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    WANTED: Giant Eland Hunt

    Where can you hunt Giant Eland please? What are the best outfitters for this please? To be clear I am looking for Giant Eland thanks!
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    It comes up but I cannot get anything to activate. Just keeps spinning
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    Is Rifle still in business? I cannot get their website to come up with any of my three pieces of equipment? Thanks.
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    375 H&H For Sale With Scope & 12 Boxes Of Ammunition

    To be clear the scope in the picture is a Swarovski 3-9-36. I have swapped out the scope in the picture with Nikon 3-9-50 and moved the Swarovski to another gun
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    Needed! Ruger M77 Mark 1 Floor Plate

    That happened to me as well. Call the Rugar custom shop and they will give you a company that makes only these Rugar parts. I called them and for about $50 I was able to get my repair
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    375 H&H For Sale With Scope & 12 Boxes Of Ammunition

    I have an ER Shaw 375 H&H for sale with a 3-9-50 Nikon scope and 12 boxes of Barnes Vortex 300 grain ammunition for sale in great shape. The ammunition by itself is $960 from Midway. I had it firing within an inch at 100 yards. Fell in love with a 416 Rigby only reason for sale. $1500 firm you...
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    Exporting a Leopard and Elephant into U.S.

    Please forgive my “brick in the head” question...I am getting lost in red tape so much that my head hurts...can a person export a leopard and/or an elephant into the U.S. please? Thanks!
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    Montana Rifle Company Safari Elite

    Not me. I love the extra engraving!!! I have enough “working” guns. Go with the engraving
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    Got my trophies from South Africa

    I just got notice my crate of five trophies will be air shipped to me. I am also using Coppersmith in Atlanta. May I ask what you had to do and how is the cost calculated please? I live only 21 miles from airport
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    Africa versus U.S.

    I completely understand nothing African Taxidermist could do about it but I so wish I had dipped and shipped my July 2019 trophies to US for work done versus have Africa do work. No end in site as to when I will receive my Africa trophies
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    Discounted Ammunition At Mid South

    I think they are high not much of a deal. Key is price per 10. High
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    375 H&H or 416 RIgby

    I am so excited about my upcoming April 2021 Cape Buffalo hunt. Just curious what everyone thinks about hunting Cape Buffalo with 416 Rigby with 400 Grain bullets or a 375 H&H with 300 grain bullets. I completely trust my PH who says 375 is enough. It’s just I have both guns and curious of your...
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    Qatar Airlines experience

    Wow! I had to pay $2100 or Delta premium class which gives me a nice bulk head seat and is only 15 hours direct and back. My hunt is this April. I had found a Quatar flight round trip with stops for $850 coach. This will be my second safari to Africa and 15 hours on my rear is about my maximum...
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    Awaiting for my new 'legend stick' lb from howard hill archery

    Stunning! I too had a Brackenberry Legend and my favorite a Black Widow
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    Going back to South Africa in 2022 to hunt w Game 4 Africa Safaris :)

    Congratulations!!! I hunted with them in 2019 and they are simply the best
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    SOUTH AFRICA: Has Anyone Hunted With Game 4 Africa Safaris?

    They are the absolute best!!! It was my first African Safari and they were incredible. Five star accommodations, the family is incredible! I hunted with Colin and took my five incredible animals in four days of hunting. Meals were first class. You will never regret this hunt!
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    Bullet for Cape Buffalo

    Thanks so much everyone!!! Respect your expertise so much! Lol! Everyone says after your first hunt in Africa you will come back...I thought after my first awesome hunt there I would not but I already booked a DG hunt after my first PG hunt just a year later. It truly gets into your blood!!!
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    Skin game in minutes with a golf ball...

    I still don’t see how the golf ball works. Not clear on video
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    Bullet for Cape Buffalo

    Quick question please...I am hunting a Cape Buffalo in April 2021. I have my 375 which I know is enough gun but my ammunition is Barnes Vortex in 375 H&H in 300 grain TSX FB. Will this be okay? I have heard I need solids for Buffalo. Appreciate the help!!!
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    For Sale CZ American Hunting Rifle .416

    Beautiful wood for sure. I have the same CZ in same caliber different wood I bought two years ago brand new for $1200. Would never criticize anyone on here but $5,000 is extremely high
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    Airline Choices

    I have a mid April 21 hunt and got a flight direct from Atlanta to Jberg
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    For Sale Marlin 1895G 45-70 With Scope

    Is the gun still for sale please? Any. Ulcers with it? Thanks!
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    Is anyone booking Flights for Next year yet?

