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  1. Art Lambart II

    7x57 Whitetail Round

    My son used PPU in his 6.5x55 last year to take his first whitetail. Quick kill but no exit wound, it's a very explosive bullet.
  2. Art Lambart II

    Hunting boots

    Every PH I have ever asked about footwear have all recommended a complete leather boot or shoe and recommended that I avoid mesh uppers. I mannage construction for a living and live in Red Wing boots so thats what a wore in Africa. I would not recommend steel toe work boots as your go to...
  3. Art Lambart II

    Rigby Highland Stalker .275 vs 30-06

    I recommend putting a German cartridge in a German rifle but if your heart is set on a Rigby you might as well get a 275.
  4. Art Lambart II

    Heym or Dakota?

    If your willing to pay the price for a Heym why not consider a R8?
  5. Art Lambart II

    Snakes on the plains

    I have had 3 close encounters with snakes in my life and they all happened when I was a kid. During the 5th grade we live in Pennsylvania and at that point in my life shoes where optional. My mother sent me to the milk store (yes, they still had those 1975) and I had to cross the creek, walk...
  6. Art Lambart II

    Lost Luggage

    I have flown to SA twice on Delta 200 out of Atlanta and both times my guns arrived in SA late. In 2016 my guns arrived 1 day late and in 2018 they where 4 days late. Always make sure you Outfitter has a quality firearm withpreimum ammo for you to use and be sure to bring extra hunting clothse...
  7. Art Lambart II

    How do you pick your mounts?

    The first and most important step in deciding what type of taxidermy to get is getting the wifes buy in. I have been richly blessed with a wife that supports my hunting activities but home decor is her domain so we talk about and agree upon mounts and locations long before the hunt takes place.
  8. Art Lambart II

    Favorite above .40 Revolver cartridge?

    44 mag in an old 3 screw Ruger Blackhawk, a working half cock on a single action pistol is a wonderful thing.
  9. Art Lambart II

    Best Deer Hunting Round, LOL!

    Before I give my answer I'll have to review what it takes to be the best all-around deer cartridge. Accurate out to 300 yards Easy to shoot Handloading is not required Good selection of bullet types and weights Fast handling from 0-300 yards the deer travels no more than 10 yards after being...
  10. Art Lambart II

    Allure of the Ruger No1

    Bob, One day I'll get a #1 in 35 Whelen but my T/C Encore with its custom Bullberry barrel shoots so well I have a hard time justifying the need for another 35 Whelen and If I do my job right I have never needed a second round.
  11. Art Lambart II

    Bison Hunting With A 416 Rigby

    @JimP If you are successful in taking your animal do you pay extra for skinning, butchering, packing out the meat and hide care or is that included in the price of the hunt? If those services are included in the base price and I never shoot my rifle or bow why should I have to pay for services...
  12. Art Lambart II

    One rifle for North American big game?

    I'll be sure to remind him on our way the hunting property this morning. Thanks for the heads up.
  13. Art Lambart II

    One rifle for North American big game?

    @Bob Nelson 35Whelen As you well know my favorite caliber of all time is the 35 Whelen, my father @Shootist43 prefers the 6.5x55 Sweede for most of his hunting unless its in Africa the he uses his 35 Whelen.
  14. Art Lambart II

    One rifle for North American big game?

    The easy answer to your question id the 30-06 but the correct answer is the 35 Whelen. The 35 Whelen is a 30-06 case necked up to 35 caliber it works in a standard length action keeping the weigt and over all length of the rifle down to a managable level. The velocity of a standard factory 180...
  15. Art Lambart II

    The grandkid's gun

    Here is the latest installment of the grandkid's gun: Yesterday my son 9 year old son Trip and I took his 6.5x55 to the range in preperation for the upcomming youth hunt in Michigan with his Opa (grandfather) @Shootist43. Up until this point we have been practicing with his BB gun and doing dry...
  16. Art Lambart II

    Knives - Why?

