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  1. Bullthrower338

    Another hunt at the Rockin G!!!

    Awesome job Carrie!
  2. Bullthrower338

    Empty .416 Remington Magnum Cartridge Box Wanted

    But I thought it had to benefit me and my family personally while sticking it to everyone else to be a democrat
  3. Bullthrower338

    Boddington Another 10 Years

    Look up the reloading manual Any Shot You Want, another crazy instance of this Aneurism, I mean algorithm
  4. Bullthrower338

    Empty .416 Remington Magnum Cartridge Box Wanted

    I told Nery the other night after I asked him how far away your address was from his house that I needed something delivered to that address. He said it wouldn’t be a problem. I told him that it wasn’t anything large and it only weighed exactly one kilo. I damn near wrapped the ammo box up to...
  5. Bullthrower338

    USA: Rifle Elk Hunt With Rising Son Outfitters In Montana October 2020

    Could probably arrange that down here in Texas!
  6. Bullthrower338

    USA: Rifle Elk Hunt With Rising Son Outfitters In Montana October 2020

    Good luck in God’s Country, call me if you need anything while there.
  7. Bullthrower338

    Cull Hunt Texas

    Let me know if you need a designated drinker!
  8. Bullthrower338

    Empty .416 Remington Magnum Cartridge Box Wanted

    I’ll send ya one, PM me your address and I’ll get it to you.
  9. Bullthrower338

    The Addiction Continues!

    I was awake all night after dropping it off to you, all the other rifles were crying missing her! Lol. Glad she is going to see Africa, it is a rifle that deserves to be hunted!
  10. Bullthrower338

    Algeria lifts 25 year long ban on hunting

    They should have just opened season on Islamist insurgents and kept big game open!
  11. Bullthrower338

    Rapid PCR COVID-19 rest in Houston, TX area?

    Yes it was, had my people report to the clinic at 7am and most had results back by 1pm, all had them back to return to duty the next morning. All crew members had been in close contact with one of the customers inspectors for days when he found out he had it. The only one that tested positive...
  12. Bullthrower338

    Rapid PCR COVID-19 rest in Houston, TX area?

    The Clinic at Houston Area Safety Council just tested a whole crew for me and had results back within 6-8 hours.
  13. Bullthrower338

    Binocular suggestions

    My first pair of binoculars were a little camo rubber coated pair of bushnell’s. I was extremely thankful to receive them as a gift from my folks prior to my first hunting season. I hunted northwestern Montana with them until I left for the service. They were what I had and I made them work...
  14. Bullthrower338

    Take this one to bed

    In that situation, Fix Bayonet!
  15. Bullthrower338

    Hornady ELD-X

    Fine on deer size game, actually works great on them. I’ve shot two whitetail, an axis buck and a 7x8 bull elk with the 30-06 178gr ELD-X. All died but the axis and elk had horrible bullet performance. I shot the elk twice, near through the same hole and found one jacket hung in the lung...
  16. Bullthrower338

    Oregon flash mob...

    Only thing that would make that cooler is if they all had Trump flags on. Lol
  17. Bullthrower338

    Old Africa Dream Hunt

    Andrew, You are correct, it was a dream hunt for me, something I never thought I would ever be able to do. The hunt was made that much better by the stalwart gentleman I had the privilege of hunting with. I have been fortunate to have several “dream hunts”, one of which was taking my father...
  18. Bullthrower338

    Unique Merganser Taxidermy Mount

    Very cool!
  19. Bullthrower338

    For Sale Custom 416 Taylor On Remington 700 - Houston

    Smells like it strangely enough!
  20. Bullthrower338

    Casting for COVID???

