nice sable congrats!
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    Another hunt at the Rockin G!!!

    Congrats and thanks for sharing!
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    Big Tech censors hunting page

    Real shocker! Eye roll.... Sad but not surprised at anything these days, especially when it doesn't fit the left wing media's agenda
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    Hola desde Mendoza, Argentina...

    Hello and welcome!
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    Best way to pay for a Safari?

    No issues doing a wire, its very common. Some outfitters even have US accounts where you can even write a check.
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    NAMIBIA: Omujeve Hunting Safaris - Caprivi Strip

    Congrats on the hippo and buff! Love the bosses on the buff!
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    So It Begins,.....Again

    Sage travels! Have fun, cant wait for the report!
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    Comment by 'cpr0312' in media 'South Island New Zealand Hunt Red Stag'

    @PARA45 Yeah not the best angle of me that day lol! Definitely go!! Especially if you already have her in your corner!
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    Booked 3rd African Hunt May 2022- Questions on My Mind?

    Zimbabwe or Zambia! Definitely DG- either elephant, buff, and maybe croc or hippo and various pg! For 25K you can get a lot of value in Zimbabwe. I would steer away from Moz for the time being.
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