    Do you need more than a pocket knife on safari? Well, how involved in your safari do you want to be? You will never be allowed to cape or prep your trophies but what about animals for bait, blind building, collecting firewood for your bush lunch, you don't have to do any of those things or any...
  17. Art Lambart II

    Safari Planning & Air Travel

    Great video Phil lots of good info, I especially liked the merino wool hoodie.
  18. Art Lambart II

    Some things can never be bettered?

    Cooking dinner on a Coleman camp stove under a canvas dining fly lite by a Coleman lantern while watching the snowfall.
  19. Art Lambart II

    Sako 85 Brown Bear 416 Rigby

    @TOBY458 Congrats on the 416 Rigby, I have one in a Ruger #1, it's my favorite and only DG rifle. Thanks to lots of work by @tarbe (the original owner) and my Dad's reloading skill my 416 shoots 3 shot clover leaves at 100 yards with 400-grain A-Frames (send a PM to @Shootist43 I'm sure he will...
  20. Art Lambart II

    Some things can never be bettered?

    Great Thread, I'll have to give this some thought.
  21. Art Lambart II

    Heavy Bullets in the 35 Whelen

    Bob, This is just my highly biased opinion but the 35 Whelen is better than the 9.3 x 62 because of the lighter weight bullets available for it, currently, you can buy factory ammo for the Whelen from 180 thru 310 grains. My favorite ammo for deer-sized game and feral hogs is the 200 grain...
  22. Art Lambart II

    Heavy Bullets in the 35 Whelen

    The difference between the 35 Whelen and the 9.3 x 62 is simple, it's geographic location. I was a huge fan of the 35 Whelen long before I went to Africa and I had never heard of a 9.3 x 62. On both of my safaris, I used a 35 Whelen and none of the PH's in the camp had ever heard of or seen one...
  23. Art Lambart II

    The Man Eater Of Kanpur

    Can't wait, I love reading about your adventures in the grand old days of India.
  24. Art Lambart II

    I've found perfection

    Great looking rifle in a storied caliber, lets hope those Canadian deer cooperate the fall.
  25. Art Lambart II

    The agony of choice...

    An R8 in 9.3 x 62 is a hard gun to beat.
  26. Art Lambart II

    Survey : Your Favorite Factory Loaded Ammunition

    My two favorite expanding factory loads are Federal Premium Trophy Bonded Bear Claws and Nosler Custom ammo with the tried and true Nosler Partition. I have never used a solid for hunting so I'll leave that answer to those who have.
  27. Art Lambart II

    Leopard - How I Hunt (Zoom Safari #3 by Nathan Askew)

    Last Wednesday's Zoom Safari on Leopard hunting insightful and educational, Nathan did a fantastic job covering Leopard hunting from start to finish. The following is a list of some of the topics Nathan covered: Leopard quote by Country What makes a good Leopard area What questions to ask you...
  28. Art Lambart II

    The Last Day On The Job

    Another great story @Major Khan, God has truly watched over you and blessed your life.
  29. Art Lambart II

    Africa Hunts and Relationship with Your Professional Hunter

    @Fastrig you have received lots of great advice so far and all of it is good but you should understand the difference between your PH and your Outfitter. Your Outfitter is the guy with the website and email address and computer, he is the guy you book the hunt with, the guy who takes care of...
  30. Art Lambart II

    Warthog aka Pumba

    Nice looking Warthog.
  31. Art Lambart II

    Monos vs Bonded

    Bob, the 35 Whelen with a 225 grain Accubond is a very hard combination to beat, It's accurate, deep penetrating, with good weight retention and its hits hard, what's not to like.
  32. Art Lambart II

    My African Knives

    Garry, That's a good looking bull nose mini skinner, does that knife have a square spine?
  33. Art Lambart II

    My African Knives

    Sorry, Garry if I may have implied the edge of your knives would roll that was not my intent. I would have to do something really stupid to roll the edge of one of your knives and at that point, I don't think a steel would fix my problem. Unfortunately, I own many knives that are not up to your...
  34. Art Lambart II