    I have not either but do not want to take the risk. The main reason it just takes too long to get there
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    Is anyone booking Flights for Next year yet?

    I could have gone with Quatar for one stop before OR for a total cost of $1200 but did not want to both risk my gun delayed and trip too long. Delta direct only 15 hours. Due to these two reasons I took Delta
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    Is anyone booking Flights for Next year yet?

    This year I moved up to one level above comfort+. My round trip from Atlanta to OR all in with travel insurance was $2400
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    Is anyone booking Flights for Next year yet?

    My costs were similar to when I went in 2019. Already paid and booked
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    Buffalo Hunting Deal With Tsala Hunting Safaris

    I have booked this hunt for April 2021. I checked these guys out and found nothing but five stars. So excited!
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    In the Blood (Safari Documentary)

    I want to buy this movie as well. To be clear I went to one day link and he does not say how to see the movie. I went on roku looking for it anywhere and could not find it so would appreciate people directing us to other posts and just say how to GET IT!!! Thanks
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    For Sale .416 Rigby Ammunition Factory New Cheap

    I would take 5 boxes for $250. Please just let me know. Thanks!
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    Is anyone booking Flights for Next year yet?

    Yes. I am hunting the middle of April 2021. I booked flight to OR then bought travel insurance
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    Buffalo Cow Hunt Special With Tsala Safaris

    Just booked this hunt and added a water buck for April 2021!!! This will be my second African hunt. So excited!!!!
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    Buffalo Hunt No Size Limit Only US$7,500

    I want a 10 day hunt please for July of 2021. I will pay full price. Your offer was for $7100 for the normal hunt time. Can I get 10 days for that price if I wire the full amount into your bank? If so please PM me with the bank details so I can secure the hunt. Any 10 days in July 2021 works...
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    Buffalo Hunt No Size Limit Only US$7,500

    What is the deposit to secure the hunt please
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    Buffalo Cow Hunt Special With Tsala Safaris

    Can you provide a cost list of additional animals please? Thanks!
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    Buffalo Hunt For Only US$7,500

    What is the earliest time for this hunt to happen in 2021 please?
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    Best Looking Safari Shirt?

    I love the Rigby one at the beginning but at $183 US just too expensive. If anyone’s know how to get one at lower price please let me know...I need a 46 given my shoulders...damn that college football. Lol
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    What is the predominant optics on the dark continent?

    I am not a snob but in my 50 years of bunting I have used them all. For my Africa guns I only use Swarovski. Ever breaks, great light transmission amazing clarity. I spend a lot of money on my guns why would I be cheap on my scope
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    Who's perfectly content with their firearm collection?

    I am with the following. Rifles: 3-22’s, 2-30-06s, 7mm, 300WSM, 270, 338, 375, 416 Rigby. Handguns: 3-22’s, 44 magnum
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    For Sale J Rigby & Co 416 & 275 Magazine Rifles

    Incredible rifles! Congratulations on your great taste! Wish I had the funds to purchase the 275. The wood and Rigby signature are just incredible. These will sell quickly to anyone who understands outstanding value
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    For Sale Federal .375 H&H 300 Gr Sledgehammer Solids

    I will take both for $160 if still available. Please PM me
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    For Sale E.R. Shaw .375 H&H RH

    I will trade you my 10mm automatic for it. A delta elite colt auto. I don’t like hand guns
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    John Sharp

    Since all of us are stranded at home I just wanted to call out John Sharp’s new book. I have just finished reading it for the second time and have found it to be superb. I place it right next to my Horn of The Hunter which I have lost count how many times I have read. If you have not purchased...
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    Merkel 140AE Brand New For Sale

    It’s $8,125 in dollars. A great deal. Beautiful gun!!!
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    Game 4 Africa Safaris 2020 Hunting Season

    Wik and Collin I too congratulate you on your early success. Your family is absolutely the best outfit in SA! So happy for you and Brittany. I love the new fire pit and can’t wait for the stoppage to lift so I can come back again to make memories!
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    Capstick "Death in the Long Grass" is superb

    I love that one and all his others. I bought his library and have reread them all at least twice. Some people don’t like his sense of humor but I love it and treasure his books alongside my O Roark ones