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    For Sale Chapuis RGEX S/S 9.3X74R

    I have owned three diffetent 9.3 Chapuis (! UGEX and 2 RGEX's and every one shot well. My current RGEX is the brother to yours and my favorite rifle hands down. Some one will get a great deal. This is a very good price for a RGEX. If you decide to part the rings I would happily buy the 30mm.

    I’ve Got An Idea!

    I had to smile and laugh at the title of this thread "I've got an idea." boy have those words cost me a few $$$ over the years but also made lifelong memories. Walking/crawling through a clearcut are in alaska my buddy Scott and I had a similar discussion on helping people learn to handle...

    Namibia bound!!!

    Sounds like an fantastic adventure in the making. Looking forward to your report. Be safe and enjoy ever second.

    .50-90 Sharps for Africa

    On my first trip my buddy took his 45/110 and harvested Kudu, impala, and warthog with it. I have a 50/90 and wouldn't consider it a DG round. You will be fine on PG but you will also have to shot within the capabilities of the rifle and shooter. make sure you talk to your PH so he knows the...

    "New" Toy - Off Chassis Restoration - 1969 Toyoda Land Cruiser

    Spent a good bit of time and $$$ many years ago building CJ's and Land-cruisers into rock crawlers to get through some extreme terrain. You have a great rig that will serve you well for years.. My only complaint is that no cruiser looks right with out a large spattering of fresh or dried mud on it.

    Manton Double Rifle

    That is a fine old double and a good find for hammer nitro proofed rifle. Enjoy shooting and hunting with it.

    Light Doubles

    a swamp hunt in Mozambique is on my bucket list:-)
  8. Hunt Serval Cat in South Africa

    Hunt Serval Cat in South Africa

  9. South Africa Hunting Genet Cat

    South Africa Hunting Genet Cat

  10. Civet Cat Hunt South Africa

    Civet Cat Hunt South Africa

  11. AZDAVE

    The Secret Seven

    Here is my start on the S7
  12. AZDAVE

    Looking at 2.5-10 scope options

    My wife and I have this scope on our 338's, a nice solid scope that has accounted for a number of successful hunts.
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    Any idea what this is?

    Blank rounds for a M60 machine gun. Complete the the links belting them together. Shot many blanks and live rounds through m60's...
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    Well thanks to all the enablers here... LOL

    Nice rifle, you will have many enjoyable hours at the range and memories to come in the hunting fields.
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    Rifle for Plains Game and Dangerous Game

    416, 400 gr for DG and 350gr for PG.
  16. AZDAVE

    USA: The Goat Hunt Covid-19 Couldn’t Stop

    Congtatz on a great hunt! You conquered several tough challenges and have a lifetime of memories to reflect on. Years ago before leaving colorado for the army I spent alot of time hiking in the upper and lower Chicago creek lakes area zand if memory serves me at Echo lake at the bottom of the...
  17. AZDAVE

    NAMIBIA: Naye Naye Conservancy In Namibia - True African Wilderness

    Nice roan, thank you for sharing. Schalk is a gentleman that I hope to hunt with one day.
  18. AZDAVE

    Heym 26B Luxus Double Rifle 7x65R With Leupold VX-R 3-9x50 For Sale

    Nice rifle, I looked at the 26B's a few times and if i was a year ago I would have bought it. I picked up a Verrny Carron 8x57JRS at DSC last year as they made me a killer deal. You are asking a very good price for the rifle with the extras. It won't last long.
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    For Sale Sako Brown Bear 416 Rigby With Extras

    Ok Toby since you have sold a couple rifles what are you getting?
  20. AZDAVE

    Canvas Gun Case

    I have one and it is a solid quality piece of kit.
  21. AZDAVE

    ZAMBIA: Lion Safari With Strang Middleton

    Grand old lion! Congratz Debra. Thank you for sharing your experiences, many of us are living vicariously through your post. My wife and I are supposed to be flying in 10 days for her Mozambique buffalo hunt but like many flights got cancelled and safari rescheduled to next year.... Again...
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    Couple Rifles For Sale

    As you have found it takes the remington and allows the use of a barrel nut system like savage and makes it easy to change barrels, set head space etc. Here are a couple companies that make the barrels.
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    Couple Rifles For Sale

