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  1. CAustin

    I’ve Got An Idea!

    I also like the idea. In my case I went from 300 Win Mag to 416. Being of stout stature the 416 real didn’t bother me that much and no flinch. Then I got a 458 that thing just plain smacked my shoulder. Five shots and I put it down for the day. Then. Bought a 375 H&H and found that...
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    TANZANIA: Bullet Safaris - Nathan Askew - Leopard/Buffalo Hunt - October 2020

    Great report and congrats on a fine cat!
  3. CAustin

    Wyatt’s first rifle

    Thank you Bob. I hope to pass along these as well as others to my son and grandson!
  4. CAustin

    Wyatt’s first rifle

    Not a chance my friend. I lan on having him in a deer stand about age seven. 243 has low recoil and to boot I watched an African Outfitter‘s son drop a blue wildebeest in its tracks with the 243. Anyway I have subsequently purchased his next rifle up from the 243 and you all guessed it it looks...
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    New member from Dallas, TX

    Welcome to AH
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    Welcome to AH
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    Found a Merkel 500! Any advice appreciated!!!!

    I have a Merkel in 470 NE and I like it very much.
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    Pelican Case Sale

    Thanks for sharing
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    Hello from South Africa & Botswana

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    Namibia - Chaos at border posts

    Thank you for sharing!
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    New Member

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    Hello from Dallas and Kuwait!

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    Interesting Find

    Interesting find sir!
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    Added another to collection!

    Congrats on the new addition
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    New hobby

    I’m impressed sir!
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    Boys new gun

    Crongrats to the young man!
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    The Girlfriend

    Good one!
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    For Sale Sako Brown Bear 416 Rigby With Extras

    the sales never end!
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    Tanzania: Expert Pushes For Support Of Hunting Industry

    Thanks for sharing
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    Algeria lifts 25 year long ban on hunting

    Tanks for sharing
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    Didn't someone make african game animal bar coasters?

    @Jody makes great ones out of wood and the animals are inlaid.
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    New to forum

    Welcome AH
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    African Trophy Room

    I think both pictures tell the story the hunter wanted to tell and that is as it should be!
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    Finally took a leap

  27. CAustin

    Tanzania: Roadkill Rates Alarming As 380 Lions Perish

    Who knows! Mabe it was all tongue in cheek!
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    West African Savanna Buffalo Pictures

    Thanks for sharing!
  29. CAustin

    Lee Factory Crimp Die

    And we know the one we ordered for me works!
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    Tanzania: Roadkill Rates Alarming As 380 Lions Perish

    Thanks for providing the clarity sir!
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    Hello AH

    Welcome to AH
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    on a lighter note...

    Charles did you write this wonderful story yourself.
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    Box from Greenland

    Congrats my friend
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    Double rifle airline case

    Yes I have traveled with a Ruger #1 in 375 H&H with Leupold scope mounted no issue. Scope was still dead on when I arrived.
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    on a lighter note...

    Damn we need more posts like this one!
  36. CAustin

    on a lighter note...

    Where are the PETA folks?
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    Take this one to bed

    I think the answer is say a very fast prayer!
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    Hello- happy to be here

    Welcome to AH
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    United EWR-JNB

    Hope we can get that competition going fast.
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    Double rifle airline case

    yep have made two trips with this beauty and no issues at all.
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    Three men injured in Leopard attack

    WOW thanks for sharing!
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    Hi there

    Welcome to AH
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    Double rifle airline case

    Be prepared to wait a bit. The guy who takes care of the custom orders only works two days a week before COVID so no telling what that may be at this time!
  44. CAustin

    Double rifle airline case

    Americase will make you a single, double or three gun case and will customize the slots for your favorite gun!
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    ZAMBIA: Buffalo Hunting At Mbizi Safaris Game Reserve in Luangwa Valley

    Excellent report sir! Thank you for sharing the adventure.
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    Hello from Arizona

    Welcome to AH
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    First impressions...

    Welcome to AH sir!