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  1. Pablo

    Free Book Giveaway The Hunting Game by Kevin Thomas

    “The Hunting Game”
  2. Pablo

    Early vs mid vs late season

    I know most hunters usually take their safari in June and July. However, airfare is crazy then. Can you expect to kill a quality critter at the end of August? Also, a lot of people can’t take off work (yes, I typed the w-word) until school is out. Do the early season guys get the worm?
  3. Pablo

    Scope advice

    Thanks for all the help!
  4. Pablo

    Scope advice

    Yes I do. That’s a thought.
  5. Pablo

    Scope advice

    I have a new .375 Ruger African that I need to put a scope on. I also have a Zeiss Conquest 3-9x 40mm that I picked up a few years back sitting in my safe. Is that too much scope for this rifle? I’m planning on my second trip to SA and it would be for plains critters. Because, as we all know...