    I’m not a caster but several of my friends swear by the moulds made by Hoch.
  21. Bullthrower338

    USA: Dove Hunting Done Right At The Rockin G Ranch

    Missed y’all, sorry I had to slide west this weekend!
  22. Bullthrower338

    AH Get Together In Dallas During Dallas Safari Club (DSC) Convention 2021

    Had to go back and edit my reaction on that one @WAB Edit: the heart eyes thing is a bit much though!
  23. Bullthrower338

    AH Get Together In Dallas During Dallas Safari Club (DSC) Convention 2021

    I wish my place was close to the show, we would have our damn party! Enough booze is consumed during the annual AH dinner that there is no way the old corronie would stand a chance. And Jeffery Epstein didn’t kill
  24. Bullthrower338

    Hunt Zambia Offer 2020 At Takeri Reserve

    I thought y’all ent to Addo, didn’t ya?
  25. Bullthrower338

    Greetings from Texas

    Oh but I am counting on it! I’ve got a plan
  26. Bullthrower338

    Greetings from Texas

    Welcome Pilgrim! My favorite movie in the world! If they were to give Texas an enema, there would be a huge argument on whether the tube would be inserted in El Paso or Pecos I think. At least the Mexican food in EP is real Mexican and not this trash they sell in Houston and call Mexican...
  27. Bullthrower338

    Etihad and firearms

    Best advice I can give is call Lori or Jen @TRAVEL EXPRESS
  28. Bullthrower338

    USA: Ni'ihau Island Hawaii "The Forbidden Island"

    Great job on the article! Very interesting about the jap pilot crashing there. I spent the better part of a year in the islands and had never heard that story. cheers, Cody
  29. Bullthrower338

    New Double

    Awesome gun Dave! Can’t wait to hear more
  30. Bullthrower338

    So, I Was In The Loading Room Today...

    Nothing that feels good saves you money, telling your wife that it is saving you money makes her feel good though! Just hide your midway account history and all is good!
  31. Bullthrower338

    Pay It Forward-Free

    You haven’t received it yet? Damn USPS, must have something to do with Trump stealing mailboxes! I sent it to you sealed in a ziplock!
  32. Bullthrower338

    ZIMBABWE: Hunting The BVC In Zimbabwe For Buffalo, John Sharp Safaris Exceeding Expectations

    Glad you enjoyed it Oscar! There was nothing about this trip that wasn’t great, Tim is right, I think I would be at peace if I wasn’t able to make a hunt like this again because this one was so special. I worry that international travel will require a BS vaccine(to be created in record time...
  33. CZ in 416 Rigby Rifle

    CZ in 416 Rigby Rifle

  34. CZ in 416 Rigby Rifle

    CZ in 416 Rigby Rifle

  35. Bullthrower338

    Bad Taxidermy

    Otter get a better taxidermist! Lol
  36. Bullthrower338

    Laminate Stocks on Dangerous Game Rifles

    My buddy has this CZ for sale, it is a 416 Rigby, PM me if interested and I will set you up with him.
  37. Bullthrower338

    Winchester pre 64 7x57 supergrade

  38. Bullthrower338

    Pre-64 Winchester M70 - 9.3x64?

    If this is really a Winchester Pre-64 Non-standard Chambering it would be something! The list below is reported Non-standard chamberings:(from R. Rule) .22 Wilson Arrow*. 280 Ross. 7.92x57mm* 225 Win. .284 Win*. .348 Win 240 Apex. 30-30*. 9x57mm* .240 Page*...
  39. Bullthrower338

    Added another to collection!

    Glad it worked out Mark! Clean rifle and fair deal!
  40. Bullthrower338

    Does anyone know if Wild Wildebeest Safaris is still in business?

    @Tony Du Bruyn is a member here and an upstanding guy. Try calling Jorika, hope all works out.
  41. Bullthrower338

    For Sale Leupold Gloss Varix II 4-12×40 A.O. $250.00

    I’m pretty confident that if you are arguing with yourself after 1am, there is alcohol involved. I know I don’t even like me at 1am! Lol
  42. Bullthrower338

    For Sale Leupold Gloss Varix II 4-12×40 A.O. $250.00

    Not falling for another one of your scams you crafty devil! Lol Now what is this Zeiss all about? I have a guy looking for one.
  43. Bullthrower338

    For Sale Leupold Gloss Varix II 4-12×40 A.O. $250.00

    I actually have more issues than sports illustrated but I’m trying to drink my way through them all!