    @CoElkHunter you need to buy the 700 then you can get a Remage barrel system and make it easy to swap around what ever wildcat round you feel like working with.
  24. Mountain Reedbuck Hunt South Africa

    Mountain Reedbuck Hunt South Africa

  25. AZDAVE

    Big Bore Rifles, How Much Do you Actually Shoot Them?

    almost every range trip I take a big bore 40-50Cal and shoot 8-10 rounds, a med or small rifle 8mm-375 or 30 and smaller. 20-30 rounds and a 22LR 50+ rounds.
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    The Secret Seven

    This secret 7 or 8 or 10 list is going to cost us some $$$ but make a lifetime of memories.
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    Richards Microfit Gunstocks

    I have used Richards on 8-10 different rifles and boyds on several and had good luck with both. The Richards have taken a little more work, what I like is that they are unfinished where almost all boyds heva finish already applied. This is a Richards stock that I built a 9.3x62 on. it was a AAA...
  28. AZDAVE

    .404 Jeffery Build

    Your plan will work fine. Paid-For has done 2 404 Jeff for me, and I am happy with their work. I would get a new scope! Sure as can be Mr Murphy would show up just when you need the scope most.
  29. AZDAVE

    For Sale Ruger #1 7mm Remington Magnum

    The #1 is sold to a new owner. @PARA45 looks like you owe @Andrew Short a couple beers for reducing your temptation:A Surrender:
  30. AZDAVE

    The Addiction Continues!

    Nice looking rifle and in a effective caliber. Hope it shoot great for you.
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    For Sale Ruger #1 7mm Remington Magnum

    @Philip Glass I have owned a fair number of them over the years. It seems that everytime I get one really customized a good friend explains why they need it more than me (500 NE, 50 Alaskan (both Customs) 458WM, 375 H&H 4 different 45/70's 270) I currently have and have explained to those...
  32. AZDAVE


    I am a lucky and blessed man as I have all three.
  33. AZDAVE

    For Sale Ruger #1 7mm Remington Magnum

    Here is a early red pad model of the #1. The estate I picked it up with several other rifles. Bore is mint, there is decent grain in the stock, two small safe handling marks on the butt stock. Very nice rifle I thought about keeping it but have a 7mm already. $1100 delivered to your FFL
  34. AZDAVE

    For Sale Burris FourX 1.5x6x40 Illuminated Dot #4 Reticle

    Made one more sweep through the shop and letting a Burris Four X go to someone that can use it $135 deliverd.
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    For Sale CZ 550 Magnum EGW Picatinney Rail

    Rail is sold.
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    Couple Rifles For Sale

    The butt pad has Remington on it .
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    The Secret Seven

    I have always loved the night hunts for the small predators. Based on the list you could just have a list of all of them and hunt till you have your 7. Mine would be Serval, Carcal, Bat eared Fox, Ardwolf, Honey Badger, Civet, Genet. Would also like a jackal, African wildcat
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    Couple Rifles For Sale

    The Savage has been sold.
  39. AZDAVE

    For Sale CZ 550 Magnum EGW Picatinney Rail

    I prefer a check or money order. I use paypal once a year to pay for the AH dinner in DSC.
  40. AZDAVE

    30-06 AI and the 300 Winnie

    The 06 AI won't get you those speeds, the benefit from most of the AI rounds is having to trim the brass less, and the ability to fire the Factory 06 rounds. The 300 win will have to be pushed close to max to get the 210+ bullets at the speeds you desire.
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    Reloading Dies For Sale

    All dies are spoken for. Thank you everyone
  42. AZDAVE

    Reloading Dies For Sale

    Only the 450 marlin dies left
  43. AZDAVE

    Misc Mauser Parts For Sale

    No I don't, I put the only one I had on a rifle last year. @deewayne2003
  44. AZDAVE

    Misc Win70 Stocks, Talley Rings & Bases For Sale

    Right now it doesn't have one, I can look and see if I have something that might work, depending on what you are looking for
  45. AZDAVE

    Reloading Dies For Sale

    The 38/55 and 450 Marlin are still available
  46. AZDAVE

    Misc Mauser Parts For Sale

    Need to proof read better. Price on set trigger setup in $225
  47. AZDAVE

    Reloading Dies For Sale

    The 375 H&H/Ruger dies are sold to @USMA84DAB
  48. AZDAVE

    Couple Scopes For Sale

    @Wheels PM sent