    My African Knives

    For those folks not as expierenced or as confident as Von Gruff with a steel a safe and easy to use your steel is to hold the steel veticaly with the handle up and the tip of the steel resting on your cutting board or piece of wood, place the blade of the knife on the top of the steel near the...
  35. Art Lambart II

    Thank You Lori

    Thanks, Lori for all your work getting Delta to refund our tickets you did a fantastic job for my father and me. Hopefully, I'll be heading to Africa in 2021, and without a doubt, you'll be making my travel arrangments.
  36. Art Lambart II

    Making A Terminally Ill Client's Final Dream Come True

    WOW, I think you are the first PH that I know of that enjoys hunting wounded Leopard at night. Every PH I talk to or read about these days does everything they can to avoid pursuing a wounded Leopard. What happened with your client's first two shots?
  37. Art Lambart II

    Making A Terminally Ill Client's Final Dream Come True

    Major Kahn, you have a great gift for describing a hunt, it's like I was there with you. How far did you have to push your client's wheelchair through the jungle?
  38. Art Lambart II

    What to look for in a Mauser 404 jeffery

    Toby458 has a very nice 404J for sale in the classified section of AH.
  39. Art Lambart II

    Making A Terminally Ill Client's Final Dream Come True

    I'm looking forward to another great story.
  40. Art Lambart II

    Leopard - How I Hunt (Zoom Safari #3 by Nathan Askew)

    Ok, my schedule rearranged for next Wednesday's Leopard safari, I'm really looking forward to this one. I hope lots of people can attend, there seem to be more questions about Leopard hunting than any other type of DG.
  41. Art Lambart II

    Leopard - How I Hunt (Zoom Safari #3 by Nathan Askew)

    Sounds Great Nathan, I'll try to rearrange my schedule so I can attend.
  42. Art Lambart II

    Shooting Stick Suggestions: 3 vs 4 leg?

    I have a Bog-Pod tripod and I can easily use them at 200 yards but I'm looking for a good 4 legged shooting stick for my next safari. I have always packed my bog-pod in my rifle case and its never been an issue.
  43. Art Lambart II

    Monos vs Bonded

    I'm a big fan of the Trophy Bonded Bear Claw (TBBC) or the Trophy Bonded Tipped (TBT) they both work great in my 30-06 and 300 WM. If your looking for better penetration on big game you may want to change your caliber and not your bullet. My brother used a 225 grain accubond out of his 35 Whelen...
  44. Hunt Blesbok in South Africa

    Hunt Blesbok in South Africa

  45. Art Lambart II

    Allure of the Ruger No1

    I love Ruger #1's, I only have two currently, a 30-06 and a 416 Rigby but they would make a fine brace for an African safari. The Blesbok below was taken with my #1 in 30-06 and a 180 grain NP on my first safari in 2016.
  46. Art Lambart II


    You should be able to watch it on the history channel app.
  47. Art Lambart II

    Zoom Safari - Anything Africa

    Last nights Zoom Safari - Anything Africa was great, we discussed a wide range of topics for over three hours. The topics included: Building a wilderness camp in Tanzania License fees for hunting in Tanzania Daily hunting schedule and routine on a wilderness hunt When should your PH shoot and...
  48. Art Lambart II


    Season 7, episode 1, of Alone "ALONE The Million Dollar Challenge" aired last night and it should be a good season. This season the winner must survive 100 days alone in the Arctic to claim the million dollar prize. ALONE is one of my favorite shows on TV, Thursday nights just got a little better.
  49. Art Lambart II

    Knives - Why?

    Yes, things where much different when I was young. In 1980 during my 10th grade year I had to do a demonstration speech so I reviewed my topic and plan with the High School Principle and he said it was a good idea and asked me to proceed. When the day came for my speech I brought my cased Model...
  50. Art Lambart II

    Zoom Safari - Anything Africa

    Hey Nathan, Thanks for the update on Thursdays Zoom Safari, I'm interested to see how this new rapid fire format goes. The last zoom safari on DG was very informative, it was great to put a members face to their account name. I'm hoping for a good turn out again I had a blast the last time.